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Community: The Tenth Nazgul

by on January 26, 2014

The mystery of my teaser post has been revealed. The return of the Mitch-King is upon us! I can’t recommend the work of the Tenth Nazgul enough. Here’s a message from Mitch:

“Greetings, readers of Tales from the Cards! My name is Mitch – former co-host of the Cardboard of the Rings podcast, and creator of the LOTR LCG Progression Series. With Ian graciously permitting me to share this news here with all of you, today I am very proud to introduce a brand-new community resource for The Lord of the Rings: the Card Game – The Tenth Nazgul!

In this first new video, I share a little about why I so abruptly and unexpectedly vanished from the face of the LOTR LCG community back in August 2013, my plans for several new projects, and, along with a very special guest, enjoy the first game of LOTR LCG I’ve played in five months – a leisurely Journey Along the Anduin!

I very much hope you enjoy the first of what is sure to be many entries in this new series, and look forward to reading your comments and suggestions for future content! Be sure to like, subscribe, and all that good social-media stuff – the Mitch-King has returned!”


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  1. Tonskillitis permalink

    Really great to see the return of the Mitch King. In the early days of the game, his feverish content production was a fantastic companion to all LOTR players and really enhanced my enjoyment of the game inspiring my own progression play-throughs of each quest. Now we are lucky to have an array of sages and elders to guide us through the nightmare paths of Middle Earth. But somebody (Caleb Grace?) really ought to give the guy a medal or something for his services to this wonderful LCG. He returns out of the wild like a mysterious tracker of the dunedain. Long live the king and his witty video content!

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