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Lore Hero Poll Results

by on June 24, 2013

The favorite hero polls have come to a close, concluding with the Lore sphere edition. 160 people voted this time, and Elrond emerged as the clear victor with 30.63% of the vote. The master of Imladris has much to offer players, with high willpower making him a strong quester and a high defense of 3, combined with Lore’s access to A Burning Brand, positioning him as a solid defender as well. However, it is his ring, Vilya, that perhaps pushes him to the top of the popularity charts, as its ability to drop attachments, allies, and events into play for free is nearly unmatched. If that wasn’t enough, he bolsters healing effects and can benefit from Noldor synergy cards (these are a bit limited at the moment, but the options will surely grow with time). His one main drawback is a sky high threat of 13.

As for second place, initially it appeared as if Aragorn might achieve a mighty feat and capture both the Lore and Leadership polls. However, Lore Aragorn eventually slipped behind Elrond, though he still finished with a respectable 21.25% of the vote and a solid grip on the runner-up spot. The Lore version of Aragorn has the well-balanced and powerful stats of the Leadership version, but with a one-time use ability that is truly powerful: the ability to reset a player’s threat back to its starting value. This allows for all kinds of deck-building possibilities, as well as a get-out-of-jail-free card if threat spirals out of control in an unforeseen fashion.

Two Core Set heroes, Beravor and Denethor, tied for third place with 12.5% of the vote. Both provide the benefit of a moderate threat along with abilities whose utility has stood the test of time. Beravor is the ultimate in well-balanced heroes as far as stats are concerned (2 willpower, 2 attack, 2 defense), along with access to one of the most powerful abilities around: card draw. Denethor, on the other hand, is a strong defender, with natural access to A Burning Brand, as well as the recently released Gondorian Shield. His scrying ability is certainly more useful in solo play than multiplayer, but it is still one of the best scrying effects around.

The rest of the results looked like this:

4th: Bifur – 6.88%

5th: Bilbo Baggins – 5%

6th: Glorfindel – 5%

7th: Bombur – 2.5%

8th: Mirlonde – 2%

9th: Ori – 2%

On the opposite end of the results, Ori shared the dubious distinction of tying for last place with the hero that was most recently released (Mirlonde). There is no doubt that Ori is certainly a powerful hero in Dwarf decks, where his extra card draw can contribute to a powerful Dwarf draw engine. However, it looks like he was overshadowed by brighter lights this time around. For the record, my vote would have gone for Denethor, simply because I think I use him more often than any other Lore hero, because his threat allows for inclusion in different types of decks, and he is a reliable defender.

With this one in the bag, we will retire the favorite hero polls for now. At some point in the future, when more heroes have been released, we will revisit them and see if anything has changed. For now, stay tuned for tomorrow’s poll, which will allow you to vote for the winner of the Create An Ent contest!


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  1. Thaddeus permalink

    Again the dwarf heroes get shafted on account of being so dwarf specific. Ori is simply incredible in a dwarf deck, but he’s obviously terrible in any other sort of deck. It almost feels like the dwarves could get their own polls for each sphere (and there are almost enough to justify that).

    • TalesfromtheCards permalink

      Who would of thunk it, Dwarves being underappreciated?!

  2. My vote (had I started following this blog sooner) would have solidly been with Bifur, as I find that I tend to use him (for general use) more than any other Lore hero. Low threat cost and the ability to “shift” resources to pay for those more expensive Lore cards is pretty handy on nearly an every-turn basis. Then he tosses in a couple WP to add to the questing pool, or throw ABB on him for a poor-man’s defender.

    His abilities aren’t as specific or “hindering” as others (*cough*bombur*cough*ori*cough), and he himself remains a “cheap”, versatile hero. While I like Denethor’s ability, I HATE giving up my heroes’s actions for serving a single purpose (granted, he really saves your bacon if a nasty card pops up). Based on the encounter, he is either my #1 or #4 greenie (#1 if you REALLY need to deal with those encounter cards, #4 behind Bifur/Aragor/Elrond – in that order – if not).

    I really WANT to love Elrond more, but find that he is someone you build a deck around… not add into any other deck you simply need Lore presence in. And I do love Aragorn’s ability to remove reliance on the blue threat-reduction cards. Just hard to pass over the Leadership version’s action potential…

    Bifur remains one of my favorite, versatile heroes that serves my purposes best. Acess to green cards, low threat cost, decent quester or defender… He lets your other heroes be the badasses they were meant to be.

  3. sweetnesswhachacha permalink

    I guess that isn’t too surprising. I love Lore Aragorn, he goes so wonderfully with Frodo! Elrond is almost too useful haha, so many ways to go I haven’t built a deck with him yet. I can’t believe Ori and Nori have been last on these lists as they are amazing!

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