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First Age Deck: Scrying and Smashing

by on March 26, 2015

To celebrate the release of Trial Upon the Marches, here’s another First Age deck. This deck was submitted by Ecthelion III, who helped greatly with the Trial Upon the Marches play-testing. Let’s hear from Ecthelion himself (and yes, the deck does feature Ecthelion):

Here is a deck I designed following the release of Trial Upon the Marches.  (Note: This deck is very bad at that quest because of the card draw effects, but excels at other quests.)  I call it “Scrying and Smashing”.  It’s very effective in solo play because scrying effects as a whole are more effective in solo play, although it can be adapted to multiplayer if another player is kind enough to throw High Kingship of the Noldor on Turgon to pay for repeated scrying.


Scrying and Smashing

Hero (3)

Ecthelion x1

Turgon x1

Luthien x1


Ally (21)

Gondolin Guard x3

Huan x3

Henamarth Riversong x3

Green-elf Ranger x3

Daeron x3

Morwen x3

Finduilas x3


Attachment (9)

Elven Training x3

Unexpected Courage x3

Miruvor x3


Event (20)

Day Shall Come Again x3

Rumour from the Earth x3

Daeron’s Runes x3

Song of Staying x3

Song of Gladness x3

A Test of Will x3

Hasty Stroke x2


Turgon is an insanely powerful hero in solo play, especially when paired with cards that let you scry the encounter deck.  However, his ability can only trigger when your threat is raised.  Song of Earendil would be the perfect card for raising threat…if this deck wasn’t meant for solo play.  Instead we use Morwen.  She allows you to get the most out of Turgon’s ability by triggering it during the quest phase as well as the end of the round.  Keep in mind that Morwen’s ability is just an Action, not a Quest Action, so if you are in dire need of cards you can trigger the ability in 2 different phases to bring in 2 different cards.  The other threat-raising effect in this deck is Finduilas, whose often harmful ability is actually being put to good use in this deck!  Song of Gladness is included so these effects can be used more often.

Turgon’s ability is only good with scrying, which is why this deck brings along Henamarth Riversong and Rumour from the Earth.  With a lack of cards outside of Leadership that provide resource generation, we can’t get repeated use out of Rumour from the Earth, although in multiplayer someone can toss Turgon a copy of High Kingship of the Noldor.

Turgon isn’t the only character in the house that can benefit from scrying effects.  The Green-elf Ranger is hugely powerful if you know what the top card of the encounter deck is.  He compensates for the lack of high-willpower characters in this deck.  Remember: since most enemies and locations don’t have more than 3 threat, more than one Ranger won’t help you any, so extra copies can be discarded by Daeron, Daeron’s Runes, or the like.

What do you do when you’re overflowing in cards?  You pitch them to Elven Training, of course!  Ecthelion is included in this deck to benefit from this card.  Readying effects (3 copies each of Miruvor and Unexpected Courage) are also included so the exhaustion requirement of Elven Training isn’t a problem.  Sit back, relax, and watch as he causes havoc with Day Shall Come Again against Balrogs, Trolls, or any other foe unfortunate enough to end up in his way.

That about sums this deck’s strategy up.  Miscellaneous utility cards such as A Test of Will, Hasty Stroke, Song of Staying, and Gondolin Guard are included.  Huan is meant to be attached to Luthien to deal damage to enemies before they reach Ecthelion’s unstoppable blades – as if he needed the help.


This deck can be constructed with only the Core Set, Return to Mirkwood, First Age, Trial Upon the Marches, and the last 2 packs of the Dwarrowdelf cycle (for Miruvor and Daeron’s Runes).  These cards are not essential to this deck’s strategy and can be subbed out if you don’t have those packs.



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  1. Steven A permalink

    Luthien but no Shadowy Cloak? What is this insanity?
    The idea of deliberately raising your threat to trigger Turgon extra times is an interesting one though, and makes me think he could work rather well with the Palantir…

    • ecthelionthethird permalink

      Steven, the reason behind the “insanity” was I figured I’d rather have Ecthelion smash an enemy than waiting to get resources on the cloak to remove an enemy for 1 turn. Spirit resources are tight, so it didn’t make the cut. Feel free to sub Song of Staying out for it if you wish.

      About the palantir, that seems like an amazing combo, but I don’t own the card so I must have skipped over it. When using the palantir, Shadowy Cloak seems like a great option because you can exhaust the Cloak every turn to ready Luthien, who you could give the palantir to.

      Good job on playtesting BTW. 🙂

    • ecthelionthethird permalink

      The palantir draws cards, scries, and raises your threat – everything this deck does all in one card.

  2. Kjeld permalink

    Very cool deck, I’ll have to give it a try, as I’ve never once played with Turgon!

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