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Spirit Hero Poll Results

by on June 10, 2013

With 181 people voting, the poll for favorite Spirit hero received the most votes yet. As many probably could have predicted before the poll even began, Glorfindel took the lead early and never looked back, easily winning the title of most beloved of Spirit heroes with 35.91% of the vote. The source of his popularity is no great secret. Despite having some of the best stats around (3 willpower, 3 attack, 1 defense, and 5 hit points), he also boasts the lowest threat cost of any existing hero. Normally, the threat cost of heroes is equal to the total of all stats, which would make Glorfindel a 12 threat hero (just like his Lore version). However, the designers totally threw out that formula when it comes to the Spirit version of Glorfindel, and to justify that low threat cost, they saddled him with a detrimental ability (he raises the player’s threat by 1 when he exhausts to commit to a quest). Of course, this built-in drawback can be easily circumvented with the help of Light of Valinor. Simply put, Glorfindel’s low threat cost and powerful impact on questing and combat, along with the access he gives to Spirit’s treachery cancellation, make this hero a viable candidate for almost any type of deck. For this reason, if you were forced to guess blindly a hero that someone was using with no other information available, Glorfindel would probably be the safest bet. In fact, some argue that this is actually an unfortunate aspect of the current card pool, as he is seen as being so good that he practically demands inclusion and thus pushes out other options. It’ll be interesting to watch if any Spirit hero can ever emerge to dethrone him.

Still, Glorfindel did not have it all his own way in this poll. Eowyn pushed him until the end, achieving second place with 29.28%. Until Glorfindel came out in the Foundations of Stone pack, I think it’s safe to say that Eowyn was surely the most popular and commonly used of Spirit heroes. Unlike Glorfindel, she is far more specialized, but is quite powerful at what she does well: questing. With a base willpower of 4, along with an ability to boost that stat through discarding cards, Eowyn can form the core of a player’s questing endeavors throughout the course of a game. What is particularly helpful is that she can carry the questing load in the first few rounds without needing the assistance of any attachments. However, if you do happen to throw a few willpower boosting attachments on her, she can be even more of a questing machine. In recent times, Eowyn’s dominance has been diminished by a few developments: the powerful development of the Dwarven synergy, the introduction of non-willpower questing (battles/sieges), and of course the appearance of Glorfindel, who only has 1 less willpower and is far more balanced. All that being said, Eowyn assuredly deserves her runner-up spot.

In third place comes the ring bearer himself, Frodo Baggins. He would probably be my vote for favorite Spirit hero, although I undoubtedly use Glorfindel the most. Frodo has much to offer, with a low threat cost of 7, and an exceedingly useful ability to cancel damage in exchange for increased threat. Since he is part of the sphere that has the most threat reduction effects, this ability can be milked in order to soak up the most powerful of attacks. As Frodo possesses the Hobbit trait, he can also make use of Fast Hitch to defend multiple attacks in a single turn, or attachments like Ring Mail to boost his defense. Finally, when there are no enemies in play, his willpower of 2 is enough to provide a positive boost to questing.
The rest of the results looked like this:

4th: Dunhere – 7.73%

5th: Eleanor – 5.52%

6th: Dwalin – 2.76%

7th: Oin – 2.76%

8th: Nori – 1.66%

I expected Dwalin to come in firmly last, as his ability to reduce threat by killing orcs is perhaps the most situational of hero abilities. Still, it was Nori who won the dubious title of least popular Spirit hero. Despite the slight reduction in Nori’s power due to the most recent FAQ ruling (he now only reduces threat when a Dwarf enemy is played from hand, not just when it simply enters play), he still can be exceedingly useful in Dwarf decks. Still, the voters have spoken, and now it’s time for the last of the favorite hero polls.

Yes, that’s right, it’s time for Lore!

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  1. Thaddeus permalink

    Nori is one of my favorite dwarf heroes and certainly my favorite Spirit dwarf hero, but you’ll note the repeated use of the word *dwarf* there. For this type of poll I like to think about the over-all game, not just how a hero functions in a specific type of deck. Also how well a hero fits in the sphere and how much I associate them with it. That’s why I had to go with Eowyn. Glorfindel is unquestionably the more useful hero, but other than having reasonably high Willpower (which is equal to his Lore version), there’s nothing about him that especially says “Spirit”. Eowyn, on the other hand, much more exemplifies the Sphere, IMO. Also, I’ve a lot of nostalgia for that card as she was such a cornerstone of my decks, especially in solo play, for a long time. Glorfindel is fantastic, but he has never been the “must play” card that Eowyn was. (Granted that’s because of the relative card pools and available strategies available at the time each was released, but sometimes it’s good to acknowledge an old stand by.)

    • TalesfromtheCards permalink

      I like the idea of thinking about who best fits the sphere and the qualities attributed to it. By that criteria, Eowyn certainly wins, as she absolutely screams Spirit (although I’d love to see a Tactics version of her someday).

  2. legolas18 permalink

    As for Dwarf Spirit heroes, I think that I like Oin the best, for some reason. I always did like his ability to become Tactics and have more attack. As for the current poll… It’s a hard decision for me. I think that Aragorn will be first place, but it’s hard to predict any others, because all of them have there pros and cons.

    • TalesfromtheCards permalink

      Yeah, there is a diversity of Lore heroes, so it’ll be interesting to see who comes out on top. Probably Aragorn, but Elrond has a shot as well. Who knows, there might be a dark horse though!

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