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Spotlight Slapdash: The End Comes!

by on September 7, 2016


Piero returns with another Spotlight Slapdash! Please read the following in the spirit of a healthy ribbing or roast. Enjoy! -Ian

The end is upon us!!  It’s been two weeks since a FFG news article!   We haven’t had any card spoilers for packs due in 2018 yet!  Might as well sell your collection, folks.  This game is dead, or at least so say the occasional but steady stream of Cassandras on the internets.  And just like the cardboard inspiration for this article, The End Comes, these threads are good for a laugh but won’t inspire you to build a deck (if you’re unsure what The End Comes does, stop wondering and don’t bother. Just keep reading).  So journey with us now to lands where Sauron rules, as we visit the top 10 “this game is dying” threads.  Warning: good-natured community member roasting follows.

  1. “This Game is Dying” by danpoage (Beorn of HallofBeorn and Grey Company fame):

Coming in as a sort of honorable mention at #10, this one is actually a parody and links to Dan’s April Fools’ article, which takes its cue from the many ‘this game is dying’ threads, as Piero does here.

The End of All Things Value:

theendcomes because all things are not actually thought to be ending.


  1. “The future life of LOTR-LCG” by Mndela

Not for reading with popcorn, this is actually a thoughtful discussion about the design direction of the only LCG in which “Elf-friend” is a compliment.  It is kicked off with the suggestion that the game could be near its end, which lands it a place on our list here.  One of the last known appearances of the elusive Tracker1, who these days spends his time – and we have this on good faith – trapped inside a Pokeball, waiting to be released to do battle with Charizards far above his level.

The End of All Things Value:

theendcomestheendcomestheendcomestheendcomes if you enjoy walls of text;

theendcomes if you’re looking for zingers and drama (but don’t worry, there is minor drama)


  1. “How much longevity left in this game?” by jediMasterLenny

Relatively short, as these things go (incidentally, if you’re looking to make a thread that generates a lot of responses, this topic is a sure winner).  This one goes all meta on us by trying to identify who keeps making these threads.

The End of All Things Value:

theendcomestheendcomestheendcomes because somebody cited the 2014 GenCon video in which LotR is called ‘hugely successful’


  1.  “LOTR LCG no longer in the Hotness list?” by jcourtney

Here’s one where some people pretend BGG’s traffic stats are meaningful. Zing!

The End of All Things Value:

theendcomestheendcomes because responses rarely go over 1 line and we are free to skim.


  1. “Reason why I’m worried about this game” by Vollick1979

This is what a “this game is dying” thread looks like when it is written before the game is actually released.

The End of All Things Value:

theendcomestheendcomestheendcomes for some genuinely forward-thinking doomsaying


  1. “Is the game still popular?” by Chryon8472

This one derails into a bunch of posts slamming Tom Vasel (who Piero does not know but you probably do because Internet Celebrity) and then hey presto! The man himself shows up and joins the party.  His response would have been better if it had some Tom Vasel hate in it, though.

The End of All Things Value:

theendcomestheendcomestheendcomestheendcomes for drama! And because this is what summoning rituals look like if you’re trying to conjure up internet celebrities


  1. “10 things before the game dies” by the venerable richsabre

Hearken back to the earlier days of the game, in which richsabre was the master of lore (not that Master of Lore), Seastan had not yet broken the game (but some French dudes did before him, and then people forgot that happened and gave Seastan all their credit when he repeated it later with different cards), Glaurung was a glutton for punishment, and Gizlivadi was clamoring for blue wizards, bless his heart.  Wait, Gizlivadi is still clamoring for blue wizards.  Sorry Giz!  I’m sure we’ll see ‘em in the desert in 2017.

The End of All Things Value:

theendcomestheendcomestheendcomestheendcomestheendcomes for a stroll down memory lane


  1. “License will expire soon? (RUMOR)” by dakerjohn

This one has some drama and ruffled feathers (of COURSE I know what the Silmarillion is! Hooraroom!)

The End of All Things Value:

theendcomestheendcomestheendcomestheendcomes for nerdgument (come on, we’re all guilty of this…)


  1. “What faction is there left?” by Gizlivadi

Giz asks for blue wizards, it is established that developer Caleb has Tauriel held captive, and there is small talk about a reboot.

