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Guest Corner

This is the home of those articles written by contributors to TftC:


Competitor’s Corner #1: Introductionsting

Competitor’s Corner #2: Double Duty

LOTR Rants: Difficulty Rating


Thorin and Company: A Thematic Journey through the Hobbit

Thorin and Company: We Must Away, Ere Break of Day

Thorin and Company: Over the Misty Mountains Grim

Thorin and Company: Dungeons Deep and Caverns Dim

Thorin and Company: Flies and Spiders


Guest Spotlight: Trained For War – Unlocking the Potential of the Tactics Sphere


Guest Campaign: Heirs of Numenor Part 1

Guest Campaign: Heirs of Numenor Part 2

Guest Campaign: Into Ithilien Part 1


Radagast the Brown’s Guide to the Kelvar of Wilderland

Of Dale and Its People

  1. The link under LANDROVAL is broken.

  2. ecthelionthethird permalink

    You should link to the new Guest Campaign article from here.

  3. ecthelionthethird permalink

    I think you’re going to need a little more than a corner for all these new guest articles! 😀

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