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Stay tuned…

by on December 15, 2012

Thanks to everyone who has made this blog a success so far in its first week of existence by reading, commenting, and visiting! I’ve really enjoyed sharing my passion for this game with you all. Coming up next week (generally I will take the weekends off from posting)…

– Heirs of Numenor Impressions: Theme, Strategy, and Overall Thoughts

– Revisiting Older Scenarios

– Discussion of Lore vs. Gameplay

…and more!

Have a good weekend everyone.


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  1. George permalink

    Great blog!Keep going!!

  2. karagh permalink

    Yes. You are doing a nice work.

  3. Ecthelion III permalink

    I was looking through your old posts “5 Best Heroes” and saw something about a Fab 5 walk of shame. Did you ever play with Beorn, Brand, & Co? I’d like to hear your experiences!

    • TalesfromtheCards permalink

      I think that was an idea that fell through the cracks, as some do from time to time. I’d love to still revisit it at some point, maybe even building a whole deck of shame and seeing how it performs!

      • Ecthelion III permalink

        Deck of shame…hello Power in the Earth!

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