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Contests and Poll Results

Here I’ve centralized all the various polls and contests that have been run on the site:

Favorite Race/Type Poll Results-Goldberry-Front-Face

Difficulty Poll Results

Sphere Poll Results

LCG Poll Results

Saga Scenario Poll Results

Tactics Hero Poll Results

Leadership Hero Poll Results

Spirit Hero Poll Results

Lore Hero Poll Results

Create an Ent Contest: Vote For A Winner!

Create An Ent Contest Results

Vote Now In The Create A Unique Deck Contest

Create A Unique Deck Contest Winner

Outlands Poll Results

Contest Entries: Fifth Sphere

Table Talk Poll Results

Contest: Ring-maker Entries

Favorite Sphere Poll Results

Method of Defending Poll Results

Tactics Hero Poll #2 Results

Contest: Hero Reskin Entries

Spirit Hero Poll #2 Results

  1. Kevin permalink

    The link to the Lore hero poll results is broken, and leads to the Spirit poll.

  2. Julianna permalink

    The link to the unique deck entries isn’t correct. It sends you to the results of the create an ent.

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