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Vote Now In The Create A Unique Deck Contest

by on August 5, 2013

I received a healthy number of entries for the Create A Unique Deck Contest, all of which demonstrated fantastic creativity and innovation (with a healthy dose of humor sprinkled throughout). This contest actually exceeded my expectations, demonstrating once again the greatness of the community surrounding this game. Even beyond just the confines of this contest, I think this article can serve as a fine resource for players when they’ve grown tried of the same old decks and want to try out something new.

As for the matter of selecting a winner, below I will post all the decks that were submitted, along with the explanations provided by the creator. Readers will have one week, until next Monday, August 12th, to vote for their favorite deck. The winner at the end of the voting window will receive a copy of the Encounter at Amon Dîn Adventure Pack. Remember, you should vote for the deck that best excels in the categories of theme, fun factor, and creativity. Enjoy these fantastic entries!

Deck #1: Legolas’ Yew Bow

The idea behind this deck is to keep your threat low and use Legolas and Great Yew Bow to take out enemies in the staging area.Playing this deck will take some getting used to, it is more of a theme deck trying to optimize Great Yew Bow, and works on most easy to moderate quests in standard mode (most of the time).I really wanted to make Great Yew Bow work in a deck since the card came out, and this has been my first successful attempt at having it really do it’s job. Most other times my threat was to high before it was of any use.Hero (3)
Glorfindel (FoS) x1
Bifur (KD) x1
Legolas (Core) x1Ally (6)
Ithilien Tracker (HON) x3
Master of the Forge (SaF) x3

Attachment (19)
Light of Valinor (FoS) x3
Unexpected Courage (Core) x2
Asfaloth (FoS) x2
Ranger Spikes (HON) x3
Black Arrow (OtD) x1
Great Yew Bow (OtD) x3
Rivendell Blade (RtR) x3
Rivendell Bow (TWithW) x2

Event (25)
Dwarven Tomb (Core) x2
Elrond’s Counsel (TWitW) x3
The Galadhrim’s Greeting (Core) x3
Daeron’s Runes (FoS) x3
Feint (Core) x3
Foe-hammer (OHaUH) x3
Hands Upon the Bow (SaF) x3
Quick Strike (Core) x2
A Good Harvest (TSF) x3

Look for the Great yew Bow in your opening hand, and possibly LoV. If not try to get Master of the forge to fish them out.

Elrond’s Counsel and Galadhrim’s greeting keep your threat low. You can use Dwarven tomb with either one later in the game. Good Harvest is used to play the Greetings mostly.

Resourceful can be played for 1 cost when threat is low enough. Play it on Glorfindel, he can pass resources over to Bifur when needed.

Unexpected Courage should go to Bifur and the 2nd to Legolas, although that order depends on the scenario. Bifur may have to defend sometimes, so it is good to get him set up to do that, after he quests. Fient and Swift strike help when an enemy sneaks through. Legolas With UC can destroy an engaged enemy and also use the Bow to take out an enemy in the staging area on same turn.

Legolas should be equipped with one Great Yew Bow and One Rivendel Blade and Black Arrow when needed (too bad it’s a one time shot). The other Blades go to Glorfindel.

For questing Glorfindel and Bifur are your only questers. Ithillien Tracker pays a huge role in questing since he negates a reveled enemie’s threat. Really important for making progress on quests. Locations are handled with Asfaloth and Legolas.

