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May 10, 2017

Race Across Harad: Hero Review

In The Mumakil Adventure Pack, we got our hands on Mumak mounts of our very own. The following Adventure Pack, Race Across Harad, sees our heroes putting those new mounts to use as a band of Orcs and Wargs is in hot pursuit! This quest takes the competing quest stage mechanic first unveiled in Flight […]

September 20, 2016

The Drowned Ruins: Hero Review

The release of The Drowned Ruins means that we are now more than halfway through the Dream-chaser cycle. On the one hand, I am deeply excited to see the conclusion of what has been the best cycle yet. On the other hand, it is somewhat bittersweet to see such a highly anticipated cycle move towards […]

March 23, 2016

Video: Another Look at Lore Rangers and Gondor Shares

Check out another video production (and accompanying article) from Bork and Zim! -Ian After an interesting showing last time with the Lore Rangers and Gondor Shares decks against Passage Through Mirkwood, I decided to make some changes to the decks. Afterward we pseudo-randomly chose a quest to take the decks against, which turned out to […]

March 8, 2016

Video: The Dread Realm

Hello again, Elf-friends, Tonskillitis here again – I recently concluded my Mono-Tactics challenge against the Angmar Awakened cycle and I just wanted to share some general reflections with you about my experiences. Firstly, I would like to say that the quests of the cycle all hit the mark for me in terms of theme and […]

February 12, 2016

The Battle of Carn Dum: Events Review

  We’re doing these a bit out of order but I don’t think anyone will be inconvenienced too greatly. Here’s Glowwyrm with another round of player card reviews. Enjoy!  -Ian It’s only appropriate to begin this review with a moment of silence for the player side quests, because it’s very possible we’ve seen the last […]

January 18, 2016

The Cards that Were Broken: Glorfindel


Hello Fellow Questers, Alright…after a tame intro to the series, ‘The Cards That Were Broken’ is back to tackle perhaps the most well known and used ‘broken’ card – the mighty low threat Glorfindel. As a reminder, we are looking for more overpowered cards that might make the game less fun, and looking at ways to make […]

April 17, 2015

Deck Spotlight: Dunedain Draw

The release of The Lost Realm has introduced a brand new deck type, one that is firmly centered around engaging enemies often and without fear. While other decks employ cutesy tricks to avoid combat or hide in the shadows, the Dunedain do not go in for all that nonsense. They are too busy taking all […]

April 7, 2015

The Lost Realm: Heroes Review

The drought has finally come to an end and an abundant flood has arrived to satiate thirsty consumers! Alas, I speak not of the plight of my California home, but the arrival of The Lost Realm, the newest LOTR LCG deluxe expansion, in stores. While I would appreciate some much-needed rainfall as well, in the interim, […]

January 20, 2015

The Ring-maker: Cycle Wrap-up

Now comes the dark times between the release of the last Adventure Pack of a cycle and the arrival of the next deluxe expansion. In such moments, we can take time to breathe and catch up on content that we may have missed or experiment with cards that we didn’t get to try yet. It […]

January 16, 2015

The Antlered Crown: Allies, Attachments, and Events Review

Erkenbrand started off the final pack of the Ring-maker cycle in a quite appropriate fashion. After the flash and spectacle provided by Galadriel and her toys in Celebrimbor’s Secret, Erkenbrand can best be described using adjectives like “solid” and “useful”. In many ways, this is representative of the player cards of The Antlered Crown as […]