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Create an Ent Contest: Vote For A Winner!

by on June 25, 2013

I was happy to receive some fabulous entries for the Create an Ent contest, and I’m glad that I can throw the voting to you readers, as it would be impossible for me to choose a winner on my own. My Ent-loving heart was absolutely thrilled to see the creativity and attention to theme the participants in the contest were able to muster. I truly wish that all could win, but the terms of the contest demands a winner! Vote for your favorite entry in the poll, and the card with the most votes by next Tuesday, July 2nd, will be the winner of this contest, and will receive their very own copy of The Drúadan Forest. Good luck!

Treebeard #1:

Treebeard custom hero (1)















Ent Sapling:
















Ent Draught #1:















Treebeard #2:

















Treebeard #3:
















Derndingle Huorn:

















Entish Warsong:

















Ent Draught #2:

















Brandon's Bregalad



































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  1. scwont permalink

    Darn, missed the deadline for sending in my own entry but a couple of those designs have similar mechanics to what I had in mind so I guess I’ll be voting for one of those!

    The power level on some of these seems a little over the top – but that’s not unusual for fan-created cards. I try to judge the designs on their potential rather than as a finished product.

    Not surprised to see Doran, the Siege Tower make an appearance 😉

  2. elros45 permalink

    like the keyword hasty Quickbeam!!

  3. Chris permalink

    I like Treebeard #2. I had the same idea of Ents not readying but gaining progress tokens which they need to loose first – except Bregalad, of course.

  4. Wow, these are all _really_ good, but the Warsong gets me pumped up.

    To land of gloom with tramp of doom, with roll of drum, we come, we come;
    To Isengard with doom we come!
    With doom we come, with doom we come!

  5. elrohirthehasty permalink

    I like the threat activation on the Huorn. I think that would be a good way of keeping Ents from being OP. We could have decks that add threat, then try to straddle that line between enough and too much with some threat reductions.

  6. sweetnesswhachacha permalink

    I know it is too late to vote, but even though it should be reworded for clarity I really like the Entmoot the best, theme is great and it is an interesting card to build around (once we start to see some Ents!)

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