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Other Games – Doctor Who Solitaire Story Game

by on April 5, 2013

I know we’re all here for LOTR LCG, but one of the questions I often hear people ask is, “Are there any other games like this?”. People often get attracted to this game because it can be played solo, and because of its cooperative nature. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many games like that around, so every now and then I’ll try to throw one your way, in case you’re looking for something to play in between games of LOTR.

Today, I want to turn your attention to a game I’ve been playing recently: the Doctor Who: Solitaire Story Game. Right off the bat I want to say that this is a very different game than LOTR. It is not played with cards, but instead with a set of four booklets that contain different scenarios, adventures, characters, etc., that allow you to enjoy your own adventures with the Doctor. This is a purely solo game, and you can think of it as a solo RPG. To be honest, there isn’t that much strategy involved (although there are meaningful decisions to be made) and there’s a lot of dice-rolling, but this game is all about stories and making you feel like you’re writing new episodes as you go, and it succeeds brilliantly in that aspect. It also scratches one itch that LOTR doesn’t quite reach, which is weaving an ongoing campaign. Obviously, if you don’t have any love for Doctor Who or are not that familiar with that universe, then your enjoyment may be limited. However, the best part that I haven’t mentioned yet is that it is absolutely free, which makes trying it very painless.

In the past, it has been available as a set of PDF’s, which you could either print out or keep open on your computer for reference (and it it still available in that form on the Board Game Geek entry). However, recently a wiki has been set up with all the materials of the game you need, and it works wonderfully as there are links in the different entries and books that you can click on to seamlessly move between them instead of having to flip back and forth as much. Ok, that’s enough blabbing about it. Here’s the link to the wiki. Have f…uh oh, looks like Sauron has an unexpected ally:


Have a good weekend!

  1. I’m a huge fan of Doctor Who, so I’m checking this out right now. Also, presenting other games here is a great idea, I can’t wait to see more suggestions from you.

    • TalesfromtheCards permalink

      Cool, let me know what you think. It definitely scratches my Dr. Who itch. I’ll definitely throw some more suggestions out there in the future!

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