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Deck Building 101

This ongoing set of articles is dedicated to explaining and exploring key deck-building concepts:

Part 1 – Deck Abilitiesbag end

Part 2 – Core Set Construction

Part 3 – Exploring Mono Sphere (Leadership)

Part 4 – Exploring Mono Sphere (Lore)

Part 5 – Exploring Mono Sphere (Spirit)

Part 6 – Exploring Mono Sphere (Tactics)

Part 7 – Healing

Part 8 – Card Draw

Part 9 – Scrying

Part 10 – Defense Buffs

Part 11 – Resource Generation

Part 12 – Exploring Tri Sphere (Elves of Rivendell)

Part 13 – Testing A Deck

Part 14 – Four Player Decks (Mono Sphere)

Part 15 – Testing A Deck In Practice #1

Part 15 – Testing A Deck In Practice #2

  1. Thanks. This is extremely helpful. Thanks for taking the time to do this!\

  2. topher permalink

    New to the game so this is very useful. Thank you.

  3. Glorfindel permalink

    So what’s your opinion on the Shadows of Mirkwood songs (travel, kings, battle, wisdom)?

    • TalesfromtheCards permalink

      I don’t use them too much these days, mainly because there’s other ways to get the resource icons (Vilya, Nenya, Sword that was Broken, etc.), but I still definitely use them when it makes sense to do so.

  4. Tom Burke permalink

    This is interesting and helpful, but frustrating for someone who has got one core set only!

  5. This is totally amazing–thanks for spending time to create such a great resource.

  6. I just started playing and this is an excellent resource. Thanks.

  7. What still perplexes me is why anyone would NOT use a mono-deck. It appears if you don’t run a mono deck, that limits your resource generation. Recourses obviously is like money in the game and having all three heroes generating 3+ recources per round is key to getting lots of allies on the table to assist your actions (the big three; questing, attacking or defending). So why would people risk that? So many cards are resource expensive. I usually run two mono spheres (spirit and tactics) and my wife runs a deck of lore… in essence three mono decks. Why don’t more players do this?

  8. Will permalink

    I just started playing last week and took a certain amount of defeats in my head ^^

    (Typical me : “hey, i’m new to this game, let’s take this Tactics deck alone, seems pretty straightforward and easy way for beginners.
    *10 min later*
    – Why can’t I put a single progress token in my quest ! Arrrgghh !
    *20 min later*
    – Hey, this Eowyn hero could’ve helped me maybe…”)

    Thanks for the in-deep help for beginners, you are very helpful !

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