Deck #2: Heavy Artillery Support Deck
Bard the Bowman
Brand son of Bain
White Tower Watchman x3
Envoy of Pelargir x3
Gondorian Spearman x3
Horseback Archer x2
Defender of Rammas x3
Vassal of the Windlord x3
Winged Guardian x3
Black Arrow x1
Blade of Gondolin x2
Great Yew Bow x2
Horn of Gondor x1
Rivendell Blade x2
Rivendell Bow x3
Foe-Hammer x3
Goblin Cleaver x3
Hands Upon the Bow x3
Straight Shot x3
Thicket of Spears x2
Feint x2
Quick Strike x2
Swift Strike x1
Note: This deck built with only one core set.
So, first of all – this is entirely support deck and it won’t work on it’s own. Though, one should notice, two from three heroes of this deck do possess an impressive(for Tactics sphere) 2 Willpower, granting an Eowyn in times of need.
The trick is heroes of this deck are capable of dealing 9 ranged damage from the very beginning of the game, and don’t forget they all have some neat effects attached to them: Bard will lower the defense of the prey, raising the damage potential to 11; Legolas will score some sweet progress and prolly will explore current location, while Brand will ready character of the defending player for the another attack.
This deck contains many some sentinels and rangeds to provide some further assistance to the main player, while White Tower Watchman may take the hit if our heroes find themselves overrun by enemies.
Attachments work to improve most ranged capabilites and as a vessels for some event cards this deck has. Additionally, Legolas with two Rivendell blades, paired with Bard during the ranged attack, can pierce through most armored foes like not a big deal.
And, finally, events – they all well needed here. Imagine a Journey Down the Anduin, where main player engages the Hill Troll during the first turn, which gets Feinted and then one-shotted by the support player with only help from any 1 Attack character of the main player… and this kill grants two progress to the current quest/location AND readies, for example, previously quested Beravor, who then exhausts to give somebody two cards before the next turn.
Deck #3: Thorongil Deck
Aragorn II went by many names. In Rivendell he was Estel because he was the hope of his people. In Bree he was Strider due to his long gait, and at the close of the Third Age he was Elessar, the Elfstone. But from T.A. 2957-2980, he was known throughout Gondor as Thorongil, the Eagle of the Star. He rode with Thengel, Theoden’s father, in Rohan for a time, and served under Steward Ecthelion II of Gondor with a star embroidered on his cloak. During this time, he was beloved of the people of Minas Tirith, which caused resentment on the part of Denethor II, the steward’s son.
This deck is intended to represent Aragorn’s time serving in Gondor. From his childhood in Rivendell, he brings with him the Ring of Barahir and the broken sword Narsil, both of which he keeps in secret in his belongings. He also has brought his skills as a Ranger (Dunedain Mark) and two minstrels, who record his deeds for posterity. From his time in Rohan he brings a small contingent of Snowbourn Scouts. Most importantly, he carries in his mind Elrond’s Counsel, and in his heart he carries the memories of Arwen, his one true love.
Rallying around the future king is a vast array of Gondorian soldiers and nobles to aid in the fight against evil.
For an added thematic challenge, Denethor may not exhaust to take the same type of action as Aragorn or Gandalf. Thus, if Aragorn is questing, Denethor must do something else that round, etc. This represents young Denethor’s growing resentment of Thorongil and the wizard Mithrandir. Give yourself a pat on the back if Denethor ends up with the Horn of Gondor because he is the steward’s son and Aragorn gets Steward of Gondor to represent the trust Ecthelion has placed in him.
This is a solo deck created for thematic purposes, though it plays quite well. Certain artifacts, such as Celebrian’s Stone, are not included because they were not in Aragorn’s possession at this point in his life, and certain characters do not make an appearance because they were not born yet (e.g. Faramir). Eleanor is included because we frankly have no idea when she was born! Many theme-appropriate changes may be made based on the quest. For instance, young Gleowine for extra card draw, Northern Trackers from the Dunedain for location management, the Lore of Imladris for healing, or any non-unique Gondorian or Outlands cards for various purposes.
For more information about this time in Aragorn’s life, please see the appendices of the Lord of the Rings, “Gondor and the Heris of Anarion,” “The Tale of Aragorn and Arwen,” and “The Tale of Years”.
Heroes (3)
Aragorn (Core) x1
Denethor (Core) x1
Eleanor (Core) x1
Ally (24)
Arwen Undomiel (TWitW) x2
Defender of Rammas (HON) x2
Envoy of Pelargir (HON) x3
Errand-rider (HON) x2
Gandalf (Core) x2
Gondorian Spearman (Core) x2
Guard of the Citadel (Core) x3
Rivendell Minstrel (THFG) x2
Snowbourn Scout (Core) x3
Warden of Healing (TLD) x3
Attachment (12)
Dunedain Mark (THfG) x3
Horn of Gondor (Core) x2
Ring of Barahir (TSF) x2
Song of Battle (TDM) x1
Steward of Gondor (Core) x2
Sword that was Broken (TWitW) x2
Event (16)
Daeron’s Runes (FoS) x3
Elrond’s Counsel (TWitW) x3
For Gondor! (Core) x2
Hasty Stroke (Core) x3
Gondorian Discipline (EaAD) x2
Sneak Attack (Core) x3
Starting threat = 27
Cards in deck: 52
Leadership cards: 20 (avg. cost = 1.6 resources)
Lore cards: 8 (avg. cost = 1.5 resources)
Neutral cards: 6 (avg. cost = (avg. cost = 2.8 resources)
Spirit cards: 10 (avg. cost = (avg. cost = 0.9 resources)
Tactics cards: 8 (avg. cost = (avg. cost = 1.3 resources)
Deck #4: Hai-HOOOO!!!! (x4)

