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Video: The Treachery of Rhudaur

by on February 23, 2016


Greetings fellow Elf-friends,

Tonskillitis here. Ian has kindly given me the opportunity to share some of my thoughts and experiences regarding our beloved cardgame so please allow me to briefly introduce myself. I am a long-term LOTR LCG player having jumped aboard the (Grey Haven-bound) ship during the middle of the Khazad Dum cycle, I have bought and played pretty much everything released since then.

So, as a Veteran Axehand in card game terms, I would like to share some of the ways I have managed to keep the game fresh for three years of solid play. Since the beginning of my LOTR-LCG love affair, I have been attracted to the story-telling aspect of the game, and I am an ardent fan of campaign mode because the RPG element of play really adds to the immersion and fun of the gameplay.

In addition to the standard Saga campaign mode, (which is a blast – give it a go if you have still not tried it!) I have been playing my own mini-campaigns in the form of complete quest-cycle playthroughs using a fixed group of heroes to give continuity and greater challenge. I try not to alter the decks too much between quests but it is sometimes necessary to make minor changes from the sideboard.

For my latest ‘campaign’ experience, I have been tackling the Angmar Awakened cycle using only heroes from the Tactics sphere (though still splashing cards from other spheres with songs/ A Good Harvest). This was prompted in part by discussions in recent LOTR LCG podcasts where the Tactics sphere was justly identified as the weakest sphere in the game. Building a pair of decks for two-handed play, I decided to see if I could be successful against some of the newer, more challenging quests in the game.

Originally, the problem with Mono-Tactics was mustering enough Willpower to make progress on the quest. I would like to suggest that this has been partially addressed by certain cards (eg. Tactics Theoden- don’t laugh!) and Mono-Tactics can now hold its own against a variety of quests, though it is still not a ‘Top-Tier’ style of play. It is however, a fun and distinct way of playing so I would encourage you to join me on my ‘Mono-Tactics Challenge’!

Below you can find a link to my Youtube channel where I have been posting my play experiences (I’ve just tackled Treachery of Rhudaur); please check it out and feel free to let me know your own Mono-tactics experiences in the comments below. Better yet take on the Mono-tactics challenge against a quest cycle of your choice!

So, farewell for now, my friends, and may the Favor of the Valar shine ever upon your threat dials.



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  1. Just bought it. Very excited to play The Treachery of Rhudaur. After my exam, I will start.

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