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First Age Deck: Strength of Will

by on July 21, 2014


To start off our week’s content, we have a little something for you First Age players out there. I asked players on the First Age page to share any decks that they were particularly proud of, thought were interesting, or just wanted to make available for other players to see for any reason. A reader, Pengolodh, took me up on that offer and here is his deck. The response to First Age has been amazing so far, and it’s gratifying to see people getting so much enjoyment out of it.

Strength of Will – Created by Pengolodh


Celegorm x1
Maglor x1
Maedhros x1
Curufin x1
Caranthir x1
Maeglin x1
Huan x1
Haladin Woodsman x1
Morwen x1
Finduilas x1
Tuor x1
Eöl x2
Gondolin Guard x3
Huor x2
Thorondor x2
Azaghâl x2
Melian x3

Aranrûth x2
Oath of Vengeance x2
The Favor of the Lady x2 (“Lady” as in Melian, not Galadriel)
Vingilot x2
High Kingship of the Noldor x2
Light of Valinor x1
Power in the Earth x1
Unexpected Courage x1
Self Preservation x1

Dark Heart of the Smith x1
…And Yet a Warning x1
Strengthen the Watch x1
Undismayed x2
Madness of Rage x2
Defied and Mocked x2
Day Shall Come Again x2

I built this deck specifically for The Seat of Morgoth scenario (though I believe it would have success against others) and so far it has a 3/4 record (1 won in 2 player, 2 solo). For tSoM, the goal is to create an ally army before encountering Morgoth. Look for Aranrûth and/or at least two allies playable in two rounds. The only other key attachments are High Kingship of the Noldor and The Favor of the Lady. Eöl is nice, too, and if he is in your opening hand use him to fetch any of the above attachments. Keep Defied and Mocked around in case a sneak test is failed, and in the first few rounds with Carcharoth always use Eärendil’s ability. I would suggest collecting Element of Surprise and Angband Sword before advancing to stage 3. Once there, keep Ecthelion ready to attack and use a power questing/attacking strategy to defeat him (this usually happens in two to three rounds). I suggest the following for the attachment lineup:

Fëanor: Light of Valinor/High Kingship/Aranrûth

Ecthelion: Oath of Vengeance/The Favor of the Lady; if tSoM Angband Sword and Element of Surprise as well

Eärendil: Vingilot/The Favor if the Lady/Oath of Vengeance/Self Preservation

Once the ally army is up and running, you probably won’t buy any more, as most are unique. I would advise placing Corruption on Fëanor only to buy those key attachments that belong to different spheres (if drawn first and Aranrûth isn’t there to help). This deck also works extremely well with the Three’s Company deck posted a while ago. Good luck and “have fun storming the castle!


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