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The Battle of Carn Dum: Events Review



We’re doing these a bit out of order but I don’t think anyone will be inconvenienced too greatly. Here’s Glowwyrm with another round of player card reviews. Enjoy!  -Ian

It’s only appropriate to begin this review with a moment of silence for the player side quests, because it’s very possible we’ve seen the last of them.  There are none in either of the last packs, and it seems unlikely that the mechanic will get too much support in the future.  So adios, player side quests!  You were powerful but situational, and you’ll continue to hold a unique place in the card pool.  While there are no side quests to review this time out, there are three events who continue on in the spirit of the side quest: they have powerful effects with questionable utility.  Will any of these events make it into a deck?  Read on to find out!

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Spotlight Slapdash: Dark Knowledge!


Local Man Uses Scry, Dumbfounded by Increased Game Length

Louisville, Kentucky – A new player of the Lord of the Rings Living Card Game (LCG) tried a deck which allegedly included scrying effects yesterday and was surprised when the game took longer than expected.

Barry Mazaro, 27, told local press that he was “flabbergasted” because his decision-making slowed to a crawl whenever he had advance knowledge about the encounter deck.
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The Dread Realm: Hero Review



The ending of a cycle always seems a bit strange. It can feel like ages before a cycle gets going, but when it does, it appears to pass in a flash. As each cycle nears its end, one question begins to assume great importance: Which hero will end the cycle? Dain Ironfoot, who concluded the Shadows of Mirkwood cycle, and Elrond, who wrapped up the Dwarrowdelf cycle, set the precedent for cycle-ending heroes as being powerful and representing some of the most notable characters in Middle-earth. However, more recent cycles haven’t necessarily held to this pattern. The Tactics version of Theoden appeared at the end of the Against the Shadow cycle, but was widely panned as a hero of limited use, in spite of being the incarnation of such a popular and important figure. Erkenbrand was the final hero of the Ring-maker cycle, and although he is a useful hero, he didn’t quite create the big splash that some were expecting for the finale. When The Dread Realm hit, the final hero of the Angmar Awakened cycle was revealed, and it was none other than Arwen Undomiel herself. The high profile of this character is certainly not in dispute. But is she more akin to Dain or her father, Elrond, or is she ultimately a let-down? Read on to find out!

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Deck Construction: Amarthiul, Lord of the Eagles


Note: Miika wrote this article before the errata given to Horn of Gondor in the most recent FAQ. So keep in mind that this deck and the games described use the old “leaves play” text.   -Ian

Before you get into this wall of text, a little background information about it: I started writing it and it just kept growing and growing until I added the test games to the article and it ended up being quite long. This is written in parts, first by starting with deck construction, later followed by an actual play test and then by afterthoughts and deck modification. I hope you don’t get intimidated by the comprehensiveness of this text because it’s certainly not the intention behind it! This is just a story of one deck, how it came to existence and how it ended up getting modified. And hopefully you enjoy the match reports as well! From now on I will definitely try to downsize these articles a little bit!

And most importantly, keep commenting and having a discussion about the decks, their possible pros and cons and everything! That’s what these articles are all about after all.
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Video: Spoiler Alert! – Grey Havens

Enjoy some more video content from Bork and Zim! -Ian
We got some spoilers from FFG about the upcoming deluxe expansion, The Grey Havens. Bork and Zim discuss the new player cards!

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Elrond’s Counsel: A Journey to Rhosgobel


Everett returns to take a look at the scenario that made us all fall in love with eagles!    -Ian

After a long break, I am back with more scenario reviews! Today we will be tackling A Journey to Rhogsobel, the third quest in the Mirkwood cycle. I’m trying out a new format, so leave comments below! Reviews will be broken up into three categories: General strategy, cards that can deal with the threat (up to Heirs of Numenor), and theme. I am by no means a theme expert, but I will try my best.
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Guest Campaign: Into Ithilien Part 1


Thomas R. continues his thematic campaign against Heirs of Numenor, focusing on a good narrative rather than following strict campaign rules. This time around, he prepares for the perils of Into Ithilien.


Here we go for the second episode of the adventures of Imrahil, Éomer and Aragorn. Sorry for the delay between the two articles, but a burglar stole my computer, and it was psychologically hard to do the translation again. Anyway, I am back now!

So, here is the fist part of the second episode of my campaign. In the first episode, the heroes managed to escape from Pelargir, but almost died in the process. As I said in the conclusion of the previous article, the next scenarios are pretty tough, and they have the reputation of being among the hardest quests. But well, if it was easy, it wouldn’t be fun.
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