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Contest: Become A Ring-maker!

by on November 14, 2014


A little birdie (which may or may not have been a crebain) came whispering in my ear this morning, letting me know that I have an extra copy of Celebrimbor’s Secret to give away to one lucky reader. As always, this is a perfect opportunity for one of my favorite things: a contest! Since I love custom cards so much, this will be another custom card contest, with a special theme related to the story of the cycle and Celebrimbor’s Secret itself. That means it’s time to step into the role of a ring maker. While magical rings are obviously a huge part of The Lord of the Rings (the clue is kind of in the title), so far we’ve only gotten two magical rings in the game so far: Vilya and now Nenya. However, there are far more rings in Tolkien’s world, and it’s up to you to create a card based around one of them. This could be Narya, Gandalf’s ring, which has yet to appear. It could be Saruman’s ring, which is a complete mystery as far as what powers it had. It could be one of the lost Dwarven rings or even one of the rings held by the Nine. If you’re really feeling adventurous, why not try your hand at making The One Ring into a card that could be used outside of the Saga expansions?

To enter the contest, please follow these steps:

– Create a custom card for a ring of your choice using Strange Eons, Photoshop, or whatever other method you prefer

– Send your card to me in image format (i.e. jpg, png, etc.), but preferably not in .eon format, to

– You have one week to submit your entries, so midnight PST on Friday, November 21 is when I will stop accepting them

– After the contest closes, I’ll post the entries up for everyone to see, and I’ll ultimately pick a winner

Good luck!

Update: You now have 2 chances to win! I’m running this contest jointly now with Hall of Beorn, so if you submit your entry to HallofBeorn as well, you increase your chances of success!


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  1. edvandofilho permalink

    Can we submit more then one entry?

  2. Gizlivadi permalink

    Entry submitted!

    • Haha Gizlivadi, you had them ready before this contest began! 😉

      • Gizlivadi permalink

        Hahahah, indeed, two of them I had already, another I made just for this contest.

  3. Stoian permalink

    Cost 2
    Attach to Gandalf.Gandalf gains a Leadership resource icon.
    Exhaust Narya to exchange a card in your discard pile with the top card of your deck.

  4. Gwaihir the Windlord permalink

    Does anyone know how to convert an .eon file to a JPEG? I’ve tried several things, and none of them have worked.

    • Yes, yes, yes Gwaihir! I know! Finally..
      I struggled with the same problem but found the answer.

      1. open the card you want in jpeg in SE.
      2. click the ‘File’ button in the upperleft corner.
      3. click ‘Export’
      4. You’ll see a screen pop-up. The settings in this screen are automaticly good for jpeg.
      5. Click ‘Export’ again.
      6. Choose the folder you want, I prefer desktop so I can see them immediatly and place them where I want.

      Hope this helps!

  5. Mauziz permalink

    Does anybody have a clever name (that they are willing to share) for the dwarven rings or those given to men? Right now, I’m thinking of Ring of the Dwarf-lords, and Ring of Númenor. Got any better ideas?

    • Silver Swan permalink

      The dwarven rings were given one to each heir of one of the 7 original dwarves, so Durin’s Ring or Longbeard Ring would work. (You can try finding the names of the 6 other ancestral houses, or make them up, too.)
      “Witch-King’s Ring” is an obvious choice for one of the 9 rings for mortal men.
      You can also take into account that Vilya is the Ring of Adamant, Narya is the Ring of Fire, etc. and use a similar naming scheme.

    • Robin Munn permalink

      The best resource I’ve found, bar none, for Dwarven names (I’m making a Dwarven ring myself) is The Dwarrow Scholar:

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