The End of All Things Value:

theendcomestheendcomestheendcomes for blue wizards.


  1. “Is the Arkham Horror LCG the end of LotR LCG?” by JsBingly

This one has it all.  New LCG product speculation, drama, Edheliad pretending not to be Christopher Tolkien (note the original Elvish name), then back to LCG speculation and more A Game of Thrones chatter.  And it goes on for 14 pages!  Gizlivadi is there and mentions magic rings and license restrictions, but does not quite get around to talking about blue wizards.  Also, this thread spawned a spinoff thread! “Paging JsBingly” by Bullroarer Took attempts to continue some on-topic discussion as the original thread spirals off into an uncontrolled off-topic nose dive, but his Rallying Cry is thwarted as this thread, too, veers off-topic (and itself goes on for 3 pages).

The End of All Things Value:

theendcomestheendcomestheendcomestheendcomestheendcomes for the following exchange:

Gizlivadi: “Silly me, keeping checking this thread’s new posts in vain hope to see some actual Arkham Horror LCG discussion.”

alexbobspoons: “Silly me, I was expecting to see Lord of the Rings discussion.”


So there you have it.  The End Comes to this article, as we have counted down in meaningless-ranking order the top 10 “this game is dying” threads.  Now carry on this time-honored tradition and go and make your own!

Bonus threads in which Gizliavi talks about Blue Wizards:

(shout-out to gandalfDK for also crushing on Blue Wizards)

-Piero returning to the Magic Circus

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  1. mndela permalink

    Amazing article, i enjoyed a lot reading it. Cheers

  2. Sechen permalink

    Believe it or not, I actually have used The End Comes. In the first quest in the hobbit, before troll key was errata’ed, I kept winning before I managed to actually travel to the troll cave. The End Comes helps you to delay the end of that quest, so you have more time to steal the key and get into the cave.

    Aside from that weird edge case that isn’t even relevent anymore? Yeah, totally pointless card.

  3. As a lover of irony, and a giant troll-slaying bear, I give this article two paws up. I look forward to writing another satirical rant about the game ending in which I cite this as a reference. An argument hasn’t reached peak absurdity until Ouroboros eats its own tail.

  4. Is everyone just making an attempt to be the one to “call it”, like the blacksmith in Farmer Giles of Ham? I don’t get the fixation with doomsaying.

    • The reason can be a combination of some of the following;

      1. This is a loved game that has gone on for a very long time. One wants it to go on for ever but, as we all know, all good things comes to an end. To strike preemptively is to somehow dull what could otherwise be a shock when we finally lose what we love. It is in preparation, and when it finally happens, we will be prepared.

      2. It might be a case of the same phenomenon that can be seen when it comes to MMO’s. Players of MMO X posts a lot of negativity on forums for MMO Y to get the playerbase to migrate for MMO X. In this case with LOTR LCG I think it is rather farfetched to think this is the case, quite simply because nothing (on the market today) actually compares to this game. Although, I have personally had people come up to me and say that MTG is a much better game and that I should get into that instead 🙂

      3. Some people just wants to watch the world burn. They don’t like the game so Hey!, no one should.

      4. Many things points to big changes for FFG after the merging. As the case of dropping all things Warhammer from their line shows, they are more than willing to make serious impact changes. That was a lot of product. How many do they have in Middle Earth? A handful of easily played family games and this behemoth of a game that is very expensive to maintain stock for, bothersome to deal with Tolkien Enterprises for maintaining licensing for, has a decidedly smaller player base than AGoT and Netrunner…. why would anyone in their right mind continue producing this game, from a business standpoint?

      5. And yes… Arkham Horror LCG. It’s new. It’s fresh. It’s lore-heavy like LOTR. People loving co-op will play it, but will they find it more fun than LOTR? It probably is a ‘better’ game, them having learned from their mistakes. And if it is a really good game, will players migrate or will they stay with both games? Most people do not have it in their budget to follow multiple LCG’s, and therefore it is simple to assume that LOTR will get the axe when profits plummet. The deciding factor, I think, will be the ‘Chaos Bag’ – a decidedly clunky mechanic that introduces an ‘auto-fail’ (yeah, we all know how much LOTR players love the ‘cannot be countered’ mechanic of very tough cards). But, time will tell.

      Then again….. I could be completely mistaken.

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