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Video: Custom Card Review

by on December 7, 2015
Hi everyone! My name is Joe Zimmerman, aka Zim. I recently started a gaming channel with my friend Eric Borchardt, aka Bork, that will include whatever games we have lying around. We’ve also teamed up with Ian, obviously, to put up whatever Lord of the Rings content we make. Thanks a ton Ian!

This is the start of my first Lord of the Rings series that I like to call Custom Card Review. It’s actually somewhat of a misnomer, because it will discuss any fan-made content I want to talk about, not just cards, but it will primarily focus on Lord of the Rings custom cards, whether I find them on the FFG forums, in Ian’s own First Age cards, or anywhere else I see them.
I hope you enjoy it!


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  1. Truls Lundgren permalink

    Joe, I have quite a few custom cards I made a while ago. Any interest to you?

  2. mndela permalink

    Thanks for the video! I’m mndela and i feel honored with this review, for sure ^^

    English is not my native language. I can write and read english but not heard (and much less speak), so: could someone write in one post the 2:35-2:56 time? I’m interested about those comments but i can’t understand.


    • Hehe, probably one of the least interesting parts of this video. I’m glad you got to see this. I think there are so many people in this community that deserve to be featured in videos like this because we all have a bit to contribute.

  3. Gizlivadi permalink

    Hola mndela, lo que dice en ese lapso es solo una introducción, y dice que “Hoy estaremos viendo la Pipa de Mago”, por mndela. Esta es de hecho la primera carta posteada en un enorme hilo llamado “creative artwork cards”, está en los foros de ffg, y probablemente hay alrededor de cien cartas inventadas posteadas en ese tema, así que buena manera de comenzar, mndela, sigue avanzando”.

    • mndela permalink

      Thank you very much. Of course, i feel good about creating new fanmade cards ^^

      • mndela permalink

        I understood sure the comment: ‘woooooow, amazing’ lol

  4. Marek V permalink

    Are you from Czech republic?

    • Not even close. Central Wisconsin in America. I do have a friend whose ancestors are from there, but I’m a born and bred Wisconsinite. 🙂 Why do you ask?

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