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Custom Scenario: Into Fangorn coming soon…

by on December 31, 2012


I want to say an early Happy New Year to everyone, and I’m incredibly excited about all the things we have to look forward to from LOTR LCG in 2013: On the Doorstep, the Against the Shadow cycle, and discovering where the next cycle will take place. I want to take this opportunity to preview the first custom scenario from Tales From the Cards, to be released in the next couple of weeks once I finish some last playtesting and revisions. I personally love seeing the creativity of my fellow players and the kinds of cards and quests they come up with. When it came time to design my own scenario, I wanted to delve into an area that had not yet been explored by official or custom scenarios, and after mulling a few possibilities, I settled on Fangorn Forest. I have always been deeply intrigued by this part of Middle-Earth, especially because the age and mystery of the forest gives it such a sense of allure and danger. It is not necessarily a place of evil, but dark things do dwell deep within the forest. I will explain a bit about the scenario and preview a couple of the cards (keep in mind that these are not the final versions).

My custom scenario, “Into Fangorn”, sends our heroes into Fangorn Forest to complete a task set them by Galadriel herself. One of her people, a Noldor named Amroth (no known relation to the other Amroths in Tolkien lore), discovered one of the lost palantirs of the North while traveling across that region. Unfortunately, over time he became tempted to use it and has become corrupted by the Enemy himself through its usage. Galadriel became aware of this and his attempt to bring the palantir to Mordor through the Gap of Rohan. Her rangers pursued Amroth, and he fled north deep into Fangorn Forest. They have brought back this news to Galadriel, and she has tasked the heroes with venturing into Fangorn and recovering the palantir. While most would perish in that forest, Amroth is a Noldor (it was Elves who woke trees and taught them to speak and thus their presence is more trusted) and an incredibly skilled warrior, woodsman, and ranger; there is every chance that he could not only survive, but perhaps even marshal some of the dark parts of the forest to his own purposes. As the heroes venture into Fangorn, they will be walking in a realm of giants: ents, huorns, huge spiders, and more. Even the mightiest of warriors will be sorely tested in this realm. More than that, they will have to tread lightly and not incur the wrath of the forest itself:


Anger of the Forest is a representation of the mistrust that the forest has for those that cut and destroy and burn. Besides questing and combat, heroes will have to worry about working to make sure that the forest does not turn on them and that it understands their purpose (Elves and those who know how to deal with the wild are best at this). Of course, there can be no talk of Fangorn without discussing the Ents who protect the forest (in fact, the forest itself is named after an ent named Fangorn, also known as Treebeard). With that comes one of the key cards in this scenario: Ent Guardian.


Easily one of the most powerful allies in the game, the Ent Guardians can also become your worst enemy if the forest they protect turns against you. With the power of the enemies in this scenario, managing the Anger of the Forest and keeping the Ent Guardians on your side becomes one of the key considerations. You must have the help of the Ents if you hope to succeed in tracking down Amroth and the palantir. However, one wrong move and that Ent Guardian you desperately needed to block a huge swing in the combat phase may leave your side straight to the staging area, leaving you to fend for yourself. As Treebeard says, “I am not altogether on anybody’s side, because nobody is altogether on my side…”. You must convince the Ents otherwise or fail.

That’s it for now, in the final Into Fangorn preview I will talk about Amroth himself, a great Enemy for those who love boss-fight type battles. Also look forward to my strategy discussions of Into Ithilien and Siege of Cair Andros to complete the Tales From the Cards Heirs of Nunenor review and hopefully there we will be some new releases out very soon to discuss! Enjoy your New Years celebrations folks.


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  1. Glaurung permalink

    Hmmmm sounds interesting. I hope it will be hard and interesting quest where you cannot just win from first attempt like many FFG previous quest until HON.

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