On Theme:This is the dwarven sing along song deck, inspired by the seven dwarves singing in the classic snow-white movie. It uses every ally once only, as all the dwarves are unique.The deck is full of song cards, as they song their way along the quests, like the marching dwarves scene in snow-white.Also, it will feature other dwarven themed cards, though there are way to many to include most of them. So I settled with using several one time only, like the dwarves themselves.On Creativity:

I’ve used one core set, so everybody should be able to enjoy this deck, gimping it on purpose.

This is done also by leaving out power cards like steward of gondor that don’t fit the theme.

By creating a parody on the main dwarven power decks through letting all the dwarves sing all the time; and in addition choosing lesser used heroes in a funny deck that should be at least a bit playable, I can safely bet on a few points for creativity.

On Fun factor:

C’mon, dopey hero dwarves singing their way to victory? Who wouldn’t enjoy playing this!

The deck:


Gloin                (role: self-preserving, masochistic mocking-bird)

Oin                  (role: actually getting used for once, and maybe adding the tactics sphere)

Bombur           (role: none whatsoever, Ori would be a far better choice)


Bofur (sp)                                x1

Bofur (tt)                                  x1

Bifur                                        x1

Dwalin                                     x1

Dori                                         x1

Fili                                           x1

Kili                                          x1

Erebor record keeper              x1

Longbeard map-maker            x1

Miner of the iron hills               x1

Erebor hammer smith               x1

Erebor battle master                x1

Veteran axehand                      x1

Longbeard elder                      x1

Longbeard orcslayer                x1

Zigil miner                                x1

TOTAL:                                  16

Song Attachments:

Song of kings                           x2

Song of wisdom                       x2

Song of travel                          x2

Song of battle                          x2

Song of Earendil                      x1

Song of mocking                      x2

Durin’s song                            x1

TOTAL:                                  12

Other Attachments:

Self preservation                      x2

Love of tales                            x3

Dwarrowdelf axe                     x1

Hardy leadership                     x1

Ring mail                                 x1

Cram                                       x1

King under the mountain          x1

Narvi’s belt                             x1

Legacy of Durin                       x1

Unexpected courage                x1

TOTAL:                                  13


We are not idle                        x1

Lure of Moria                          x1

Daeron’s runes            x1

Heavy stroke                           x1

Khazad khazad                        x1

Feint                                        x1

A very good tale                      x1

To me o my kinsfolk                x1

Dwarven tomb             x1

A test of will                            x1

Hasty stroke                            x1

TOTAL:                                  11

TOTAL AMOUNT:                52

Deck #5: Arwen’s Bachelorette Party – No Boys Allowed!

The big day had finally arrived. After weeks of planning, Eowyn, Beravor, and Mirlonde were finally ready to give Arwen her last night on the wild side. The festivities would start with a Rivendell Minstrels concert. Then things would really start to get crazy with an all-night bar crawl through Minas Tirith.

“Do we have everything?” asked Eowyn.

“I think so,” replied Beravor. “The Imladris Stargazer’s bringing Miruvor shots so we can pregame. The Envoy of Pelargir is bringing extra cash, and the Silvan Refugee is distracting Arwen so we can surprise her.”

“I’ve got the veil, the tiara, and the ‘Last Fling Before the Ring’ T-shirts,” Mirlonde chimed in. “Oh, and the gift. She’ll really like this Forest Snare.” Eowyn looked confused. “For her to use with Aragorn,” added Mirlonde with a sly wink. “Ah,” said Eowyn, knowingly.

