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Happy Hobbit Day!

by on December 14, 2012

The new Hobbit movie has inspired in Tolkien fans (myself included) some misgivings, mostly inspired by a fear that dividing it up into three movies will lead to too much Jackson and not enough Tolkien. I also think going with CG Orcs was a big mistake. Despite all that, you bet your hairy feet that I am going to see it today. I can’t help but be excited, and I’ve been counting down the days these past few months. My plan is to play through a couple of the Hobbit scenarios, eat one of those terrible Hobbit tie-in meals at Denny’s, and then head off to the theaters.

Since this is a LOTR LCG blog, I will mark the moment here by sharing my two favorite cards from the first Hobbit box, one because of theme, the other because of its gameplay uses.

Theme: DORI


I really enjoy the artwork on this card, and the theme is perfect. It was Dori who was carrying Bilbo through the depths of the Misty Mountains (as the art depicts), and who dropped him when he was grabbed from behind by a goblin. This led to Bilboo being left behind and finding the One Ring and Gollum. It could then be said that Dori is indirectly responsible for the momentous events that follow in the Third Age! Dori later allows Bilbo to use his back as a boost in order to climb a tree to escape wargs, barely escaping himself. Dori’s gameplay mechanic, which allows him to take damage inflicted on a hero (such as Bilbo), perfectly reflects this lore.

Gameplay: CRAM


At first, I actually did not think much of this card. However, I now find it incredibly useful as a flexible tool to ready heroes when I need it. This is especially useful in the Heirs of Numenor quests when you need to get multiple uses out of your heroes to both battle/siege and attack or defend. Using a card like Erebor Hammersmith, which fetches an attachment from the discard pile, can effectively recycle Cram as well.

What about you readers? How are you marking the opening of the movie? What are your thoughts on the movie after watching it? What are your favorite cards from the first Hobbit set?

  1. I watch the film last night, don’t worry the film is awesome and the CGI is breathtaking to say the least. I am into my CGI and computer graphics but even the CGI in the Hobbit greatly impressed me with its detail and fluidness.

    I am so happy with the film and enjoyed it so much i am going back to watch it a second time at the cinema, and i almost never go to the cinema so that’s saying something ;D

    To do with the LCG Hobbit expansion, i don’t have it but i plan to get it asap!

  2. I saw the movie last night, and overall I quite enjoyed it. MOVIE SPOILERS BELOW!

    – Martin Freeman as Bilbo. I really like his portrayal of the character, and it felt very Bilbo to me.
    – Opening prologue, it was magical to see Dale and Erebor and those things I have pictured in my mind since childhood
    – Riddle game was well done
    – The moment of Bilbo’s mercy/pity, it was appropriately emphasized and meaningful
    – Eagles!
    – I actually liked the Frodo-Bilbo exchange at the beginning, even though some did not. It was pure fan service, but I enjoyed hearing the Sackville-Bagginses mentioned.

    – I didn’t like the pacing in some parts. The introduction of Radagast was a bit clunky, and the White Council discussion nice but seemed like a distraction from the main narrative
    – The use of Azog as a main villain. I feel like Jackson wanted there to be a main antagonist for Thorin other than Smaug, but then it kind of dilutes Thorin’s focus a bit, in my opinion.
    – Radagast was far too silly for my tastes. I felt like the character was disrespected. He’s an Istari, after all!
    – Some changes did not seem necessary. I understand some changes for the purpose of movie-making (like the Troll scene or escape from the wargs). But some things were odd, why a trap door in the cave instead of a crack in the back wall? Why have Bilbo get separated at the beginning instead of after the Great Goblin encounter? Why have Bilbo see Gollum drop the ring? etc.

    Still, overall, I plan on going to see it again. Wish they would have had Bilbo guessing the sphere and cost of cards in his deck during the riddle game though…

  3. Gizlivadi permalink

    I very much enjoyed the film as well. Granted, I was kinda spoiled about how many of the things would look like, and while I didn’t like them at first (bunny sled, almost no beard on Thorin, etc), I had some time to “adjust” before watching the film. Great acting for one, I think most people agree with that. I thought the pacing was actually pretty good, though the fact that they cut the story so early on, leaving the characters achieving very little (now they can see the Lonely Mountain, that’s pretty much it), felt a little bit too much of a mere introduction to the rest of the films (which will probably be amazing), but I didn’t mind it that much. The use of quotes and songs from the book was of course nice, as was the inclusion of material from the Appendices and Unfinished Tales, to have a more “Expanded Middle Earth” feel (who, 5 years ago, would have thought of hearing a reference to the Blue Wizards in the silver screen?). I must say I had somewhat low expectations (I already knew before watching it that it did not do very well with critics, and there were a lot of complaints from many fans) BUT I was happily surprised that I liked it so much, and that’s a plus. Also, it seems that now most of forum users and the audience in general are giving it more positive comments after it was released in the US. That said, I still have some complaints that thankfully didn’t ruin the movie for me. First, and many people seem to agree. too much CGI. It would have been so much better to have the orcs and goblins as people in make up after how great they looked in the LOTR movies. Or atleast use some bits in CGI like the face, etc. Second, I didn’t quite like the inclusion of Azog, considering he was dead in the story 150 years before the Hobbit. I bet they could have used Bolg instead and could have worked just as well if they needed an ongoing antagonist for the story. Third, I felt the dwarves were a little too “warrior-like” (they even say in the films how they are NOT warriors, so that kinda felt a bit stupid) and they also felt way too “powerful”, killing all those goblins so easily and falling down 40ft cliffs and mountains without suffering damage at all. Finally, some of the jokes were a little lame, and while I normally enjoy them, all those “drug jokes” felt a little forced to me, plus some of the scenes with Radagast made me cringe a little.

    That would be it. Maybe there’s something else I’m forgetting, but anyway, I liked the movie a lot, and will probably go see it again.

  4. legolas18 permalink

    I agree with everything that’s been said. Way too much CGI. The orcs would have been amazing, if they had been real people. I might have not even minded having Azog there if he looked real. I also didn’t like the portrayal of Radagast. Even though he did somewhat “forget his task” in middle earth, he still was a wizard, not some old man with bird poop on his head. But other than that, Gollum was amazing, Bilbo was amazing, and Gandalf was amazing. And though some of those things bothered me, I am excited to see it again!

  5. Gobliin permalink

    I love the movie and I wanted to see it againt just after watching it. But I was also disapointed in the fact that Peter Jackson took so much liberty in the story telling.

    I must say that I lishen to the lonely mountain song every day for at least a week after seing the movie.

    • TalesfromtheCards permalink

      Same here. I was obsessed with that song for weeks after the movie. Actually, I still am!

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