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Tactics Hero Poll Results

by on May 9, 2013

The poll for favorite Tactics hero has closed, and to be honest, it was never a close race. Legolas, son of Thranduil, dominated the competition with 30% of the vote. Despite being one of the original Core Set heroes, he was not eclipsed by any of the newer faces. There’s a lot to love about Legolas: his low threat of 9, the “ranged” keyword which allows for Hands Upon the Bow goodness, and his response ability that gives Tactics the chance to gain progress through combat. It is this package that likely gave him the top spot. One of the great things about Legolas is that he is focused on one role (attack); there are no unnecessary points of defense or willpower that would increase his threat. This allows him to fit into a wide variety of decks.

After the top spot, the race was far closer. Here’s how the rest of the field turned out:

2nd: Gimli – 14.17%

3rd: Boromir – 13.33%

4th: Hama – 11.67%

5th: Beregond – 9.17%

6th: Bard the Bowman – 7.5%

7th: Beorn – 5%

8th: Thalin – 4.17%

9th: Brand Son of Bain – 3.33%

10th: Elladan – 2%

I was definitely surprised that Brand Son of Bain did not come in dead last. It was one of Elrond’s sons, Elladan, who ended up occupying that dubious spot. Undoubtedly, he was harmed by being part of a duo, which means that he doesn’t stick out as an individual. My own vote would probably go for Legolas’ BFF, Gimli. Despite the existence of the Erebor Battle Master, who can replicate much of what Gimli does, I still find the son of Gloin quite useful. There is nothing quite as satisfying as bumping him up to 9 or 10 attack with attachments, events, and other buffs, and watching as he absolutely clobbers a big baddie.

With that said, it’s now time to move on and vote for your favorite Leadership hero!

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  1. shipprekk permalink

    Interesting choices! I can definitely see why Leggy came out on top. I think my fav goes to Bard, but that’s probably just for his newness and badass art.

    • Bard, Bard, Bard, everyone raves about the archer of Esgaroth. Need I remind you that it took him every arrow in his quiver, plus some timely help from a Thrush, to fell Smaug. On the other hand, I crushed Bolg with one swipe of my paw, and didn’t even break a sweat. Sad to see bearism is so prevalent in Middle-Earth, Beorn gets no love…

      • shipprekk permalink

        You’re too grumpy. Bard was just “grim”. He’s a realist, you’re a grouch. Besides, you might eat me and I just can’t get behind that.


  2. Thaddeus permalink

    Legolas is just solidly the most useful. Hands Upon the Bow lets him clear out the staging area. Rivendell Blade lets him kill bunches of enemies on his own. He can help out your fellow players and he gives you progress tokens, which can just be crucial for Tactics. All for a single digit Threat cost, which really can’t be overlooked as most Tactics heroes are pretty pricey and there is no way for Tactics (on its own) to lower Threat.
    Hama would probably be my second choice as he gives you the most tactical options for Tactics.
    Others are great too, of course, but I think have less utility as a Tactics hero than Legolas or Hama.

    • TalesfromtheCards permalink

      Legolas + Hands Upon the Bow is definitely one of the most enjoyable combos in the game. Works a treat in The Steward’s Fear, by the way.

  3. Chris permalink

    I have loved using Bard lately, which is where I voted. Hes got 2 willpower, and a great contender for multi-player with that great ranged ability. Including the card I cant remember that lets him make a ‘ranged attack’ in the staging area, he can snipe some of those goblins that stay in the staging area with a high threat. Great art as well, and great theme if you include the Black Arrow

  4. Tracker1 permalink

    To bad you don’t have Hurlin the Fair for the leadership hero poll. He would get my vote. He is working out real nicely in one of my decks.

    • TalesfromtheCards permalink

      He’s so shiny and new, I forgot to include him! Just added him.

  5. I love Legolas and Beregond equally. Legolas is my favorite attacking hero (Bard is close behind) because he does more good for questing by attacking than he does by questing, which makes him twice as useful. Not to mention the fact that a Blade of Gondolin gives him the ability to clear most locations in a single shot. Rivendell Blade makes him just as awesome as Bard at killing things.
    My favorite defender is Beregond by far. You can give him Spear of the Citadel for free (along with the new Gondorian Shield) and a Citadel Plate makes him practically inviolable. A tiny total of 2 resources are spent to get him all that goodness too. I’d pick him over Beorn any day even though he needs to exhaust to defend. I can always trust him to hold the Horn/Steward of London because he won’t lose it.
    It’s difficult for me to pick between the two of them because they are both just so awesome at what they do.

    • TalesfromtheCards permalink

      Agreed. Actually, Tactics has the best selection of heroes in my opinion, so it is always tough to figure out which heroes to pick when building a Tactics deck. Beregond just always makes me feel so safe and secure, can’t argue with that!

      • Ironically true. Tactics is the sphere I use the least. But when I do, it’s the one I have the hardest choosing which heroes to use. Aside from Elladan and Brand at the bottom, and Legolas/Gimli at the top, it gets tricky deciding which of the reds I want to string together. Usually ends up depending on the encounter rather than the heroes themselves.

  6. sweetnesswhachacha permalink

    Yeah hard to argue with Legolas’ usefullness. I remember I couldn’t see a time when core set heroes like Legolas or Eowyn would not be in decks and that is finally happened kind of with some. But I doubt Legolas will ever go out of style.

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