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First Age: The Fall of Nargothrond Released!

by on March 30, 2018

The time has finally arrived for the release of the fourth scenario in the Doom Mastered cycle! If you are not familiar with what this means, the Doom Mastered cycle is a series of player cards and quests that continues the custom First Age expansion I created based on the characters and events of the Silmarillion. In particular, the Doom Mastered cycle follows the tragic story of Turin Turambar.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed the previews for the scenario I’ve been sharing on Facebook and Twitter over the past couple of weeks. In The Fall of Nargothrond scenario, you are up against literally unbeatable odds. Glaurung is too powerful for even the mighty heroes you control and the army of Morgoth is destined to bring Nargothrond to its knees. But there is hope to be found in even the darkest moments. Your goal in the scenario is to rescue 6 innocent objectives before these objectives are captured and sent off to slavery at Angband:

However, if 6 innocent objectives are taken by the enemy instead, then the player lose. Of course, if fighting off an orc army and rescuing innocents wasn’t enough, there’s just a small matter of a gargantuan dragon to deal with:

Gulp. Don’t worry, though, there are some new player cards to help you along the way, including the first player card version of a Silmaril!

If you’re ready to play, head on over to the Doom Mastered page to get everything you need. Thanks as always for your interest! Enjoy!

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  1. The art that you found for Glaurung is wonderful.

  2. Kjeld permalink

    Here’s my deck featuring the new hero, which also happens to do very well against this quest.

    Note that you are in Secrecy for Timely Aid if you choose to start with Deep River and Stage 1B. With the free turn from 1B, you should have a high chance to get High King of the Noldor out either by drawing it or grabbing it with Galadriel (who also can tell you if it’s time to sacrifice Hador). From there, just spam Edain allies and keep some resources on Luthien to use her ability or Test of Will.

    House of Finarfin

    1x Lúthien
    1x Finarfin
    1x Finrod Felagund

    Ally (27)
    3x Hador
    3x Household Guard
    3x Fostered Son
    3x Galadriel
    3x Chieftain of Men
    3x Haladin Woodsman
    3x Haleth’s Bodyguard
    2x Barahir
    2x Bëor
    2x Mablung

    Attachment (14)
    2x Nimphelos
    2x Song of Travel
    3x Unexpected Courage
    2x Shadowy Cloak
    2x Seal of the Queen
    3x High Kingship of the Noldor

    Event (9)
    3x A Test of Will
    3x A Very Good Tale
    3x Timely Aid

  3. Staci permalink

    Beautiful expansion! Do you have any more coming?

    • Ian R. Martin permalink

      Yes! The 5th quest will feature Turin’s journeys after Nargothrond falls. And the final quest will be the big showdown against Glaurung.

      • Staci permalink

        Awesome! I’m so excited. I’m having this printed, hope to have it in 2 weeks. Have you considered a Fall of Gondolin set?

  4. Omg this is só amazing! I’m waiting anxiously for the next two sets! Thanks for your wonderful work!

  5. During the translation to spanish, I noticed a few problems:

    1. One more Innocent is needed. Players may find themselves with 5 Innocents in each Objective, so unable to win.

    2. Fell Voice should have the Glaurung trait. Total is only 6, right?

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