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Contest: Hero Reskin Winner!

by on December 28, 2016
Everett returns with a bit of an apology and a long-expected winner! -Ian
I just want to start off with an apology. I was having trouble deciding between two entries back in June, then life happened and I completely forgot about this contest. My fault, point all the fingers you want, send me death threats, shout Dawn Take You!, cast me into Mount Doom, etc. But on the bright side, the award of Holiday Tokens is now much more fitting with the holidays here (totally planned this by the way, wink wink). So without further ado, the grand prize winner is…

Philippe Kavanagh
With his Tactics Fatty Bolger re-skin!
This card admittedly didn’t wow me at first. Between double-sided heroes, a neat way to open up design space for more Baggins cards, cards with far too many abilities, and an insanely OP spirit version of Aragorn, poor Fatty got lost in it all. But as time went on, I realized just how great the design of this card is.
Elegance—When this card was submitted, I literally checked Hall of Beorn to see if the effect already existed. Because it is such a simple, elegant design that one thinks that the designers should have already thought of it. But oddly enough, it is a totally new effect, and one that I would like to see explored in maybe Hobbit, Scout, or Ranger decks in future official releases. Most fan-made cards have long, complex, crazy abilities, as they strive to do something new. But Fatty here adds a new mechanic in just a couple lines of text.
2. Mechanics—As I already stated before, this is a totally new mechanic to the game, which is quite the feat without using keywords this late in the game’s life. Every other entry, with the exception of the double-sided Beorns and the Baggins Bilbo, was basically more of the same. I don’t mean that in a bad way, there were some very cool designs there, but they used existing mechanics, like readying, trait-giving, gaining multiple spheres, etc. But this is totally new.
3. Theme—That flavor text sums up the most awesome part of the card. It totally works fluff-wise. Fatty’s one job was to save the villagers from an unexpected Black Rider attack, so what better ability to give him than something that limits undefended attacks!
Well there you have it. Congratulations to our new winner! Hope you enjoy your tokens! Hope you don’t hate me too much for forgetting!
Also, soon I’ll be back on TftC hopefully, with a look at the Dead Marshes and its nightmare pack!
– Congrats Philippe! Go ahead and send me an email with your address and I’ll have the tokens out to you soon! -Ian

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  1. I remember this contest! And I remember reading the Fatty card as well. Glad to see it won. Does a great job of remaining thematic to the character while using a sphere that I didn’t expect. Maybe we’ll see it’s influence in the game proper one day!

  2. WanderingTook permalink

    That was a fun contest, with some really great entries. Congrats Philippe!

  3. Wow, I guess I need to take internet-less vacations more often if it means I come back to fun unexpected surprises! Thanks Everett, Ian and all others for your good word. I’ll send my address shortly.

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