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Hero of the Year Contest

by on December 9, 2015

                He didn’t vote for me either…

The following post is from contributor Gandalf DK. His full introduction and first article will come soon, but here’s a short piece of his on the popular hero of the year contest taking place in the Fantasy Flight Games forums. The contest has now entered round 3 at the time of this publication! -Ian

Howdy Folks!

How are we voting this year? Voting, you say? Yes, voting time!
It is the annual election of the best Hero in the Lord of the Rings The Card Game Universeee!
Now pick up your hats and jackets and move your online body to the voting halls!

Each year, a nice individual going by the nickname Thanatopsis creates a bracket, inserts all currently available heroes and has them battle each other. Each person gets to choose his or her favorite out of 2 heroes who are seeded against each other. This process continues until the finale and then the best hero gets chosen.

Enough with the explanations! Because of the way this works, there are some very interesting seedings in which you can’t really predict the outcome. Some are obvious, as Spirit Pippin won’t win a thing, but heroes that both fill a different niche find fans across the board and thus the end results are in the hands of Illúvatar!

Here are some of my favorite seedings:

Pippin Lore versus Daín Ironfoot
These are both really different cards, but both are keystones of their ‘archetype’. Daín obviously fills this role with his sheer power and as as the Master of the Dwarves. He will find many mellons of the Dwarves who are likely to vote for him. Every person who plays this game has built a deck with him. There’s no way you can get around Daín. Pippin, on the other hand, is also a keystone in that he offers access to the Lore sphere in Hobbit/Secrecy decks. His effect plays  well with the ‘Take No Notice’-strategy, letting you draw that extra card. Also, that +1 engagement cost makes a bigger difference in-game than you might think.

pippindain ironfoot



Erestor versus Balin
Two very different heroes from the first pair, but this seeding also interests me. Balin providing a very potent ability and a staple form of shadow card cancellation, at least it used to be, and carrying the strong Dwarf trait. Erestor, on the other hand, is a keystone; the engine of the new Noldor archetype. You cannot not play Erestor if you want a Noldor deck.
Although you might think that because Erestor is new and shiny and from a new archetype he will win, Balin has been around for a long time now and proved his worth big time. He is also way more splashable then Erestor. Tough to call this a game already!

The most exciting one is for me is this seeding:

boromirTreebeard (1)
Boromir Tactics versus Treebeard
Now these are two very popular characters from the book and two very powerful heroes. Boromir has been here for ages and I know someone on a certain podcast that is this guy’s lawyer until the day he bites some arrows himself and that is for good reason. ‘Unlimited’ readying (action advantage) has been dubbed the most powerful effect/most needed thing (other than card draw or resource acceleration) by some people and Boromir provides just that. Treebeard does not provide unlimited readying but he allows straight out of the gate combat or willpower. He doesn’t need any attachments like TBro to become a powerhouse. Also, I think he has the points in the Likeable/Fanboy department and gets more votes from those people.

We shall see who picks whom and I am excited for the votes this year. Don’t forget that a vote for Grima is a vote for power and I know that Ian will reward every person voting for Grima till the end generously (Yes, yes, you will all get what’s coming to you… -Ian). Probably you do have to sell your soul, but you will get a couple of extra ‘resources’.

Go cast a vote yourself via this link! Most of you will have an account, but for those who don’t and do want to put out a vote, I am willing to submit your votes this year! Post below.
Start the polls, let’s get ready to rumbleee!


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  1. Turned out ‘my’ favorite seeding was the closest of them all! 23-22 for Tactics Boromir!

  2. mndela permalink

    Wow, this article makes more exciting the voting thread of FFG. Congrats +10

  3. I never liked Galadriel too much, so it pains me to see her at #1. Hopefully team Legolas will win out!

  4. mpk permalink

    Come on, Sam!

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