“The West Road Traveller’s bringing some of those Burning Brand glowsticks,” said Beravor, “and the Daughter of the Nimrodel’s got the energy shots so we can keep going all night.”

Eowyn smiled. “Awesome. I’ve arranged the big entrance. The Vassals of the Windlord are gonna fly us in. And they’re cool with drinking champagne on their backs, unlike those stuffy Winged Guardians.”

“It’s going to be a good time. Arwen goes crazy when she gets drunk,” said Mirlonde. “The night won’t be complete until she sings a Song of Battle on a table, makes out with one of us, and causes some Infighting among the boys.”

Beravor nodded. “Last time we went out she actually did start a fight. I’m bringing my Rivendell Blades, just in case.”

“Sounds like a plan.” declared Eowyn. “Oh look, the Eagles are coming. Let’s hit the town, girls!”

*    *    *





Allies (21):

Rivendell Minstrel x3

Envoy of Pelargir x3

West Road Traveller x3

Vassal of the Windlord x3

Arwen Undomiel x2

Daughter of the Nimrodel x2

Silvan Refugee x3

Imladris Stargazer x2

Attachments (15)

Song of Battle x3

Miruvor x2

Support of the Eagles x3

Rivendell Blade x2

Protector of Lorien x2

Forest Snare x2

A Burning Brand x2

Events (14)

A Test of Will x2

Hasty Stroke x2

Stand and Fight x3

Infighting x2

The Galadhrim’s Greeting x2

The Eagles are Coming! x3

The goal of this deck is pretty simple: quest with Eowyn and the spirit allies, use Protector of Lorien, Burning Brand, and Arwen to turn Beravor into an awesome defender (healing her as needed with the Daughter of the Nimrodel), and get Support of the Eagles and Rivendell Blades on Mirlonde so she can kill things. Getting several Songs of Battle out is key, and both The Imladris Stargazer and the Rivendell Minstrels will help with that. If you need to chump block, you can always bring allies back with Stand and Fight. There are a few cards that would make this deck better, like Master of the Forge or Master of Lore…but of course with the girls showing off their wild sides, no boys are allowed!

Deck #6: Animal Lover’s Deck

Hero (3)
Beorn (OHaUH) x1
Hama (TLD) x1
Eowyn (Core) x1
Ally (35)
Radagast (AJtR) x2
Descendant of Thorondor (THoEM) x3
Eagles of the Misty Mountains (RtM) x3
Landroval (AJtR) x1
Vassal of the Windlord (TDM) x3
Winged Guardian (THfG) x3
Elfhelm (TDM) x1
Eomund (CatC) x1
Escort from Edoras (AJtR) x3
Rider of the Mark (RtR) x3
The Riddermark’s Finest (THoEM) x3
West Road Traveller (RtM) x3
Westfold Horse-Breaker (THfG) x3
Beorning Beekeeper (CatC) x3
Attachment (3)
Support of the Eagles (RtM) x1
Horn of Gondor (Core) x2
Event (12)
The Eagles Are Coming! (THfG) x3
Feint (Core) x3
Meneldor’s Flight (THoEM) x2
To the Eyrie (AJtR) x2
Astonishing Speed (RtM) x2
Eagles, horses, bears, and bees.  What better way to kill some wild wargs, sneaking spiders, or monstrous mumakil, than to fight animal with animal.  This deck focuses on both questing and attacking with plenty of allies and Feint to aid in defending.  Horn of Gondor provides resources, while The Eagle’s are Coming can help thin the deck really quick to help with card draw.  Use Hama to put The Eagle’s are Coming and Feint back in your hand.  Fell beasts and crebain beware.  Now only if there was a Bill the Pony or Fatty Lumpkin card.

