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Building Your Fellowship: Fellowship Event 2015

by on November 13, 2015

Rangers_of_the_North_by_WF74 Hello everyone, and welcome to another installment of Building Your Fellowship. Today, I am going to highlight two decks that I have built for the Fellowship Event that I will be attending at my FNSLGS (not so local, I’m driving 90 miles for this!!). In my last article, I wrote about how each deck in multiplayer should have a clear goal in how to help your Fellowship tackle the dangers within the encounter deck. Since these will be pick up games (for the most part, we don’t have any knowledge of what the other players will have), I decided to build two decks that are pretty focused in what they do, and also synergize well with each other.

Lock It Down (Spirit/Lore):
Pippin (Lore)

A Burning Brand (1)
Light of Valinor (1)
Nenya (2)
Unexpected Courage(2)
Mirror of Galadriel (2)
Silver Harp (2)

Gandalf (OHaUH) (1)
Elrond (1)
Wellinghall Preserver (2)
Gleowine (1)
Warden of Healing (2)
West Road Traveller (2)
Escort from Edoras (2)
Quickbeam (2)
Arwen Undomiel (2)

Elrond’s Counsel (3)
Keen as Lances (2)
Hasty Stroke (2)
A Test of Will (3)
None Return (3)
Leave No Trace (3)
The Door Is Closed! (3)
The Galadhrim’s Greeting (2)
Daeron’s Runes (3)

Side Quests(1):
Scout Ahead

Total Cards:50

Side Board(15):
Waters of Nimrodel (1)
Thror’s Map (1)
Radagast’s Cunning (2)
Secret Paths (2)
Lembas (2)
Dwarven Tomb (2)
Thror’s Key (2)
Miner of the Iron Hills (2)

Deck Analysis:
This deck is a twist on a Lore support/control deck with some of the new cards that have been released this cycle. I normally don’t like running 3 copies of most cards, especially with the draw that I will hopefully have while playing, but I really want to see None Return and Leave No Trace to trigger Rossiel’s ability, as well as making it possible to play The Door Is Closed!, and be able to afford Keen as Lances. Speaking of Rossiel, I would ideally want to get an enemy in the victory display, and use Arwen’s ability, along with A Burning Brand, to defend for everyone else. I am also banking on attaching Light of Valinor to Rossiel in the off-chance that someone isn’t running Glorfindel, having her quest for 4, and possibly defending for 4 or 5. If someone is playing Glorfy, I can just play Light of Valinor across the table. There is plenty of healing with Warden of Healing and Wellinghall Preserver, and the deck can handle it’s own in combat with Quickbeam and Gandalf. At a starting threat of 23, Pippin’s ability should trigger every time you engage an enemy, and Elrond’s Counsel can drop your threat even lower if need be.

Since I am going blind into the Fellowship scenario, I have added a Side Board of 15 cards that can address some of the challenges that may face our heroes. These cards reinforce some of the themes of the deck like location control, healing, and encounter deck/staging area manipulation.

Ranger Danger (Tactics/Leadership):
Faramir (Leadership)
Aragorn (Tactics)

Sword that was Broken (3)
Rohan Warhorse (3)
Steward of Gondor (3)
Gondorian Fire (2)
Rivendell Bow (2)

Gimli (1)
Legolas (1)
Anborn(Leadership) (1)
Beechbone (1)
Treebeard (1)
Dunedain Hunter (3)
Gandalf (Core) (3)
Derndingle Warrior (3)
Booming Ent (3)
Errand-Rider (3)

Boomed and Trumpeted (3)
Feint (3)
Tireless Hunters (3)
Reinforcements (2)
A Very Good Tale (2)
Sneak Attack (3)

Side Quests(1):
Gathering Information

Total Cards:50

Deck Analysis:
With this deck, we are looking to get as much utility out of our allies as possible. The most obvious choice is to pair Faramir with our Ent allies (of which there are 10 in this deck), but he works well with Errand-Rider (which could theoretically spread around four resources a turn if you are able to make engagements during Planning, Encounter, and Combat), Gandalf (making him able to contribute his Willpower to the quest, as well as attacking or blocking during combat), Anborn (trigger his Response, and then get him ready to attack), or Legolas (two cards during Combat). Gimli also has a built in readying effect, which let’s him ready if an enemy is revealed from the encounter deck. Although this deck is designed to be a combat-centric deck, it is no slouch in questing. With Sword that was Broken and the amount of allies you can pump out with A Very Good Tale, Sneak Attack, or Reinforcements, you could make that last push through the final stage of a quest to claim victory.

