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First Age – Doom Mastered Cycle

Renewed Grief

Welcome to the internet home of the Doom Mastered cycle, an expansion cycle for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game that builds upon the First Age custom expansion. On this page, you will find everything you need to play the quests in the Doom Mastered cycle. For further details about the set of custom expansions revolving around the events of The Silmarillion, please visit the First Age page!

Trial Upon the Marches

Trial Upon the Marches Rules

Trial Upon the Marches Printable Player Cards

Trial Upon the Marches Printable Scenario

OCTGN Custom Image Pack

 Trial Upon the Marches is available pre-loaded into OCTGN. You will find decks for standard, easy, and campaign mode in the custom decks folder. Make sure that you download and re-install the custom image pack in order to get the images for the quest!

Trial Upon the Marches Image Files (For Printing Purposes)

Trial Upon the Marches in Spanish!

Trial Upon the Marches in Polish!

Trial Upon the Marches in French!

Among the Outlaws

Among the Outlaws Rules

Among the Outlaws Printable Player Cards

Among the Outlaws Printable Scenario

OCTGN Custom Image Pack

Among the Outlaws is available pre-loaded into OCTGN. You will find decks for standard, easy, and campaign mode in the custom decks folder. Make sure that you download and re-install the custom image pack in order to get the images for the quest!

Among the Outlaws Image Files (For Printing Purposes)

Among the Outlaws in Spanish!

Among the Outlaws in French!

Among the Outlaws in Polish!

The Betrayal of Mim

The Betrayal of Mim Rules

The Betrayal of Mim Printable Player Cards

The Betrayal of Mim Printable Scenario

The Betrayal of Mim will soon be available pre-loaded into OCTGN. Until then you can find the materials you need here:

  1. Add the folder with the ID numbers to the OCTGN/GameDatabase/a21af4e8-be4b-4cda-a6b6-534f9717391f/Sets folder on your computer.
  2. Add the image pack (.o8c) when you have OCTGN loaded up.
  3. Load up the deck (.o8d) while you have a game running. (This includes campaign materials if you wish to use them. There is no easy mode this time around due to the unique way of constructing the deck and the scenario’s mechanics.)

The Betrayal of Mim OCTGN Materials

The Betrayal of Mim Image Files (For Printing Purposes)

The Betrayal of Mim in Polish!

  1. Mike W permalink

    Link to printed scenario is broken 😦

  2. Love it!!! Congratulations.

    Who will dare to take on The Fall of Gondolin?

    • TalesfromtheCards permalink

      Thanks! Actually, in my grand scheme of First Age material, I imagine Tuor and the Fall of Gondolin as the logical next cycle.

  3. Dan B permalink

    I have been looking forward to this for ages! Congrats on getting it done and thanks as well.

  4. Chris Eckes permalink

    Hey Ian – any chance you (or someone with knowledge of ArtsCow / CowCow) could put together an ArtsCow / CowCow purchase link? They have a great deal going on right now which allowed me to finally order the First Age core set.

    • TalesfromtheCards permalink

      Sure. I’ve been wanting to upload it there, but just have been a bit busy. Hopefully I’ll have a chance soon to get it done!

    • Agreed…I’d like a set available on Artscow as well. They have sales much more reliably than printer’s studio. Their Easter sale allowed me to order the core First Age set.

  5. beppet permalink

    I can’t find the proper words to thank you for your effort and the results you achieved so far in terms of general game quality and theme catching…so…just… THANK YOU!!!

    • TalesfromtheCards permalink

      Thanks! I’m glad people out there are getting enjoyment out of it!

      • beppet permalink

        just got my ass kicked by those f*****g wolves…didn’t enjoy that much XD

      • Hi Ian,just want to thank you for doing this great job in creating the First Age Cycle.I play it for months now and leave the “official” expansions unpacked in my lotr lcg box.If you want you could do place me in your playtesting group.Kind regards Uwe

        • TalesfromtheCards permalink

          I’m glad you enjoy the First Age stuff! It’s really great to hear that you like it so much, so thanks for giving it a try!

  6. Michael permalink

    Woot, ordered!

    New adventures and lots of fun toys in the new player cards. Can’t wait to give them a shot!

  7. Bor the Faithful is just plain awesome.

  8. honeyralmond permalink

    Just like First Age, this is a very impressive expansion! Nice to see that Bor get some love as I feel he and his people are neglected, even by Tolkien. 🙂

    A question for those using Printer Studio to print out the expansion: What card stock yields the closest match to the existing FFG cards?

  9. Authraw permalink

    Why are the last handful of cards from Among the Outlaws in Printer Studio existing cards? Did someone remove the alt-art cards?

    • TalesfromtheCards permalink

      Argh. Someone must have changed it. I really wish PrinterStudio had a better way of sharing so that it wasn’t editable. Thanks for letting me know! I’ll fix it soon.

    • TalesfromtheCards permalink

      Oh ok. Now I see the issue. It’s Trial Upon the Marches that had the alt-art cards. Would you like me to add the alt-art cards to the Among the Outlaws order as well?

      • Authraw permalink

        I see, so there were never any alt-art cards for Among the Outlaws? I presume the 8 extra cards used to be blank? I saw that the Spanish version had some extra alt-art cards so I thought those must have come from Among the Outlaws, but I guess I was mistaken.

        Don’t worry about changing anything on my behalf! I’ll find something to do with those 8 extra cards. 🙂

        Awesome job! I’m looking forward to continued adventures in the First Age.

  10. Adrian permalink

    its about $25 cheaper if you combine the base and all 3 adventure packs into one 612 card set and one 126 card set and print them all at once. also less blank cards that way. also without coupons is a little cheaper. trying to figured out a way to afford this as it sounds awesome!

  11. Adrian permalink

    I didn’t see my comment post… was wondering if you could combine all first age sets into one 612 and one 126 prints. it would bring the price of everything printed by about $25

    • TalesfromtheCards permalink

      That’s a good idea! I will try to whip that together sometime soon. It might take me awhile, as the upload process can be pretty onerous actually, but I do want to help to make it more affordable if I can.

      • Adrian permalink

        i have also been looking at the page quite a bit… and going over and over this stuff. I am not an expert at the game, I have owned it for a while now but only finally got to playing more than the initial scenario. being as this set looks almost like a core set of its own, maybe taking a couple decks that people have made that can handle the scenarios and putting the deck list in the rules sheet? and making sure all the cards are available to make both? If I have this printed I plan on doing just that and will have to make sure to print the 2 cards that go over the 3 that will print normally when I put my order in. that way this can be an experience all to itself (I have a bit of OCD for small things like that)

        again keep up the fantastic work! this looks great!

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