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Preview: No Spoiler Am I

by on May 5, 2016


Everett returns to take a look at the latest mammoth of a spoiler. So in case it needs to be said one more time…SPOILER!! -Ian


Hey guys, I’m back! An amazing thing happened last week. Okay, two. The first was the release of Runebound expansions. And the second? A little thing I like to call TACTICS EOWYN! This is the hero I have been waiting for for ages. But how does she fare when compared to her male tactics brethren?



Eowyn retains the same stats as before, though she loses her willpower ability for a much more unique ability. Once per game, Eowyn can ready and get +9 Attack! So Eowyn can quest, ready, and then strike for 10 attack, and possibly more given the plethora of tactics options out there. 10 attack once per game and then decent stats is incredible, until you realize that you won’t need 10 attack much, right? Wrong. While 10 is a little excessive, most scenarios have at least one boss that needs at least 8 to kill, while some have many. And since she gets to ready when using her ability, she can serve as a sort of panic button when an Ufthak or Hill Troll comes lumbering into the staging area. Her ability also combos with some cards, including:

  • Quick Strike – Those Hunters from Mordor never even stood a chance. This prevents an attack from happening, as well as being extremely fluffy.
  • Unexpected Courage/Spare Hood and Cloak/Cram – Unleash a storm of swirling blades to chop up all those nasty trolls at the Carrock. Her ability lasts for the phase, not just the attack. Because of her usually pitiful stats, Spare Hood and Cram are probably better options than Unexpected Courage.
  • (My personal favorite) Dunedain Cache + Black Arrow- Did somebody say 15 ranged attack? If anyone manages to pull this one off, let me know. I would bow down before your glory.

Okay, okay, so she is great against bosses (and Heirs, as every enemy is a boss), but is there anything else? Now we move on to the next bit: her sphere.

Tactics has historically been known as the weakest sphere, even if it is the most fun, mostly because of a lack of willpower. While being able to fight enemies with ease is great, in the end willpower advances the win condition, not fighting (unless you are playing Siege of Cair Andros or Carrock Nightmare or other battle quests). While fixes like tactics Theoden were attempted, the lack of willpower in tactics, particularly in the allies, proved too big a hurdle to overcome, and tactics was relegated mostly to two+ player games. Now, look at Eowyn. Then, look at the other tactics heroes. Then look at Eowyn again. You may want to sit down for this. EOWYN IS A FOUR WILLPOWER TACTICS HERO FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! Suddenly not just solo play tactics is an option, but mono-tactics is too, as using Eowyn, Gimli, and Theoden is a viable deck. Eowyn will probably see the most play for her willpower in mono-tactics, or as a splash hero in order to gain access to the cheap tactics cards like Feint and Defender of Rammas without taking a hit to willpower. There is only one other dedicated questing Tactics hero, and Thalin only has one willpower. This makes Eowyn the ultimate quester for Tactics.

Now onto the final bit. We’ve seen how Eowyn can be really strong as both a questing tactics hero and as a silver bullet for bosses. But let’s move on to the most exciting thing about her. Her threat. When reading her card, the reduce threat by three thing just seems like a way to prevent her from being broken with Loragorn. You could not be more wrong. Essentially, Eowyn is a six threat hero. That’s right, you heard me. Six threat for four will. In tactics. Umm… What? Sure you have to raise your threat by 3 to trigger her ability, but she is able to keep your threat low in the early game, allowing the slow-to-set-up tactics decks some bonus time. She can start at secrecy and end at valour. Not to mention this is really fluffy, for as Dernhelm, she was very inconspicuous, and thus should have a low threat. Killing the witch king obviously raises your threat, and thus that is accurately reflected.


Dain’s Daily Challenge

This one is an easy one. I want you to imagine your best case scenario for Eowyn, her greatest moment. Write up a fake excerpt from a match report, detailing whatever crazy combo you can dream up. Feel free to use whatever cards and whatever scenarios. Just make it fun, crazy, and a little bit janky. Send them to me at Happy questing!


Thanks for reading!


And also, I will be starting a card design contest within a week or so. More information soon!

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  1. François Germain permalink

    15 points ranged attack… Now THAT’S a Lady!

  2. Silver Swan permalink

    Just a quick note – Dernhelm rode with Theoden and Merry. Assuming all three are tactics, that’s 24 starting threat for 11 willpower in the heroes. Only Spirit can match that starting hero willpower, and to have threat that low it needs Eowyn, Glorfindel and Galadriel. Wow.

  3. ChasmosaurusChris permalink

    A fantastic review. I’m very much looking forward to this saga release.

  4. Everett Zuras permalink

    Thanks for the kind words @Chris! @Silver Swan, I hadn’t thought of a mono-tactics Theoden Merry build. I always forget that tactics merry is still Merry, since it doesn’t fit his character very well.

  5. Low threat, 4 Willpower in Tactics!? *wipes proud tear from cheek* A dream come true.

  6. Kjeld permalink

    Hour of Wrath?

  7. Instantly add this in “Who Is Your Favorite Tactics Hero?” pool.

    • Jerogah permalink

      I wonder how long it will take before she is transferred from the ‘epic hero place’ to the ‘OP hero place’. She seems almost too strong for me 🙂

  8. Scott W. permalink

    Epic art as well. She’s loaded for bear and ready to kick some ass.

  9. This is so exciting. I’ve been waiting for this pretty much since Is tarted playing.

    Some other thoughts on combos:

    If you give her Herugrim that puts her at 14 attack. Add a dagger of westerness (since she’s likely to be in a low-threat deck anyways) to potentially push that to 16. Add a mount that isn’t restricted and Charge of the Rohirrim to push that to 19.

    Or replace the dagger of Westerness with Firefoot and you end up with 18+trample. Or throw in a Rohan warhorse instead and attack twice for 17 each. Give Tactics Merry a warhorse and attack four times (first attack, use Merry’s ability to ready Eowyn, use Merry’s warhorse to ready him, attack a second time, use Merry’s ability to ready Eowyn, attack a third time, use Eowyn’s warhorse to ready her.) Give Merry a second warhorse and attack five times. Give Merry Nor am I a stranger and two warhorses and you have a total of 101 attack strength (1st-4th attack: Eowyn 17 each and Merry 4, fifth attack Eowyn alone @ 17).

    Of course you’d have to be engaged with five enemies for that to work which is usually a sign of something seriously wrong, but throw in Thicket of Spears and The Hammer Stroke and you’re almost guaranteed to clear the board in one turn.

    There’s some good potential for synergy with Tactics Aragorn here too.

    This has the potential to be totally outrageous in the best way.

    • I realize that I’ve totally ignored how throwing one or more copies of Fast Hitch on Merry could make this even more absurd.

      I’m thinking a mono-Tactics Aragorn, Merry, Eowyn deck could take on an outrageous number of enemies, especially if accompanied by a multisphere support deck that could throw Cram, Lembas, Unexpected Courage, and any readying effects I’ve forgotten to the first deck.

      The number of cards required here would be huge, but give the support deck Bilbo and Erestor and that shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

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