As you may have noticed, I didn’t include a Side Board with this deck. This deck is pretty straightforward in it’s design, and shouldn’t need anything to help defeat this scenario from either Leadership or Tactics. However, we could swap two heroes in place of Amarthiul. Mablung paired with Aragorn and the engagement effects in this deck make him a resource machine, and Halbarad can give you some utility in both questing and being ready for combat if you are engaged with two enemies.

These decks synergize surprisingly well with each other. Anborn can be used to raise the engagement cost of an enemy, letting you optionally engage said enemy, trigger Pippin’s card draw ability, and then pull that enemy over with Aragorn. The Wellinghall Preserver and Warden of Healing can be used to keep the damage on Beechbone and Derndingle Warrior from getting into life-threatening territory. If threat or lack of cards hinders the Faramir deck, use Galadriel for card draw and threat reduction, or use The Galadhrim’s Greeting to drop that deck’s threat even further.

As a side note, I hope that all of you enjoy your Fellowship events that are being held at your local games stores. It is great to experience a quest together with your fellow players for the first time, cursing that one treachery that completely wrecks your board state, and seeing the different decks that others bring to the event. I know that playing in the events at GenCon this past year (both the FFG event and the COTR event) let me see different perspectives on how the game is played, and the different lenses that others view the game through. I also hope I don’t catch too much crap for running a Rossiel deck blindly into what will most likely be a pretty difficult scenario.

Cheers, everyone, and I hope to see you next time!!


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  1. Nice decks, Hidalgo! I like that you included 1 and 2 copies of cards. I find myself doing that in more and more of my decks lately – not only for the versatility, but also to keep the deck from feeling the same in every game that I play. In multiplayer, Gather Information almost always hits the table at some point, so it really isn’t that hard to get the one critical card in your hand, even if you only have 1 copy in the deck.

  2. fifthranger permalink

    Thanks for the compliment, Dan. I definitely hold you in high regard as a deck builder, and getting positive feedback from you definitely makes me feel like I am doing something right :). I’m really trying to get out of the mindset of “piloting” a deck, and really trying to get into more decision making, if that makes sense. WIth 1 and 2 copies of cards, making that choice on what to play during a round makes the game more interesting. The funny thing is that I didn’t really play test these decks until after I built them, and the Faramir deck plays at a much faster tempo than the Rossiel deck. I had my buddy run the Faramir deck, as it was a bit more straightforward than the Rossiel deck, and he was just wrecking the quest (Journey down the Anduin) with little help from me. I changed a few things to help speed the deck up, putting in Spirit Merry (helping my cost curve for the Spirit cards) in place of Pippin, adding in Hobbit Pony, Gandalf’s Staff, and a couple of copies of Peace and Thought to get to those key cards (Mirror and Harp) more quickly. Once I get those pieces, picking and choosing what to draw makes the deck run more smoothly. Keen as Lances is such a fun and unique card to play and can lead to some monster turns, and really makes it worthwhile to run those victory display shenanigans.

  3. Ifingolis permalink

    I’ve read the article with great interest an played the scenario today.
    I suggest not to rely on cards like asfaloth or other card effects. The locations in the encounter deck block the usual abilities you are used to play. Threat reduction by six with greetings? Ok here u get 1 point decrease not one point more. Uhhh that guy looks mean sneakattack gandalf… oppps its a dark alley i cant deal damage into the sraging area…
    In step 3 of the quest there the next thing. You located the hideout and found out whos the killer? Great u cant kill him til you get rid of the hideout (resistance 5 points and nasty travel effects included).
    I like the scenario but in my opinion it gets harder the more players u have.
    By the way if u accuse the wrong person and pick the wrong location in step 2 itcgets realy nasty. The wrong suspect bands together with the and in the worst case youhave to deal with 2 suspects and their hideouts.

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