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Contest: Hero Re-skins


Everett has decided to run a contest. So check it out for a chance to win a cool prize! -Ian

Now, everyone loves new characters being explored. But from time to time, we feel that it is necessary to go back to the old characters and look at their multiple facets. That is true in novels as well as in games. That brings us to re-skins, or the remaking of an existing hero. Two recently spoiled heroes (I won’t say anything about which) were re-skins of classic characters. Whenever a hero is re-skinned, we pay more attention, because we want to make sure that it meets certain higher standards. So in this contest, I want you to pick an existing hero in the game and re-skin it, giving it new life.
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New Player Buying Guide Has Been Updated (May 2016)!

Happy Friday! I’ve been a bit busy with a few different projects in the works, but I did find time to update my New Player Buying Guide. It now includes everything (except the newest AP, Flight of the Stormcaller)! The New Player Buying Guide, easily the most popular feature here at TftC, has received a needed freshening up. I’m now up to date with all released expansions! Even if you’re not a new player, check out the reviews for the last three packs of Angmar Awakened, The Grey Havens, The Ruins of Belegost, Murder at the Prancing Pony, and The Land of Shadow.

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Preview: No Spoiler Am I


Everett returns to take a look at the latest mammoth of a spoiler. So in case it needs to be said one more time…SPOILER!! -Ian


Hey guys, I’m back! An amazing thing happened last week. Okay, two. The first was the release of Runebound expansions. And the second? A little thing I like to call TACTICS EOWYN! This is the hero I have been waiting for for ages. But how does she fare when compared to her male tactics brethren?
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Video: Gandalf Is Not A Threat

Enjoy some more video content from Bork and Zim! -Ian
It’s been a long time since I’ve played a deck that featured OHaUH Gandalf, and since hero Gandalf brought a lot of toys with him, it seemed as good a time as any to feature him again. This deck tries to start off with a decent threat level so that you can use a bunch of “Doomed” cards to help get set up quickly, since Gandalf is expensive and so are all of his toys. After nearly dooming yourself, Aragorn resets your threat, giving Gandalf a safe cushion to stay in play and make a big impact. Gandalf isn’t the only big hitter in this deck: Treebeard and Quickbeam also provide some big numbers, and Narya lets you ready one of them while buffing them and Gandalf.

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The Grey Havens: Attachments Review


It’s time to stay the course and continue the review of the Grey Havens deluxe expansion player cards. The allies of The Grey Havens are primarily meant as support for the Noldor trait (although some have applications outside of that deck type). Moving onto attachments, this is generally the most powerful, pound-for-pound card type (excluding heroes, of course), so do our newest toys similarly only give love to those highfalutin Elves? Or can they help out any poor soul who needs some extra pep in their step? Read on to find out!

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Spotlight Slapdash: Keeping Count!


Your starting hand.  It’s either the set of 5 digits and a palm that you use to turn the ignition in your car, or it’s 6 cards (+1 in Resource!) that you begin the game with.  And at times you may implore the gods of chance to bestow upon that starting hand a particular piece of cardboard, that you may start the game with a smile.

But the cardboard does not always come.

Keeping Count of Failure


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Campaign Mode: Road to Isengard (Part 1)


In a battle for the ages that will be sung about for generations, our brave heroes fended off a seemingly limitless army of Orcs and Hillmen sent against the fortification at Helm’s Deep by the treacherous Saruman. Despite all his devilry, the people of Rohan prevailed, aided by the timely support of Ents led by Treebeard. Now it falls to the heroes, Rohan’s triumphant king, and the Ents to deal with Saruman once and for all, before they can turn their attention back to the Enemy in the east for the final conflict.

In Part 1 of Road to Isengard, I will detail some strategies that I have used against this scenario, as well as changes I have made to my decks in preparation for this wizard-themed showdown. While Helm’s Deep rightly gets all the attention, I’m actually a big fan of Road to Isengard and it can be challenging in its own right. Figuring out a way to replicate a battle with a wizard, rather than a huge Balrog or dragon, is actually a hefty design challenge, as you can’t simply give him huge attack strength and hit point values, as is the case with those other boss enemies. Instead, the designers found a unique way to give him some teeth, by keying in on multiple attacks, self-healing, and special wizardry effects. This approach to a boss battle has actually found its way into more recent quests, and it’s generally a positive development. But commentary on game design can wait for another time, I hear the stomping of heavy feet, the Ents are marching to Isengard!

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