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Tactics Hero Poll #2 Results

by on May 25, 2016


I’ve finally got around to closing the poll for favorite Tactics hero. This was actually the second time I’ve run such a poll, with the first edition coming not too long after the birth of this blog back in the late days of 2012. I decided to move through the favorite hero polls for each sphere once more to see how the picture has changed (or not changed) in the last few years of the game. Which heroes have grown in popularity and which have fallen? How popular are the newer Tactics heroes compared to their more experienced brethren? Let’s get some answers!


The sample size for this poll was actually rather large, with 1,204 voters responding. The biggest surprise for me was that Legolas repeated his runaway victory from the first version of the poll. He ran away with 26% of the vote and it was never really close. While this is a slight decrease from his 30% of the vote last time, I expected him to have a harder time repeating “favorite” status, if for no other reason that there are more options now (up to 16 Tactics heroes in this poll vs. 10 last time around). However, his status as a Core Set hero probably helps his prospects, as newer and veteran players alike will have experience with him, which can’t be said for other Tactics heroes. Beyond that aspect, he does still present a strong package, being one of the Tactics heroes with the lowest threat, a strong “specialty” attack strength of 3, the ranged keyword, and the ability to help with making progress.

This also likely explains why Gimli attained a stunning second place slot with 15.03% of the vote, despite not featuring in a ton of decks these days if you take a glance through RingsDB. Beregond rounds out the top three with 12.96% of the vote, earning the highest spot of any non-Core Set hero in this poll. This is an improvement on his fifth place showing last time, and he knocks Boromir down to fourth place. Defense is so often the key to victory in this game, or at least it’s something you need to pay attention to if you don’t want to lose, and Beregond is an uber-defender who is very easy to setup, thanks to his natural match with Gondorian Shield and ability to equip it for free.


After the top 3, the rest of the field looked like this:

4th: Boromir – 7.81% (down from third place – 13.33%)

5th: Aragorn – 6.48% (not present last time)

6th: Merry – 5.15% (not present last time)

7th: Bard the Bowman – 4.57% (down from 6th place – 7.5%)

8th: Beorn – 3.99% (down from 7th place – 5%)

9th: Hama – 3.57% (down from 4th place – 11.67%)

10th: Eomer – 3.49% (not present last time)

11th: Mablung – 2.74% (not present last time)

12th: Elladan – 2.66% (down from 10th place – 2%)

13th: Thalin – 2.08% (down from 8th place – 4.17%)

14th: Brand son of Bain – 1.66% (down from 9th place – 3.33%)

15th: Theoden – 1.33% (not present last time)

16th: Dori – 0.48% (not present last time)


It’s worth noting that after the top three, there’s very little separating the rest of the entrants. However, there’s a few striking observations that can be made. First, two of the newer heroes, Aragorn and Merry, pushed down the rest of the pack and made respectable showings at fifth and sixth respectively. Second, Hama had one of the most precipitous falls, from fourth all the way down to ninth. Likely, this confirms how much he has fallen out of favor over time as people grew tired of his Feint shenanigans, particularly the way it essentially neutralized Shadow and Flame when that quest was released. This of course is a bit unfair as Hama can be one of the most entertaining heroes if you leave Feint aside. Third, poor Theoden only barely avoided the ignominy of being surpassed by the much-maligned Dori, earning only 10 more votes when all was said and done. It’s safe to say that the Tactics version of Theoden has not become more popular with time after being slammed upon his release. Finally, Thalin’s poor showing proves that not all Core Set heroes are destined for popularity, and the continual growth of enemy hit points probably has much to do with his fall from favor.

To round out, if I had to pick my own favorites, it’s a really tough call, but Hama would probably be third, Mablung would earn second place, and Aragorn would actually secure the top slot. I don’t contend that he’s the strongest necessarily (that would probably be Boromir), but he is ridiculously fun.

This poll has been a blast, but now it’s time to move onto Spirit heroes, where the field is crowded with new blood of great power!

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  1. If I had to take a blind guess (after knowing Legolas beat out all other Heroes) I would’ve said Beregond would be next followed by Boromir. Legolas just makes it so easy for a Tactics player to contribute to the quest, especially with the number of ways we can ready up Legolas and beef him up with attack these days. Sure there’s the Blade of Gondolin to make any other Tactics Hero a Pseudo-Legolas but that’s at the cost of 2 resources, 2 card slots, and 2 restricted slots being taken up.

    I’d like to see another Hero give Legolas a run for his money ability-wise but I also would hate to see his usefulness diminished.

    Can’t wait to see the results on the next poll!

    • Update: Forgot to add. I see Mablung getting higher next time (should you run the poll again). He’s not the flashiest of Heroes and I think that’s what keeps him from being more popular.

  2. Mablung is quite underrated at 11th. Especially with all of the engagement shenanigans that we have now with Dunedain and Hobbit decks, Mablung is the perfect glue for many different strategies.

  3. Fouilloux permalink

    Ahah Tactic Theoden! I voted for him, because trust me he really shines when paired with merry and Galadriel. I had a blast playing this deck against the ring maker cycle, without changing the deck any single time.The new toys like snomane and his sword are really amazing on him.

  4. Everett Zuras permalink

    I feel like Gimli is an Imrahil type hero, where you either love or hate him. So in a favorite poll, he is bound to do well.

  5. tolkienfacts permalink

    How long do the polls last? In other words, when will this poll close?

  6. Landroval permalink

    I vote for Elrond! Best Hero for a Tactics deck IMO!

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