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The Treachery of Rhudaur: Attachments Review


The newest hotness, The Battle of Carn Dum, has already been released, but there is the small business of finishing up the review of The Treachery of Rhudaur player cards.  This cycle has placed special attention on the Noldor trait, and the attachments in The Treachery of Rhudaur really hone in on it. Two of them play a part in helping the emerging Noldor deck function, and they will likely be staples of the Noldor deck for some time to come, or at least that is the hope. The third actually grants the Noldor, as well as the Silvan trait, to characters. However, how exactly can these cards be used, what combinations and synergies exist, and just how valuable are they really when the chips are down? Read on to find out!

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Method of Defending Poll Results



The current poll has been running for quite some time now so it seems like a good moment to bring it to a close. When I originally came up with the question, “What is your preferred method of defending?”, I wanted to see whether my perceptions of the current meta were accurate. To be more specific, I had long suspected that chump blocking had ceased to be the main defensive strategy, as it often was in the early life of the game, for two main reasons: 1) the increasing prevalence of shadow effects that punish players when a character is destroyed and 2) the growing number of strong defensive heroes and allies. The results of the poll, which received 938 votes, are as follows:

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Ring Theory – CCG Concepts in LOTR LCG: Card Advantage

Hello Tales from the Cards!  My name is Shane Murphy, but here on the interwebs I go by HawkRose.  This is my inaugural post as a guest author for TftC.  Thanks to Ian for having me, and I hope you enjoy!


Losing is the worst.  And no loss feels worse than the one that leaves you wondering, “Why did I lose?”  In a game where deckbuilding is a factor, this can be doubly frustrating, as it is often difficult to separate play mistakes from flaws in the deck, or flaws in the deck from sheer bad luck.  As a player of many games, I have struggled with this problem over the years in a number of contexts, including the LotR LCG.  However, I have come to understand some key concepts from competitive CCGs, which have proved extremely useful in approaching this game.  This article is the first in a series of short pieces in which I discuss these concepts, and attempt to apply them to our beloved LCG.   Our first topic is card advantage.
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Hero Profile: Leadership Boromir

Boromir_Magali Villeneuve

The following article comes from new contributor Jakub, who will be focusing on looking at each of the heroes in the game. Enjoy!



Tolkien is very good at playing with a reader’s emotions. He does a similar trick twice in his two novels, first with Thorin in the Hobbit, then with Boromir in the Lord of the Rings. He makes the reader question the sanity of the character in question whilst exposing a weak spot in his own character before letting him die a heroic death. The reader then feels guilty about previously being angry with the character as he now pities him at the tragic hour of his redemption.

Of the two, Boromir is less of a protagonist of the respective novel, more of an underdog, and perhaps more of a fan favourite as well. A reader can easily associate with him because he is so very human, so very real in his desire to do good disregarding the means. His fall comes through the given weakness but is glorified in the end as the character realizes his fall and turns back to light. His sacrifice may be in vain in terms of the subsequent events but certainly not in terms of the message it bears.
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Building Your Fellowship: Fellowship Event 2015

Rangers_of_the_North_by_WF74 Hello everyone, and welcome to another installment of Building Your Fellowship. Today, I am going to highlight two decks that I have built for the Fellowship Event that I will be attending at my FNSLGS (not so local, I’m driving 90 miles for this!!). In my last article, I wrote about how each deck in multiplayer should have a clear goal in how to help your Fellowship tackle the dangers within the encounter deck. Since these will be pick up games (for the most part, we don’t have any knowledge of what the other players will have), I decided to build two decks that are pretty focused in what they do, and also synergize well with each other.
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Nor Am I A Stranger: Self Preservation



Greetings again!

Last time, I introduced a new series aimed at evaluating potentially ‘broken’ cards and looking at small ways in which you can play them again if you have relegated them to the binder. You can see my breakdown of Treebeard here.

Now, in an effort to get even more cards out of binders and into your sleeves, I will look at the other end. So, I will head to the dark side and see if I can pull a few misguided cards back like Luke did for his dad.

Nor Am I A Stranger is the other new series that will focus on cards that have been thrown in the binder by some, but in reality deserve to be thrown into a sleeve. This is not an attempt to figure out if a card is a coaster or a gem like Ian does here but rather taking cards that are probably considered to be coasters and showing you how they can be used to good effect. My goal here is to take cards that either (a) have been labelled as coasters from the start or (b) old favorites that have since been deemed obsolete and showing you how to breathe new life into them. I will show you how to play them straight up, but also with a couple of simple modifications that can make them much more playable.
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Spotlight Slapdash: Ever Onward!


In Spotlight Slapdash I make awful decks and do crazy things with them so that you don’t have to.  Hi! I’m Piero, and my job is to distill bloody and painful experiences into something light and fluffy to read!  Today’s offering brings us the second card illuminated by Ian’s Card Spotlight: Ever Onward. And boy what a doozy!  This bloated vacuum sucks 3 resources from your coffers to cancel a threat raise when you quest unsuccessfully (description straight from FFG’s promotional materials).

We are tasked with finding a use for this. While it’s tempting to bend our powers of observation, claim that the Dwarf on this card is just about to lift up his axe (the lifting up is in process), squeeze him into Dwarves Holding Things Up, and call it a day, we at Madhouse Piero have got something better in store for you.

What’s the most colorful and satisfying way to scrape almost FOUR YEARS’ worth of dust off this card?  How about making it the Tootsie Roll center of stratagem in a deck built for one of the most challenging scenarios in recent memory!

I’ll give you 10 seconds to figure out what I’m going to do with this card.
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