Deck #7: Bilbo’s Last Hurrah

Here’s my unique deck entry–Bilbo’s Last Hurrah!  I decided to recreate Bilbo’s last adventure across the Wilderlands to visit his friends in Erebor and Dale. The open road inspires in our hobbit the fiery brand of his old adventuresome spirit, making him the perfect defender for the band. His old friend Gloin joins the party to swap tales on the road and generously share the wealth of the Lonely Mountain. Brand lends a youthful air (and his long bow) to the journey, protecting the party even as he makes the hale hobbit and majestic dwarf mindful of the passing age.Several dwarves from Erebor accompany Bilbo and friends, providing protection and company on the long road. A master craftsman from Rivendell, inspired by tales of the Lonely Mountain’s forge masters, also comes along for the ride. The land may be wild, but the hospitality of Beorn and Gildor make up for it, and Gandalf, trusty friend, pops into check up on his foolish but beloved hobbit.
In game play, this deck aims to set up Bilbo as a defender with ring mail, Erebor boots, and burning brands. Gloin will be the primary quester (with Bilbo helping out at first) until the other dwarves join the party. Gloin should also receive Steward of Gondor and the weatlh of industrious, not-idle dwarves. With parting gifts or Narvi’s Belt, he can share the wealth for the final push. Brand will shoot things in the staging area and benefit from the skill of the dwarven axe makers. As an added bonus, Bilbo’s experience and tales will generate extra card draw even as the wealth of the mountain king succors his subjects.
In an ideal opening hand, I’d be looking for either Bilbo’s attachments or Master of the Forge. A few dwarf allies would also be welcome. With few tactics cards, Brand should often be able to pay for Gandalf or Beorn by himself.
Bilbo’s Last Hurrah
Bilbo Baggins (Lore)
Brand, Son of Bain
Deck (52)
Allies (19):
Master of the Forge x 3
Beorn x 1
Gildor x 2
Erebor Battle Master x 2
Erebor Record Keeper x 3
Ravenhill Scout x 1
Longbeard Map-Maker x 2
Longbeard Elder x 2
Attachments (20):
A Burning Brand x 3
Ring Mail x 3
Erebor Boots x 2
Steward of Gondor x 2
Fast Hitch x 2
Black Arrow x 1
King Under the Mountain x 2
Narvi’s Belt x 2
Dwarven Axe x 2
Great Yew Bow x 2
Events (13):
We are not Idle x 2
Feint x 2
Parting Gifts x 2
Sneak Attack x 2
Hands Upon the Bow x 2
Secret Paths x 2
Deck #8: An Arrow to the Knee!


Heroes (3)

Bard the Bowman (OtD) x1
Legolas (Core) x1
Hirluin the Fair (TSF) x1

Allies (15)
Trollshaw Scout (FoS) x3
Horseback Archer (Core) x3
Silverlode Archer (Core) x3
Dunedain Wanderer (RtR) x3
Gandalf (Core) x3

Attachments (14)
Black Arrow (OtD) x1
Great Yew Bow (OtD) x3
Keeping Count (TRG) x3
Rivendell Bow (TWitW) x3
Song of Kings (THFG) x2
Song of Battle (TDM) x2

Events (21)
Feint (Core) x3
Hands Upon the Bow (SaF) x3
Rain of Arrows (Core) x3
Straight Shot (OtD) x3
Unseen Strike (TRG) x2
Grave Cairn (TWitW) x2
Ever Vigilant (Core) x3
Quick Strike (Core) x2

This deck is all about dealing some harsh damage with bows and arrows. “Great Yew Bow” and “Hands Upon the Bow” allow these ranged heroes to pick off enemies as soon as they appear on the battlefield. Inevitably, however, some Orcs and Goblins will make it past this first attack, and in that case, through the use of “Feint” and “Rain of Arrows,” these expert bowmen can stop them in their tracks and deal devastation at close range.

Additional archers will arrive from all over Middle-earth to form ranks with the heroes as their bows sing. Gandalf also makes an appearance to allow for faster card draw in order to achieve maximum ranged damage to oncoming foes. Finally, what’s archery without a little competition? “Keeping Count” comes into play in order for the heroes to challenge each other to beat their kill count.

I hope you enjoy my deck idea! It may be a little unbalanced to use as an actual, in-game deck, but my goal in designing it was to use as much “Ranged” keyword cards as possible to create a unique and potent support deck that could dish out some crazy damage from afar.

