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Saga Scenario Poll Results

by on April 23, 2013

In my latest poll, I asked what quest you would most like to see if a Saga Expansion for The Lord of the Rings is released. The results are in, and there was a clear winner. 33.56% of respondents would like to see the epic Battle of Helm’s Deep represented in a game scenario. I would definitely like to see how the designers would handle the pressure of tackling such a signature event and creating something that would feel innovative and engaging. We’ve had a taste of what this might be like with the Siege of Cair Andros, but the Battle of Helm’s Deep must feel ten times more epic. I imagine though, that we would see some similar mechanics, like having to defend locations, but I would hope that they could up the ante.

Coming in at a close second, 26.85% of respondents would like to experience a March of the Ents scenario. There is definitely a sense of anticipation among many LOTR LCG players as to how Ents will be represented in the game (as a self-serving plug, you can see my take on Ents if you play my Into Fangorn scenario). I personally feel that the best way to handle Ents would be to make them objectives that have to be won over to the cause of the free peoples, instead of jumping straight into play as allies. Whatever happens, I know we’re all looking forward to unleashing the raw power of Ents, and having some might on our side the likes of which we have yet to see.

Beyond first and second place, here are the remaining results of the poll:

* Battle of Pelennor Fields – 11.41%

* Dead Men of Dunharrow – 7.38%

* No More Saga Expansions – 7.38%

* Scouring of the Shire – 5.37%

* Fight With Shelob – 4.03%

* Traveling Through Old Forest – 3.36%

* Other – 1%

I was interested to see that 7% of respondents didn’t want any more saga expansions. Perhaps some players prefer to see new scenarios and investigating the outer edges of the source material, rather than the well-worn paths that we have seen in other games.

Personally, my pick for the scenario I want to see is the Scouring of the Shire. It is one of my favorite parts of The Lord of the Rings, and what could be more amazing than controlling our hobbit heroes in their battle-tested incarnations as they seek to win back the Shire?

My intuition is that we will probably see more Saga Expansions in the future, but we’ll have to wait and see. Readers, feel free to share your thoughts on Saga Expansions and what you would like to see below!


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  1. Kevin permalink

    I am a more casual player of LOTR than most others posting here so maybe I am missing something, but isn’t the time frame for the game the 17 years between Bilbos disappearance and Frodo leaving the Shire with the ring. If that is the case, scenarios like Helms Deep and Scouring of the Shire fall outside of the years covered in the game.

    • TalesfromtheCards permalink

      You’re correct, that is the usual time frame for the game. However, with the release of the two Hobbit “boxes” (Over Hill and Under Hill and On the Doorstep), the designers introduced the idea of Saga Expansions, which cover events that actually occurred during the books, and so are outside the normal game time frame. So far those Saga Expansions have only covered scenarios during The Hobbit, but there is speculation that there will be Saga Expansions released to cover events during The Lord of the Rings.

  2. shipprekk permalink

    I would lurv to play through the Scouring. I think it could be so fun to rally Hobbit ally objectives and have the final showdown with Sharky. Stage 1 could be the Bywater Bridge, stage 2 the Battle of Bywater, and Stage 3 would be the confrontation at Bag-end.

    Of course there’s room for lots and lots in-between. Maybe even a 4th stage that deals with rebuilding the Shire.

  3. Yep, I also voting for Scouring of the Shire. I think it plays into this game’s theme of being “based on the novels”, not the films and the chapter is actually rich with detail that could create a cool scenario. I can imagine player decks limited to Hobbit cards which look to be getting a bit more development in the upcoming cycle.

  4. sweetnesswhachacha permalink

    I have to say the I remember one of the most excited I was about this game is when I realized we would see ents at some point! I cheated and looked ahead some and it seems we will get a lot next cycle.

    I’m surprised about the saga expansions, although in a way they are redundant often with scenarios we have played (ie conflict at the carrock and we must away).

    Very surprised about Shelob as we had a lot of spider mechanics already in mirkwood.

    Dead men of dunharrow seems the most intriguing I think though it’s a tough choice

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