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TFTC Top Ten List – Peter Jackson!

by on December 16, 2015

Hi all,

I am going to take a break from my usual series on over and underpowered cards to take a side quest to the lighter side. This blog has been filled with amazing analysis, deck lists, breakdowns, and overall knowledge goodness.

This article will not continue this trend.

This is the official TFTC Top Ten list! Now I know you are thinking that an article about the Top Ten Spirit heroes or 1 cost attachments can actually be useful. However, I have elected to remove any semblance of usefulness and instead present a David Letterman style top ten list of stuff that will hopefully just let you laugh a little. After all, we are a bunch of grown men and women playing a game about a children’s book.

To start with, after those god-awful Hobbit movies, I though we would look at some changes to LOTR LCG that would be made if Caleb and Matt found themselves out of job and a certain director was brought into the fold.

Without further ado…

download (7).jpg


Top Ten things Peter Jackson would change about LOTR LCG


10. Brand new objective ally Faramir that shows his character



9. Forget the cowbell..more Elves..more Elves..



8. Sneak attack Beorn at the end of the Battle of Five Armies



7. Gandalf the all knowing always sees whats ahead






5. Custom Tauriel card contest..ahh crap..F-you COTR



4. Elementary by dear Necromancer!



3. hahahah…Gimli….hahahahahhah



2. Return of the King’s 22 Quest Cards



and……drum roll…hobbit pipe…

1. Brand new insanely broken game breaking version of Glorfindel



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  1. Azurelius permalink

    Listicles have invaded our friendly neighborhood blog! Run! >.<


  2. Sungrazer permalink

    It’s been many years since I watched Letterman. When I did, I noticed that #6 on his list was nearly always the funniest to me, to the point where I wondered if there was something behind it. Here, again, #6 is my favorite.

  3. That Return of the King ending one got me. And, of course, and Legolas is spot on. Maybe “action: exhaust Legolas to point out something that really should be obvious to everyone”?

  4. Gonzalo Herreros permalink

    LOL Brilliant
    However, I have seen the movies with director’s commentary and I have to agree with most changes he made.

  5. Glowwyrm permalink

    Hilarious! Well Done!

  6. WanderingTook permalink

    Freaking hilarious. Well done!

  7. Tiberius permalink

    Brilliant. The last was my favorite.

  8. kwitee permalink

    With Toughness keyword this version of Legolas is no longer OP. I am glad FFG looked into it and fixed it 🙂

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