Deck #9: The Wealthy Bachelors

Heroes (3)
Theodred (Core) x1
Boromir (TDM) x1
Aragorn (TWitW) x1

Allies (10)
Gandalf (Core) x3
Bofur (OHUH) x2
Erebor Hammersmith (Core) x3
Master of the Forge (SaF) x2

Attachments (30)
Cram (OHUH) x3
Celebrian’s Stone (Core) x3
Steward of Gondor (Core) x3
Sword that was Broken (TWitW) x3
Blade of Gondolin (Core) x2
Gondorian Shield (TSF) x2
Horn of Gondor (Core) x1
Rivendell Bow (TWitW) x1
Spear of the Citadel (HoN) x2
Citadel Plate (Core) x2
Miruvor (SaF) x2
Ring of Barahir (TSF) x1
Unexpected Courage (Core) x2
Dark Knowledge (Core) x1
Thror’s Map (OHUH) x1
A Burning Brand (CatC) x1

Events (10)
A Good Harvest (TSF) x2
Foe-hammer (OHUH) x3
Goblin-cleaver (OHUH) x3
Straight Shot (OtD) x2

Even before Frodo inherited the ring, Aragorn accepted his birthright and became king of men. There was some initial resistance from Gondor and Rohan but that ended when Aragorn met Theodred and Boromir. The three became instant friends and renowned bachelors, wandering the lands having fun and being irresponsible in thought and act; they truly brought out the worst in each other. Aragorn was the womanizer of the group with girlfriends and groupies in every town; when Aragorn insisted on an “open” relationship, Arwen left him in disgust. Theodred indulged himself at each stop, drinking and eating to excess (but never paying); he amused himself by trying to outdrink his elderly squire, Bofur. Boromir got into bar fights and cage matches everywhere he went; he even partook in the local underground scenes taking elicit herbs and acquiring dark knowledge via his multitude of perversions. The three had endless fun and showed their wealth by bringing along artifacts and treasures from their nations.

When the council met to decide on the fate of the ring, Legolas and Gimli did not attend; they refused to be included once they found out that Aragorn and his legendary misfit “brothers” were attending. The open spot was filled by the fourth bachelor of men, Hirluin the Fair. Hirluin was not wealthy like the others but was charismatic and loved, his entourage of allies followed him everywhere he went. When the hobbits were rescued in Bree, it had been Hirluin rather than Aragorn (who was off wooing Arwen’s cousin).

The Fellowship Roster (in this alternate reality story)
4 Hobbits: Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin.
4 Human Bachelors: Aragorn, Theodred, Boromir and Hirluin the Fair.

The deck composition represents the story told above. The three have great wealth but aside from their dwarf and elf servants that carry and maintain their plethora of fantastic equipment, travel alone. Gandalf is included because he is seeking to mentor and reform the three but has a low tolerance for fools (i.e. why he only stays around for a round before departing). The events represent their flair and skill with weaponry and that they take what they want from the towns they visit (i.e. the Tactics events and A Good Harvest respectively).

In terms of actual game play, the above deck obviously has some challenges (ex. lack of initial questing power and very few allies) but is actually viable. Aragorn and Boromir are powerful and the equipment options are plentiful. An obvious difficulty is that many items are restricted, I recommend an outlay like the following …

Theodred: Citadel Plate x2
Boromir: Gondorian Shield & Spear of the Citadel
Aragorn: Celebrian’s Stone & Blade of Gondolin

The key to unlocking the strengths of this deck are the following …
1. Aragorn’s artifacts, notably Celebrian’s Stone to unlock the Spirit equipment.
2. Equipping weapons, to allow usage of the Tactics events.
3. Boromir’s inherent ability to ready himself. This is very useful and immediately available; especially wonderful because of Aragorn’s ability to reset Threat.
4. Cram + Erebor Hammersmith, to allow readying before Miruvor and Unexpected Courage become available.

I’d mulligan for Celebrian’s Stone and hopefully end up with Gondorian Shield as well. The allies, once summoned, also aid in finding and retrieving equipment.

As is always the case, a complimentary deck or two is always of help. An Outlands deck fits very well for this purpose since it supplies allies and questing power, along with fitting the story as told above. Another option is a “Responsible Daughters” deck composed of Eowyn, Eleanor and Beravor; these three assist/support the irresponsible bachelors by being better prepared and balanced in their approach (and hoping to preserve the honor and pride of their homelands).

