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Create an Ent and Win an AP!

by on June 17, 2013

The Wrath of the Ents, by Ted Nasmith

Recently, The Hall of Beorn has been running a contest to win a copy of The Drúadan Forest Adventure Pack. Fortunately, for you LOTR LCG fans out there, I also have found myself in possession of an extra copy of this stirring scenario, and so I am going to give you a second chance to win. The contest will be very simple. As regular readers of this blog may or may not know, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the appearance of Ents in this game, going so far as to create my own custom scenario revolving around Fangorn Forest.

So what I’m asking participants to do is design their very own custom Ent card. Feel free to be creative. It can be an ally or hero of course, but attachment, event, or even enemy versions are not out of the question. You can e-mail your entries to The deadline is June 24, at which point I will post the entries I have received for a public vote, with the winner having The Druadan Forest shipped to their doors (or Hobbit holes). 

Unlike Beorn’s contest, orcs, trolls, and other agents of Sauron are not barred from entering, as long as they put in a good word with the Dark Lord for me (hey, I gotta hedge my bets!). 


For help in designing cards, check out this post. It contains the links to the Strange Eons custom card creation program, as well as Photoshop Templates for those who prefer that method. Good luck!


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