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Custom Scenario: Into Fangorn Released!

by on January 24, 2013

After several weeks of creation, play-testing, and revision, Into Fangorn is done and ready to hit your table! If you are considering whether or not to try out this custom scenario, you can check out Part 1 and Part 2 of the preview. There were a few graphical complications due to creating this on a Mac, but I didn’t want to let that prevent its release. So, for instance, you will see that I used the Passage to Mirkwood icon to represent this set instead of a custom icon. However, that is just a stand-in icon, the encounter deck stands alone and doesn’t include or need any other encounter sets. I am considering releasing a revised version in the future to fix some of these small issues, but will also include any feedback I get from players. I want to note that none of the artwork is mine, and I claim no rights or credit for the incredible art that is part of this set. I did my best to include artist names on every card, although there were a few that I could not find. If any artist would like their work not to be included as part of this scenario, I will remove it.

A few pieces of advice to help you keep track of some of the new mechanics that are part of Into Fangorn:

– Amroth has a poison that affects characters he is able to damage. I would recommend putting a progress token on characters who are poisoned to keep track of this.

– Grasping Branches locks down characters who defend against it, preventing them from doing anything (questing, attacking/defending against other enemies) on future turns other than defending against that same copy of GB. I like to put the Grasping Branches on top of or adjacent to the character that defended against it to remind me that they are locked down.

With those notes out of the way, it’s time to play. There are two ways to experience Into Fangorn. You can go traditional and download the card files. Then you can print out the cards, preferably on some card stock, cut them up, and enjoy the scenario that way. Here’s the link:

Into Fangorn Printable Deck

Alternatively, for those who like to play digitally or don’t want to hassle with printing, I put this quest into OCTGN format. Here is the link to download:

Into Fangorn OCTGN Set (Download and install this first)

Into Fangorn OCTGN Encounter Deck (Load this deck once you have set up a game)


I hope you enjoy, readers. I would love any feedback on difficulty and play experiences, or if you have any questions.


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  1. Steve permalink

    First of all, great job, can tell all the effort you put in. Just tried it with a Glorfindel, Eowyn, Eleanor deck I use for Journey to Rhosgobel using cards for AJtR, HFG, and CatC, along with Core. Glorfindel got Unexpected Courage early which helped a lot, and got all the way to the last stage and got 6 damage on the end boss there. Was trying to draw with a few of the ‘Draw 3’ cards form the Core set, and if I found Gandalf, could have won. Unfortunately with trying to save characters for combat, threat went above 36, and Trolls, trees, and branches all came down to decimate me. Didnt get 1 Gandalf and had like 18 cards left in my deck :(. Some Thoughts.

    Difficulty seems good, pretty hard without being ridiculous. The condition card is nice as well. In my opinion, way too many cards with either Surge or a shadow. It seems there are like 2 cards without a shadow, and 90% of the Trecheries have surge. Brutal. Usually I plan for trecheries and they are either cancelled or a bad effect, but at least nothing else is coming. Not in this case 😉

    Good work!

    • TalesfromtheCards permalink

      Thanks Steve! I will likely be toning down the shadow effects a tad for version 2. There were less of them in the early version that I play-tested, and I increased the shadow effects because I felt there weren’t enough. I may have over-compensated a bit. The surges also came about from early play-testing, as I felt that too many times treacheries would come up with no effect or just added a resource to the forest and went away, and I needed to give more teeth to the deck. Again, thanks for giving it a try and your comments are much appreciated.

  2. legolas18 permalink

    Where did you get all the art from? It’s really good!

  3. TalesfromtheCards permalink

    The art comes from a bunch of different sources. Fortunately, Fangorn seems to be a popular place!

  4. legolas18 permalink

    How did you put it into printable format and OCTGN format? If I wanted to put my own scenario into that format, how would I do it?

    • TalesfromtheCards permalink

      Hi legolas18. I used the Strange Eons program to create my scenario cards. In order to put your scenario into a printable format, you go to create a new “card” in Strange Eons. The pop-up appears letting you select the type of card you want to create. One of the options in, I believe it’s called the “general” or “everything” category, is to create a new deck. Click on that one and you start dragging your cards one by one onto the deck sheets to create the printable format.

      As far as putting it into OCTGN format, I point you to this tutorial:

      It’s a pretty clear, step-by-step guide to putting your scenario into OCTGN. One thing it doesn’t mention is that these are the instructions for creating a set. Then, once you install your new set into OCTGN, you should create a deck consisting of the cards you want to be part of the encounter deck for your scenario. Save that deck as an encounter deck. Then people can install the set, and then be able to load up your encounter deck as well when they are ready to play.

      Hope this helped! I’m looking forward to see what you come up with.

      • Barry Swevels permalink

        Does that link still work? I created a quest myself, but did not manage to get it into OCTGN. Thanks in advance.

  5. legolas18 permalink

    Thanks for the help. I really liked your idea for the Fangorn quests, and I’ve also always been very intrigued by the blue wizards. So, I’ve decided to (attempt to) make a series of quests that involve your heroes going to the east to recruit Ithryn Luin to come to the west to help fight Sauron. On the way, you’ll fight Easterlings, Wainriders, and maybe even get captured… (I’m still trying to think of a good way to incorporate that idea) But it’s still a work in progress, so we’ll see how well it turns out after testing it a couple of times.

  6. Redboots permalink

    Is there a way to convert the file to the latest OCTGN version? It doesn’t let me install this scenario because the software has come out with a new version, incompatible with the old format.

  7. TalesfromtheCards permalink

    Have your tried version 2? That version should work, but let me know if it doesn’t.

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