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Contest: Hero Reskin Entries

by on June 7, 2016

The Hero Reskin contest received a ton of quality entries, and we’re excited for you all to have a chance to see what your fellow community members came up with!

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  1. Ondřej Květ permalink

    The second spirit Aragorn is my favorite. I like his passive effect of merging two races together. Very thematic!

  2. There are some great cards here. It would be amazing to see a Beorn hero card with two sides. A bear can only hope…

  3. Lots of great ideas, good work everybody! Also, I know the art wasn’t being judged but I really love the art of Dain standing over a dead Brand … awesome work Olga G, wherever you are.

  4. I must admit the double sided Beorn is a great idea.

  5. I’d love to read some analysis of how people think these cards might do in actual play.

  6. tolkienfacts permalink

    Yowzers! There are some overpowered cards here. Really cool, but game-breaking!

    • Everett Zuras permalink

      Like which ones? Okay there are a lot. But there are a lot of weak ones to balance it!

  7. Great cards in here.

  8. Nusse permalink

    Wow, i love how thematic most of the cards are. While a few of them are a bit overpowered, I’d totally try the best balanced ones.

  9. Kjeld permalink

    I really like the tactics Fatty — I’ve wanted more options for dealing with undefended attacks for a while, and this is a creative and thematic solution. The leadership Frodo would be a nice addition to the hobbit archetype, as well. Keeping with the hobbits, I like the idea of a Bilbo that interacts with Songs, but it seems thematically weird to make him leadership; also, starting every player in the game with a free Love of Tales is OP, even without the option of instead drawing a card!

  10. Aorakis permalink

    Some cards here are really interesting !

    They (imo) all required some little adjustement but some are well thought.

    Big up for :

    aragorn spirit (readyind on when revealed) with nice gondor dundedains fluff.

    bilbo leadership that allows to stay in secrecy longer if we got more unique hobbits.

    Beorn double is a huge idea and double side different sphere aswell ! My favorite one i guess ! Even if the two version would need some little adjustement.

    Gimli playing on legolas ! That’s how he should have been ! Nice fluff !

    Glorfindel tactic, nice idea but i would make a double side card like beorn instead of the ally version. Like after he dies. You can at the end of the turn, for like 3-5 threat bring him back on table on his side B. And that side could have like “action : +1threat to have glorfindel quest this turn without bowing”

    And finaly, the “unique” sphere bilbo, could be fun to play “boons” cards, but would be better having the hero neutral or able to send his ressource on other heroes. (But some boons are o.p so…)

  11. Not that I really mind, but no winner was ever announced. I just wonder if this contest had one.

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