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Card Spotlight: A Watchful Peace


As time has passed, it has become more and more clear just how great the set of player cards in the Heirs of Numenor expansion was, from the unparalleled resource smoothing of Errand-rider to one of the best defensive heroes around in Beregond to that trap of all traps, Ranger Spikes. Yet, there was one card in that expansion (released three years ago already, yikes!) that always intrigued me, yet I have never really used, aside from a few half-hearted attempts: A Watchful Peace. On the face of it, this isn’t a card that screams out for attention and doesn’t seem to hold much value. However, it is the kind of subtle effect that does appeal to my playing sensibilities, and therefore it seemed appropriate to take some time in the lull between releases to finally give this card a fair shake and subject it to the Card Spotlight. Whether or not this means it will finally earn redemption as a hidden gem or be relegated to the burning hellfire known as coaster status remains to be seen!
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Deck Spotlight: Where Eagles Dare #2

where eagles

More than two years ago, I wrote the very first Deck Spotlight for this blog, focusing on an Eagle build. This reflected of course the current stage of the card pool at that time, as well as my enjoyment in using an Eagle deck as one hand of a successful two-handed jaunt through Khazad-dum and the Dwarrowdelf cycle. Despite some people’s protestations to the contrary, Eagles can do quite well in the cramped confines of Moria, thank you! However, two years is a vast amount of time in the life of a Living Card Game, and thus it makes sense to look from time to time at updating some of these older decks. This can be a fun exercise in seeing how the card pool has grown over time (as well as how I have developed as a player) and can also hopefully give you something new to try out in an upcoming game.
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Campaign Mode: Breaking of the Fellowship (Part 1)

ring goes south

Our fellowship has emerged victorious from the mines of Moria, with Durin’s Bane defeated and Frodo alive and well to carry his burden forward. However, there was a heavy cost to be paid, as the fellowship has suffered its first fallen hero. Gandalf the Grey returned to the West, sacrificing his life to help destroy The Balrog so that the rest could live. Now, it’s a matter of picking up the pieces and carrying on to the third scenario of The Road Darkens: Breaking of the Fellowship. This scenario focuses on the fellowship’s journey down the Anduin, including the skirmish with the Uruk-hai and up to the fateful choice by Frodo to strike out on his own. As is evident in the name of the quest itself, the fellowship will soon be broken, but how this will happen, and the heroic deeds and ignominious moments that will lead to that schism, have yet to be written.

In Part 1 of the Breaking of the Fellowship entry, I will outline some possible strategies against this surprisingly tricky scenario, as well as the changes I have made to my decks in response to the loss of Gandalf and the specific demands of this particular encounter deck.

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Campaign Mode: Journey in the Dark (Part 2)

 ring goes south

With the Ring finally on its way South, the true dangers of the journey have only just begun. Our erstwhile fellowship now finds themselves heading into the deep, dark of Moria and terrifying dangers and unspeakable evil await them. In Part 1 of the Journey in the Dark installment, I outlined some basic strategy tips for the scenario and detailed some major changes to each deck in response to the hefty challenge posed by this difficult scenario. However, there is only so much tinkering and planning that can be done before it’s time to throw oneself into the fire (metaphorically speaking, I hope). Frodo and his brave companions have yet to face so stern a test, and who knows at what cost victory will be bought?
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Playtesters Wanted!

The time has rolled around for the first quest in the Doom Mastered cycle (the first expansion cycle for First Age) to enter playtesting. This scenario, Trial Upon the Marches, focuses on proving your mettle as you wage unceasing war against orcs on the borders of Doriath. If you are interested in helping to playtest, go ahead and leave a comment below! The only requirement is a willingness to play the scenario at least a few times and giving your honest feedback. Playtesting will primarily be done through OCTGN, however if you don’t have access to OCTGN, feel free to volunteer anyway and we can work something out. Thanks in advance!

Card Spotlight: To the Eyrie and Meneldor’s Flight


Back in the heady days of the Shadows of Mirkwood cycle, the Eagle theme was one of the first traits/deck types to be explored. For Eagle fans, it is gratifying to know that many of those cards are still in common use today, whether we’re talking about Vassal of the Windlord or Winged Guardian or Support of the Eagles, and this is all without receiving any further support (save Gwaihir) since that time. However, all was not roses for these winged servants of Manwe, as there were a few cards released along the way that were met with scorn and bewildered looks. Two of these cards were very similar in theme and game function, and so today’s Card Spotlight is a two-for-one deal, as both To the Eyrie and Meneldor’s Flight get thrown under the relentless glare of the spotlight. Will they both share the same fate or will one distinguish itself while the other is cast into the sea? Find out after the break!

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Deck Building 101: Part 15 – Testing A Deck In Practice #2


In Part #1, I took an experimental deck and ran it through the first half of a testing process that I had previously proposed, meeting with great success as it swept through Journey Along the Anduin and, more surprisingly, Into Ithilien. In Part #2, I will continue the process, completing the second half of testing with a series of games against The Steward’s Fear and The Three Trials. Both of these scenarios will pose a stern challenge to Boromir, Galadriel, and Glorfindel in very different ways, with The Steward’s Fear placing a heavy burden on location management and The Three Trials assessing the ability of the deck to handle a series of boss-like enemies. Will the deck hold or will it fall? More importantly, what will this deck look like at the end of it all?
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