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Sphere Poll Results

by on February 25, 2013

The results are in from the latest TftC poll, and there is a clear winner. I asked readers to imagine which sphere they would be a part of if they themselves were an LOTR LCG character. With 127 responses, the most popular answer was Lore at 45.67%. Spirit came next, but the margin was quite wide, with the blue sphere coming in at 21.26%. Next came Leadership at 15.75%. Providing clear evidence that there are not too many archers, sword-masters and warriors out there reading this blog, only 12.6% considered themselves part of the Tactics sphere. If I do ever need some back-up, I will be contacting all 16 of you though! Finally, the Baggins sphere only managed to win the votes of 4.72%. I myself would probably firmly fit in Lore, with Spirit perhaps being the next best choice.


Next poll will be up soon!


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  1. Can’t new poll be multichoice? I have decks for one of those games and play another two occiasionally. Those are LCGs, they aren’t as hard to invest in as CCGs.

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