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A New Dawn Rises for TftC!

by on October 6, 2015
Last week, I put out a call for a writer or writers to help in creating content for TftC. I received a fantastic response to this call for content contributions, and I’m really excited to start a new era for the blog, which is what I’m announcing today! I’ll still be writing my own content of course, but for a long time, pretty much since I started the blog, I’ve had a vision of Tales from the Cards becoming something more than just my own personal space, but a place where people from the community could share their work and perspectives on the game. This is finally going to become a reality. There are so many bright, creative, and talented souls in the community and providing a platform for their work represents a transition to something new, but I think you’ll be happy with the result, as it means tons more LOTR LCG content!

So far, there are quite a few people who have joined as contributors to the site. There will be a variety of content, from videos to new player perspectives to a look at archetypes to deck building to articles in Spanish and more! I’m still thinking through a process for how people in the future can submit their work and become a contributor, but I hope that folks can begin to think of TftC as a hub for community production. Happy adventuring and look forward to the first bit of this new content coming very soon!

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  1. This is great news! I’m excited to hear from the talented folks you’ve gathered, Ian.

  2. You also “allow” non-English posts? Would German also be fine?
    If yes, I’d maybe start to think about a contribution that I could bring to the blog.

    • TalesfromtheCards permalink

      Sorry I didn’t respond before. Yes, non-English posts (including German) are perfectly fine!

  3. This is very awesome and I love the direction this can go! Can’t wait.

  4. Fantastic! I’m relatively new to the game, but this is my favourite site to read for interesting content/analysis. Excited to see what your new contributors bring to the table.

    Keep up the great work!

  5. Exciting stuff!

  6. New voices to tell the tales? Very nice! Looking forward to reading them.

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