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The Wastes of Eriador: Hero Review


The Wastes of Eriador is not yet officially released, but with it due to hit stores this week, and with my impatience reaching a fever pitch, I will get started on the player card reviews a bit early. Of course, this kind of pre-release review is made possible because the hero for The Wastes of Eriador Adventure Pack was actually spoiled quite a bit ago in Game Trade magazine (and the spoilers are now up on CardGameDB as well). That hero is a Spirit version of Merry (a.k.a. Meriadoc Brandybuck). As I am a great fan of Hobbits, both in The Lord of the Rings itself and in the game, I’m quite excited for this new addition and figuring out how he fits into the existing meta. Is Spirit Merry a good fit for the “hide-and-go-seek” Hobbit deck type or the “slice and dice” Hobbit deck type? For that matter, is he restricted to use with Hobbit decks or is he of a more general use hero? Read on to find out!

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Nightmare Buying Guide Updated!

The Nightmare Buying Guide has received a big update, covering everything up to the end of the Against the Shadow cycle! The only thing missing now are The Black Riders scenarios, which I actually need to play before I can share my two cents about them! If you’re trying to figure out which Nightmare packs to buy, want more information about the changes that Nightmare packs make, or just want to read anything about LOTR LCG, make sure you check out the guide!

Guest Campaign: Heirs of Numenor Part 2


Last time around, Thomas R. began planning a thematic campaign against Heirs of Numenor, focusing on a good narrative rather than following strict campaign rules. This time around, he begins the journey with Peril in Pelargir. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


Hello folks. It took me some time to manage to translate this article, with the great help of a friend. But here I am! After presenting my deck and the strategy I will use, here is the report of the game. As does Ian, I will not explain what the shadow cards do if they do not change the game. For example, if it increases the attack when the defender is a chump blocker who was meant to die anyway.

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Campaign Mode: The Uruk-hai (Part 2)


The Fellowship has been broken, as Frodo has made the fateful decision to carry the Ring forward on his own. Meanwhile, his former companions are still reeling from the loss of Pippin and the capture of Boromir and Merry. Aragorn has rallied them from despair and is determined to rescue the captives before they meet a dark fate at the hands of Saruman. In Part 1 of this article, I explained the substantial changes I have made to my decks in response to the events of The Road Darkens and in order to meet the unique challenges of The Uruk-hai, the first quest of The Treason of Saruman. With this box, we are now venturing into the events of The Two Towers, as we head inexorably towards Helm’s Deep.

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Card Spotlight: Song of Earendil


There is one card that has long sung a sweet Siren’s song to me, yet I have rarely included it in a deck. In terms of name and connection to lore and Middle-earth history, there are few cards that match this particular one, especially since it is one of the cards in the game that actually mentions events from the First Age. In terms of game mechanics, this card has the kind of subtle and interesting effect that usually catches my interest. I speak of course of Song of Earendil. Why has this fascinating card not showed up in more decks, both those of my own creation and those built by other players? Is it excluded because it is a valueless coaster, suited better for sitting prettily in a binder than taking part in the rough and tumble of a typical LOTR LCG game? Or is it a victim of misunderstanding, a hidden gem that should be polished and held up to the light of day as often as possible? As always, you’ll have to read on to find out!
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Favorite Sphere Poll Results


sphere cards

It’s natural that over time players grow attached to certain spheres to the point of developing favorites among them. In fact, this is part of the fun of a game like this and a major reason why spheres and factions exist. These kinds of groupings help hook players into a game by giving them something to identify with and have a sense of in-game identity. As such, it’s interesting to see which spheres inspire the most loyalty at any given moment and which aren’t as popular. Since this changes over time, I plan on conducting a favorite sphere poll every so often to check how such affiliations have changed along with the card pool.  This has been by far the longest running poll and the one with the most votes, which is no surprise since I decided to leave it up until I broke the 1,000 votes mark. With that goal achieved, let’s take a look at the results:

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Deck Spotlight: March of the Wormbeard

Art LOTR Nasmith Tree Shepards

One of the great things about a game like this is that over time players develop their own personalities in terms of the decks they build and the way that they play. If I were to characterize myself, I would say that I tend to be a balanced player who aims to experience as much of the game as I can, whether we’re talking about different spheres, deck types, strategies, or scenarios. So while I do enjoy building thematic decks that aim to recreate aspects of the books or tell a story of some kind, I also get great satisfaction out of throwing preposterous combinations of heroes and characters together that are united only by their utility in terms of game mechanics. I bring all this up because the deck I am sharing today falls firmly in the latter category. It would take an absolutely Herculean feat of the imagination to conjure up a scenario in which Grima Wormtongue, Treebeard, and Frodo Baggins would find themselves working together to thwart the machinations of Sauron (not to mention Saruman), yet they end up working so well together that I don’t really care. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that the absurdity only adds to my enjoyment. If you too don’t mind flirting with the strange, odd, and incongruous, then read on!

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