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This is the place to find articles discussing various miscellaneous aspects of the game, as well as pieces of pure fun:


A New FAQ Is Here!sphere cards

Exclusive Spoiler: Encounter at Amon Din

First Two Days of Gen Con

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The Current State of Secrecy (Part 2)

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Where To Next?

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Art and Speculation


Video: Custom Card Review

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TFTC Top Ten List (BY ALEX P)

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TFTC Top Ten List – I’m An A**hole!

  1. Looking at the Nightmare Buying Guide, are you consistently grading them as Solo play, two hand, or maybe a full table? We mostly play 4 but we have a few players ejoying solo and 2 hands as well. Is it even possible to update the scores with different number of players in mind?

    • TalesfromtheCards permalink

      Good question! I try to keep the different player numbers in mind, but most of the grades are coming from a solo and two hand/two player perspective, as those are the main ways I play and thus experience the quests. It could be possible to update the scores, although it would take some work to do as a possible future project.

  2. Thanks for the reply. Yes, the quests behave very differently depending on the number of players. With optimal decks, with decks lacking Spirit, with all-round decks, with decks that have none of the power houses (Glory, Dain, X-gorn, Boromir, Gandi, with single and multisphere, it is all very different experiences. It would be an impossible task to give a ‘correct’ score since it would mean a very large number of replays under many different circumstances.

    One thing would be nice though, and probably very manageable, and that was if you could post the decklists you used when grading the quest, just to give an indication of the ‘power level’ of the decks, and also number of players, number of playthroughs, wins vs. losses…..


    Reading the above makes me see how this is not possible unless you do it fulltime as a paid job 🙂

    Never mind – your guide is awesome. Just keep it updated and it will forever be the go-to guide when it comes to buying those nightmare quests.


    • TalesfromtheCards permalink

      Haha, no worries. Your suggestions are awesome! If only I had unlimited time to do all the things I wanted to do, but such is life…

  3. Hey there my name is Dan and I’m a software developer.

    When I play LotR LCG I sometime find I will forget to add threat or resources and notice until a few turns have past. It’s super frustrating.

    I made a little companion app available on the Google Play Store with a next turn button that will add to the turn counter, threat counter and add all resources to heroes.

    It also track resources and damage on heroes, damage and tokens on enemies and progress on the quest and active location.

    Have a play and drop me a message with any feedback. are the buttons to small? Did it help your game? Does it tidy up tokens on your play session?

    Free App:

    Premium App (ad free):


  4. Shane permalink

    Armoured Destier is the card that makes multi- engaging Dunedin decks work

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