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First Age Deck: Three’s Company

by on July 1, 2014

Evil Lust

As a bonus feature beyond the normal TftC content, now and then I’ll post First Age decks to help out those who want to engage with the scenarios without having to do extensive deck-building or are simply looking for new First Age combinations to try. First up, we have a deck centered around the power couple of all power couples: Beren and Luthien. They form the core of a thematic deck that aims to neatly replicate the First Age adventures as they actually happened in The Silmarillion. Of course, Beren and Luthien don’t operate alone, but have their very own third wheel in the form of Finrod Felagund. This means that this deck can’t be used for the first quest (with Finrod being an objective), but has had some success against the second quest, The Seat of Morgoth. This is a willpower heavy deck that mainly aims to use questing and Luthien’s ability to avoid and blow past enemies when possible, with an Edain-centric set of allies and events ready to take the battle to the Dark Lord. Oath of Friendship is key to transfer resources from one of the Leadership heroes to Luthien, so that she can use her ability (facilitated by Shadowy Cloak) as often as possible. Enjoy!

Hero (3)

Finrod Felagund

Ally (25)

Mablung x2
Orodreth x2
Chieftain of Men x3
Hador x2
Barahir x2
Erestor x2
Finduilas x3
Tuor x2
Beor x3
Morwen x2
Haladin Woodsman x2

Attachment (14)

High Kingship of the Noldor x3
Oath of Friendship x2
Path of Need x1
Shadowy Cloak x3
Nimphelos x2
Light of Valinor x3

Event (14)

Strength of Men x3
Flame Light! Flee Night! x2
Valiant Sacrifice x3
A Test of Will x3
Song of Gladness x3


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  1. Thomas permalink

    As soon as I have my printed copy I’ll will try this deck as well as the first one on the first age page. Thanks for sharing

    • Kjeld permalink

      The Oath of Feanor deck was made before Eol’s ability to grab attachments from the deck at will had been nerfed. With Eol’s new “top 15 cards only” limitation I would recommend adding an additional copy of some of the more important attachments (unexpected courage, nauglamir, high kingship, etc.), as you see fit. The two copies of Dwarf of the Blue Mountains should be removed (no longer very useful), and other options to take out include one or more copies of Oath of Feanor and Huor. Open Battle is still as powerful as ever, so don’t worry too much about leaving solo copies of weapons and armors.

  2. Beor may be a typo? He is not on OCTGN at least. I’d like to try this deck for the playtesting. 🙂

    • TalesfromtheCards permalink

      He’s in there, but his name uses the diaeresis or two dots over the e in Beor. The best way to find him is just to search for Spirit allies.

  3. sweetnesswhachacha permalink

    Nightfall in middle earth album cover! Sometimes I listen to that while playingeven though without concentrating on the lyrics it doesn’t really feel like middle earth.

    I can’t imagine the work it took to make the player cards, holy smokes.

    Wouldn’t it be grand if FF hired you to be a lead designer on a major first age series of deluxe expansions

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