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Campaign Mode: The Passage of the Marshes (Part 1)


After defeating the armies of the treacherous wizard Saruman at Helm’s Deep, our intrepid heroes, led by Aragorn and Gandalf, struck back at Isengard itself. Saruman used every last bit of his wizardry in a final, desperate attempt to claw out some kind of victory, but was ultimately forced to retreat inside his fortress. Now, he is neutralized for the moment, with Isengard occupied by an army of Ents. With the scenarios of The Treason of Saruman completed, it is now time to turn our attention to The Land of Shadow.
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The Sands of Harad: Heroes Review


The Sands of Harad is the latest deluxe expansion for our beloved game, one that takes us further afield in terms of geography and lore than we have ever been before. Our heroes venture into an area that was never really explored by Tolkien: Harad. This is a place that is far different in terms of climate, culture, and history than anything we encounter in the text of The Lord of the Rings, and while that might be slightly jarring at first, I welcome this chance at exploration and finally learning more about the southern lands! While the lands and foes we face might be different this time around, the heroes are actually some familiar faces. That’s right, we have received brand new versions of Legolas and Gimli to compete with the original Core Set incarnations. The theme of these new editions is the legendary friendship of Legolas and Gimli rather than their solitary exploits. But can these heroes actually help you win a game? Read on to find out!

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The City of Corsairs: Allies, Attachments, and Events Review


It’s time for another lightning round review, as I tear through the rest of the player cards of the City of Corsairs pack. As was true last time, I’ve restricted myself to a maximum of four sentences per card. Which cards will pass muster and which are better left on the streets of Umbar? Read on to find out!

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Spirit Hero Poll #2 Results


The time has come to finally put the second edition of the favorite Spirit hero poll to bed. The first run of the Spirit hero poll was conducted early in the days of this blog. Which Spirit heroes have grown in popularity? Which have fallen from favor? Which of the newer heroes have endeared themselves? Let’s get some answers!
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Arts of the Enemy: Part 1 (Gaining A Foothold)


During the Council of Elrond, it was the lord of Rivendell himself that warned against examining too closely the ways of darkness. After Gandalf related the fall of Saruman, Elrond cautioned:

It is perilous to study too deeply the arts of the Enemy, for good or for ill.

Such advice is wise when facing down a Dark Lord or taking the fate of the world in your hands. However, for the purpose of getting better at a game that can often be quite punishing, we are going to be casting these wise words into the fires of Mount Doom, with all due respect to Elrond. In this new article series, I am going to be focusing on the other side of the coin from the Deck Building 101 series: gameplay strategy itself. While deck building gets a ton of attention and is certainly an important aspect of LOTR LCG, making the right decisions when playing is equally important if you hope to avoid a grisly fate.

In Part 1 of Arts of the Enemy, I will be taking a look at one of the most crucial parts of the game: gaining a foothold in the first few rounds so that you are not swept away. I would argue that the early game is the most vital part of a game of LOTR LCG for the vast majority of scenarios. Getting established quickly and effectively is often the difference between a more and less powerful deck or player.

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Contest: Hero Reskin Winner!

Everett returns with a bit of an apology and a long-expected winner! -Ian
I just want to start off with an apology. I was having trouble deciding between two entries back in June, then life happened and I completely forgot about this contest. My fault, point all the fingers you want, send me death threats, shout Dawn Take You!, cast me into Mount Doom, etc. But on the bright side, the award of Holiday Tokens is now much more fitting with the holidays here (totally planned this by the way, wink wink). So without further ado, the grand prize winner is…

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City of Corsairs: Hero Review


The City of Corsairs Adventure Pack brings the Dream-chaser cycle to its triumphant conclusion. As a quest, this scenario is pretty fantastic, forcing players to both navigate the seas once again and fight an epic battle on land. It is definitely challenging, but provides a fitting conclusion to what has been my favorite cycle thus far. In terms of player cards, some of the recent offerings have been a bit more on the niche side, so it will be interesting to see how the final pack shakes out in terms of power level as we review these cards. First up of course is a brand new Tactics version of Prince Imrahil. Imrahil is actually one of the more fascinating characters in The Return of the King, as he clearly seems to be of noble lineage and significant importance, yet we don’t learn too much about him (and he is omitted entirely from the movies). The Leadership version of Prince Imrahil was one of the very first heroes, and has maintained relevance throughout much of the life of the game, especially given that he is the only hero version of himself in town. Read on to find out where Tactics Imrahil fits in the overall picture!

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