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Among the Outlaws Is Here!

by on October 1, 2015


No Law But Their Needs

The Doom Mastered cycle continues with the release of Among the Outlaws! In this second quest of the cycle, after falling out with a member of Thingol’s court, the heroes find themselves reluctantly becoming members of the Gaurwaith, a desperate band of outlaws who have taken to stealing and pillage from their own kind. The heroes are faced with tough decisions as they must walk the line between supporting their new comrades and delving into deeds that might forever leave a dark stain on their souls. Among the Outlaws is a unique scenario that, for the first time in LOTR LCG, sees players actually having the option of participating in dark acts and flirting with evil. However, doing so comes at a heavy cost of corruption, which can ultimately lead to betrayal and defeat. Alternately, you can make strong stands for what is right and put yourself between the vulnerable woodmen and the outlaws, but this will arouse the ire of cruel and weathered men who will make you pay for having a conscience. Just how you navigate this balance defines the scenario, and a special “dilemma deck” forces you to make tough moral choices, with real consequences for the gameplay. When you’re ready to get started, head over to the Doom Mastered cycle page here at Tales from the Cards! This is where everything related to the cycle lives, including expansions, any errata, frequently asked questions, and more! Here you’ll find everything you need to play Among the Outlaws.

This expansion does continue the campaign mode begun in Trial Upon the Marches, and the choices, boons, and burdens from that adventure carry over into this one. There are also new boons and burdens to be won here, so keep a careful eye on the choices you make! In addition to campaign mode, there is also support for easy mode and normal mode. For those who are interested in playing this scenario on OCTGN, it will already be pre-loaded the next time you start the program. Just make sure to re-download the latest custom image pack and re-install it.

Finally, I’d like to give a huge thanks, as always, to the team of play-testers and proof-readers that gave invaluable help in refining this expansion and helping it to be much better than it would have been otherwise. I couldn’t have done it without all of you!

As always, I’d love to hear feedback about this new expansion. If you have questions about something in the set, or come up with decklists/strategies that you want to share, send them to me and they’ll end up being posted here on Tales!

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