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Deck Building 101

This ongoing set of articles is dedicated to explaining and exploring key deck-building concepts:

Part 1 – Deck Abilitiesbag end

Part 2 – Core Set Construction

Part 3 – Exploring Mono Sphere (Leadership)

Part 4 – Exploring Mono Sphere (Lore)

Part 5 – Exploring Mono Sphere (Spirit)

Part 6 – Exploring Mono Sphere (Tactics)

Part 7 – Healing

Part 8 – Card Draw

Part 9 – Scrying

Part 10 – Defense Buffs

Part 11 – Resource Generation

Part 12 – Exploring Tri Sphere (Elves of Rivendell)

Part 13 – Testing A Deck

  1. Thanks. This is extremely helpful. Thanks for taking the time to do this!\

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