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Community Deck Spotlight: Now It’s Time For…Deorwine?

by on July 22, 2016
Art by Jian Guo

Art by Jian Guo

RingsDB has been an amazing addition to the community, allowing for the painless sharing and building of decks. People have flocked to it quickly and it has grown into a robust repository of decks for the game. The one downside is that sometimes interesting and valuable decks slip through the cracks, and community members with an existing reputation or platform have a natural leg up in getting their decks noticed. To combat that tendency a bit, as well as to encourage myself to look through the decks on RingsDB a bit more, I am going to periodically do a Community Deck Spotlight, where I pick out one deck to briefly highlight. Since the idea is to bring attention to those decks that might otherwise be missed, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The decks I choose will generally have fewer than 5 likes.
  • I will avoid decks from prominent community contributors.
  • The decks I choose will have a write-up/description of some kind.


With that preamble out of the way, the first Community Deck Spotlight will focus on “Now It’s Time For…Deorwine“, a deck by emorlecallor. This deck first caught my eye because Deorwine is one of my favorite new allies, and I think there is great potential in transforming him into a hero via Sword-thain and letting him be the amazing defender he was born to be. This deck does exactly that, and its goal is to put The Day’s Rising, Armored Destrier, and Raven-winged Helm onto Deorwine (after he has Sword-thain of course). Read the deck description to get a full idea of the strategy behind this deck.

One of the other aspects of this deck that I enjoy is that it’s hero trio isn’t one that I’ve seen used that often: Sam, Boromir (Tactics), and Denethor (Leadership). It seems like this deck might struggle a bit with willpower in solo, but it could be a ton of fun in multiplayer, and a few small tweaks could probably increase the questing ability. I like that this is a deck with Boromir that isn’t focused on turning Boromir into a superman capable of laying waste to the board with the usual Blood of Numenor/Gondorian Fire shenanigans. Instead, Boromir is meant to serve more of an attacking role here it seems, and helps to give you some breathing room until the Deorwine defending machine is up and working.

All in all, this is an intriguing deck with some ideas that are worth exploring. I look forward to seeing some further Deorwine/Sword-thain builds in the future. Until then, keep building and keep playing!

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  1. Hear, hear! It’s great to see a spotlight on lesser-known decks from RingsDB. I want to start doing these kind of spotlights at the Hall as well. Thanks for getting this kicked off.

  2. Authraw permalink

    I absolutely love the idea of a community spotlight! Keep up the great work guys!

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