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First Age: The Betrayal of Mim Released!

by on September 9, 2016


The time has finally arrived for the release of the third scenario in the Doom Mastered cycle! If you are not familiar with what this means, the Doom Mastered cycle is a series of player cards and quests that continues the custom First Age expansion I created based on the characters and events of the Silmarillion. In particular, the Doom Mastered cycle follows the tragic story of Turin Turambar.

The Betrayal of Mim is definitely the most ambitious scenario I’ve ever undertaken, which is why it’s taken a bit of time to complete. It went through an extensive playtesting process, and all of the playtesters were absolutely invaluable in refining it to its current state. The Betrayal of Mim focuses on Turin’s time as leader of the outlaws, striking fear into the hearts of Morgoth’s minions in “The Land of Bow and Helm.” However, times are uneasy as the hideout of the outlaws is the home of Mim, a petty-dwarf with uncertain loyalties and deep grudges to bear.

This scenario uses a map mechanic somewhat similar to that found in The Temple of Deceived, although in this case there is just one row:


On the left is your refuge of Amon Rudh. To the right of it are 6 locations representing the lands of Dor Cuarthol. Each turn, enemies will pop up throughout the lands, and you must do your best to destroy them as they appear. You only have limited time until Mim’s loyalties are tested enough that he decides to betray you, at which time you will be forced to fight for your life against the swarm of enemies headed your way! In this way, The Betrayal of Mim is almost an entirely different game than your usual play of LOTR LCG, with a strong element of tower defense incorporated. I greatly hope you enjoy the scenario and thanks in advance for playing! You can find the full details, rules, and downloads over at the Doom Mastered main page!

As a final note, I was especially excited to create a brand new hero for this expansion. Heroes are always the most fun to make, and in this case I was particularly excited to create a brand new version of Galadriel! This Galadriel is much younger and not as wise as she will one day become, which places her as our newest Mastery sphere hero.


The First Age Galadriel is just coming to grips with her darker side and the temptation that has corrupted so many of her fellow Elves. She yearns for a land to call her own, one that she can master. This is reflected in her first ability, which ties her defense to the threat of the active location. She can be an amazing defender under the right circumstances, but it’s not always reliable. This ability is also a callback to Galadriel’s time as a student of Melian. The second ability gives Galadriel an almost unparalleled power to completely cancel an encounter card and remove it from play, but it comes at a severe corruption cost. Mastery Galadriel is now yours to use in this latest expansion. Will you lead her to a better path or send her down the avenues of evil?

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  1. David Hebart-Coleman permalink

    Your hero Galadriel looks awesome – and will add some tension to the decision-making process. I am yet to play any of your sets, but that doom is coming upon me.

    • TalesfromtheCards permalink

      Thanks! Really fun to design her. Let me know what you think if you get a chance to try First Age out!

  2. Anonim permalink

    I always loved Tower Defense!

  3. It seems you did a great work once more !!! Hope I will try this soon

  4. Well done! Not only because this scenario looks great but also because I know only too well how much time and effort it takes to produce these scenarios – not only in card design and play-testing but also for things that many people might not think of, such as securing artwork.

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