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Deck Spotlight: Angmar Two-handed Decks

by on February 25, 2016


Enjoy this piece from Thomas R., who takes a break from his campaign to look at a pair of decks for the Angmar Awakened cycle. -Ian

Hi everyone!

Today’s article is a special article that isn’t part of any series. I recently made a couple of decks with the only goal of trying the newest cards to see how they work. I also tried them against the latest scenarios I bought, meaning the first four from the Angmar Awakened cycle. It turned out that they work surprisingly well, even against Deadmen’s Dike, and so I thought I would share them. I am really not such a good deck builder, so I am sure that they can be improved a lot, but for now they did the job. As I am writing these lines, there is a postman with the The Battle of Carn Dum heading to my home, and I hope I will soon try them against it and tell you how they fared.

So let’s talk about the decks. The first one was built around the idea of trying Tactics Aragorn, and I then focused on making a combat deck. I also wanted to try the other Dunedain tricks around engaging enemies, and so I picked cards around this idea. My second hero was Halbarad. I knew my other deck would be poor in combat, so I wanted to see if it was useful to take two enemies every turn. For the third hero, I did not really know what I would do with him: questing, defending or attacking? I decided to choose while playing, so I took a hero with rounded stats: Mablung. He would also generate some resources and that can always be helpful.

Aragorn (Tactics)

I wanted to focus on a fighting deck with the new cards available. I started with Dunedain Hunter, Derndingle warrior, and Booming Ent. Legolas was also splashed in for card draw. I like to splash some powerful characters in my deck, just to have the little joy of seeing them appear in my hand sometimes. The Weather Hills Watchman is here because I cannot do a Dunedain Deck without signals and a way to fetch them.

For the other allies, I went a bit far from my idea of a fighting deck, because I thought I almost had everything I needed in this area. I love to have Faramir in a Leadership deck, so I added two copies of him. Then, the Naith Guide is a backup plan for my other deck, in case Light of Valinor does not show up. Finally, Gandalf is here to provide threat reduction for the deck.

Allies (21)
3x Naith Guide
3x Weather Hills Watchman
2x Faramir
3x Dunedain Hunter
3x Derdingle Warrior
3x Booming Ent
1x Legolas
3x Gandalf (core)

There are not many Tactics weapons made for the Dunedain, so I chose to take the Dunedain Mark and Warning, which are also quite thematic. I did not take anything to give sentinel or ranged to this deck, because I think the other deck can defend quite well and, with Aragorn, ranged is not needed. Gondorian Shield and Fire are here to provide more defense and an attack boost and Steward of Gondor is a staple.

With a character as powerful as Aragorn, I could not pass on some of his toys. Here, the Sword that was Broken is such a good willpower boost that I could not let it go. Furthermore, it give Aragorn a Leadership icon, which is great and it is one reason why I sometimes give the Steward to him rather than Halbarad. Finally, Secret Vigil provide even more threat reduction, and the Elven Mail is here to help the other deck.

Attachments (21)
3x Dunedain Mark
3x Dunedain Warning
2x Steward of Gondor
3x Sword that was Broken
2x Gondorian Fire
3x Gondorian Shield
3x Secret Vigil
2x Elven Mail

With so many attachments, there was no room left for events, but that’s fine: I chose Feint and Sneak Attack because they are staples for a Leadership/Tactics deck with Gandalf. Ever Vigilant came out of my binder for the first time, thanks to the Ents, and finally, I added Ranger Summons to bring some fun to the deck.

Events (9)
3x Ranger Summons
2x Ever Vigilant
2x Sneak Attack
2x Feint

Set Aside: 3 Ranger of the North

The second deck was made with two ideas: complete the other deck (i.e. be good at questing) and try Rossiel. I really like this new hero, and I enjoy how she works against the new scenarios, as it feels like she is banishing the undead when putting them in the victory pile (so important against the Cursed Dead that keep coming back). So, my first hero was an easy choice. The second one was the queen of questing: Eowyn! For the third hero, I chose Pippin for several reasons. First, he provides card draw, even though this deck should not engage many enemies, and he is also low threat which is always good. But more than that, he gave me the opportunity to use an attachment that is really important for this deck. Can you guess which one?


Ok, as for the allies, I kept it simple: Silvan Refugee, Arwen Undomiel, Galadriel’s Handmaiden and Ethir Swordman are here for questing and helping Rossiel become super strong (that’s Arwen job). Then I added some card draw with Gléowine and the Galadhrim Minstrel, as this deck relies on a ton of events to work. Finally, Quickbeam and the Warden of Healing are staples in my Lore decks, even though our Ent friend is often used only for questing, as this deck does not need attack power.

Allies (19)
3x Silvan Refugee
2x Arwen Undomiel
3x Galadriel’s Handmaiden
3x Ethir Swordsman
2x Galadhrim Minstrel
1x Gléowine
2x Quickbeam
3x Warden of Healing

Here come the attachments. I wanted to make Rossiel a super-hero that can defend and quest as much as possible. So Light of Valinor was the best choice I had. Then, A Burning Brand was chosen for shadow cancellation. When she is completely equipped, she can defend with sentinel for 5 without worrying about any shadow. That’s huge, even more so if Rossiel also added 4 willpower to the quest. And this does happen.

Two other attachements are here to help the other deck deal with enemies: Forest Snare and Ranger Spikes. These traps are really good, especially with Halbarad on the other side of the table. Finally, the key attachment I mentioned earlier is…Good Meal ! It allows me to much more easily play all the expensive events that are present in this deck, and this event is the main reason I chose Pippin as a third hero.

Attachments (14)
3x Light of Valinor
3x A Burning Brand
2x Forest Snare
3x Ranger Spikes
3x Good Meal

Ok, we’ve now arrived at the main focus of this deck. First, I included Rossiel’s events: None Return, Leave No Trace, The Door is Closed, Out of the Wild (playable with Good Meal) and Keen as Lances. I also added the side quest Scout Ahead on top of these vents. This is what I needed to make Rossiel strong enough. Keeping on with Lore and Spirit staples, I added Daeron’s Runes and A Test of Will. Finally, I added Gildor’s Counsel, as I love this card and I find it has a huge effect in a two player game. Again, Good Meal is the key to be able to play it.

Events (23)
2x A Test of Will
3x Daeron’s Runes
3x None Return
3x Leave No Traces
3x The Door is Closed!
3x Out of the Wild
3x Gildor’s Counsel
3x Keen as Lances

Side Quest (1)
1x Scout Ahead

Well, that’s about it for these two decks. They can certainly be improved, as they are just test decks, but they are pretty fun to play, so give them a try and tell me what you think.

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  1. It never occurred to me to put Light of Valinor on Rossiel. I guess it’s because I always seem to be putting here in mono-lore decks. A great idea that I might just have to steal!

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