Deck #10: The Lone Ranger

Aragorn (Lore)

Allies (12)
3 Master of the Forge
3 Erebor Hammersmith
3 Erebor Record Keeper
3 Gandalf (Core)

Attachments (31)
1 A Burning Brand
3 Celebrian’s Stone
3 Cram
2 Dunedain Mark
2 Dunedain Warning
1 Protector of Lorien
3 Ranger Spikes
3 Resourceful
2 Ring of Barahir
3 Song of Kings
3 Steward of Gondor
2 Sword that was Broken
3 Unexpected Courage

Events (7)
2 A Good Harvest
2 A Test of Will
3 Daeron’s Runes

So much fun! I have always liked how the designer of the game managed to make two Aragorn versions which melded the lore of the books and mechanics of the game so well. I have been working on this deck since the game launched and it really shines now with A Good Harvest. Although it is capable of winning solo, thanks to Aragorn’s reset ability, this deck is much more fun with a partner. Seeing Strider with Steward of Gondor, Celebrian’s Stone and Sword that was Broken is very satisfying. Hope others enjoy the deck!

Deck #11: Mega-deth


3 x Hasty Stroke
3 x Kazhad Khazad
3 x Goblin Cleaver
3 x Dwarrowdelf Axe
2 x Dwarven Axe
2 x Citadel Plate
3 x Vassal of the Windlord
2 x Bofur
2 x Ring Mail
2 x Boots from Erebror
3 x Erebror Battle Master
3 x Dwarven Axehand
3 x Veteran of Nanduhirion
3 x Foe hammer
2 x Radagast
3 x Eagles of the Misty Mountains
3 x Trained for War
3 x Support of the Eagles
2 x Landroval

When you absolutely, positively, need to kill every single engaged enemy with 10+ hp… except no substitute.

Deck #12: “TRA-LA-LA-LALLY!” aka “Rivendell Sing-along Fun Time”

Here’s a deck built around Love of Tales, Harbor Master, and Master of the Forge to make a fun and thematic mono-Lore powerhouse.

This is a Hall of Fire reunion with Elrond, Bifur, and Bilbo all sharing songs and stories while Elrond becomes a superhero. I’ve been playing it against Road to Rivendell for some lovely thematic fun, but “Tra-la-la-lally!” even defeated The Siege of Cair Andros with some good early draws.

As a self-professed wannabe “master of lore”, I could geek out longer but instead, without further ado, let’s get going down to the valley, ha ha!

HERO (3)
•Elrond (SaF) x1
•Bifur (KD) x1
•Bilbo Baggins (THFG) x1

Love of Tales (TLD) x3
Song of Travel (THoEM) x3
Song of Kings (THFG) x3
Song of Battle (TDM) x1
Song of Eärendil (RtR) x2
Song of Mocking (TDM) x1
Unexpected Courage (Core) x3
Self Preservation (Core) x1
Dúnedain Mark (THfG) x3
A Burning Brand (CatC) x2
Rivendell Blade (RtR) x2
•Vilya (SaF) x1
•Light of Valinor (FoS) x1
Expert Treasure-hunter (OtD) x1

ALLY (19)
•Gandalf (Core) x3
Rivendell Minstrel (THFG) x2
Harbor Master (TDF) x3
Master of the Forge (SaF) x3
Mirkwood Runner (RtM) x3
Silvan Refugee (TDF) x1
Imladris Stargazer (FoS) x1
Northern Tracker (Core) x1
•Erestor (TLD) x1
•Gildor Inglorion (THoEM) x1

EVENT (14)
Durin’s Song (KD) x3
Mithrandir’s Advice (TSF) x3
Daeron’s Runes (FoS) x3
Peace, and Thought (SaF) x1
A Watchful Peace (HON) x1
Sneak Attack (Core) x3

Some highlights of my playtests:
• Elrond with 12 attachments (Light of Valinor, Rivendell Blade, 3x Dúnedain Mark, 2x Unexpected Courage, Vilya, and Song of Kings, Battle, Travel, and Eärendil respectively)
• Harbor Master defending for 11 with A Burning Brand (3 song plays with 3 Love of Tales + Bifur’s action + objective Arwen’s reponse)
• Completely drawing through the 60 card deck!

If you haven’t played Road to Rivendell in while and you like thematic play, I seriously suggest trying out this deck as Arwen Undómiel’s response makes it more powerful and more thematic at the same time. Elvish singing is not a thing to miss!



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  1. Mel permalink

    haha! I really like how creative and funny all the submission descriptions are!

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