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FFG Responds to FAQ Concerns

by on March 1, 2013

Merely a couple of days after the release of the FAQ, the LOTR LCG design team have released a statement clarifying that the new tournament format will not affect the direction of the game, and that they fully intend to maintain the cooperative spirit of play. They go on to address speculation from several quarters, including this blog, that some of the new errata may have been motivated by a desire to smooth the way for tournament play, explaining  that that is not the case.

I am really impressed by the speed with which they have tackled such concerns, as well as the forthrightness of the statement. Although my feelings about specific errata remain unchanged, this post has done much to alleviate one of my main fears, which was that tournament play would come to have an undue influence on development. Individual points of contention aside, I want to emphasize that I firmly believe that this game is in the right hands. I’ll leave you with a reply I left on the previous FAQ article:

“Overall, I’m pretty happy with the job that the lead designer and the rest of the design team have done. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the things we don’t like, but we shouldn’t forget how amazing this game is and I’m always especially impressed about how much care is taken to incorporate Tolkien’s lore. [As an example,] I have a hard time imagining another set of designers being knowledgeable and passionate enough about Tolkien to include a whole scenario in a place like Pelargir, somewhere that is only known to those who know Middle-Earth. There are some concerns I have, as I outlined in the article, but not enough to be pessimistic about the direction. of the game.”

Enjoy your weekend.


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  1. squonk76 permalink

    Releasing both the FAQ and tournament rules at the same time was just asking for connections to the made, but since FFG released new FAQs and tournament rules for all their LCGs at the same time, the timing was obviously a decision from higher up the chain than the designers. I’m still a little skeptical that the existence and official support for tournament rules couldn’t have any bearing on errata decisions, designer intent or not, but I can give them the benefit of the doubt for now.

    I still have issues with a few things around the FAQ, but in general it’s a good improvement. The clarification of timing rules (passive, forced and response), for example, is long overdue but very welcome to see in black and white.

    Bottom line though, yes the game is still great, the designers have done an amazing job overall and I will continue to buy every expansion as soon as I can get my greedy hands on it. There’s also no doubt that the designers are passionate about the game and the subject matter.

    This is hardly the only FFG game where wording and rules issues sometimes impede an otherwise good design, so I believe the root cause is with the company’s attitude, not the individual designers or design teams.

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