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Quick Update: Pippin Revealed!

by on December 11, 2012

Very exciting preview today from the FFG website spoiling the 3rd AP of this cycle.

Check it out here

Most noteworthy was the reveal of our newest Hobbit hero: Pippin!



What do you guys think? Will you be using Pippin? Will you be constructing a Hobbit/Secrecy deck? What scenarios would you use this strategy against?

My first thoughts are that I’m a little underwhelmed at Pippin’s ability. It is designed so that Pippin’s controller can push away an enemy, so that another player controlling a battle-focused deck can take care of it (of course that is not as viable playing true solo). For myself, I don’t like sending an enemy back to the staging area to contribute threat, especially at the cost of raising one’s own threat (which counters what Secrecy is all about). However, I could see it eventually being useful if we see more cards like Small Target (see the spoiler article I linked above). That card has me far more excited for the potential of a Hobbit deck, even though I tend to be more of a Tactics, attack-minded player.

Leave your thoughts below. Do you agree or disagree with my assessment? Does this make a Hobbit focus more likely for the next cycle? What ability would you like to see a Sam or Merry card have?

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  1. I am very underwhelmed but what was spoiled so far (as far as player cards goes) – I do not see my self using any of these cards (I see strong multiplier bent to them).

    Small target looked cool at first but it has so many conditions (hobbit hero defending, at least two enemies engaged, no shadow effect) to it that it seems way to situational to include in efficient solo decks.

  2. Like the Secrecy variant itself, Hobbits are still underdeveloped. So it will be a while before a Hobbit deck (especially solo) will be perfectly viable. While it is a pain, Pippin’s threat additions can be controlled somewhat with Elrond’s Council (assuming you put Arwen or another Noldor ally in your deck) or Galadhrim’s Greeting (assuming you’ve got the resources) or Needful to Know (which is tricksy at best).

    I love the theme and I’ve tried more than once to make a Hobbit deck work (Bilbo/Frodo/(Lore) Aragorn), but the Hobbit particular cards are quite situational and Bilbo is way, way too squishy to take any direct damage.

    I look forward to seeing where the Hobbit keyword goes in the future, though!

  3. Mmmmh. I’m a bit disappointed by Pippin. It really seems like Hobbit decks are going in a multiplayer direction rather than solo because that ability is quite weak if you can’t pass that enemy to another player. I hope the next Hobbit heroes will be more exciting.

  4. I imagine it would make sense thematically for Sam to be a Hobbit-buffing character. He’ll essentially be what Dain is to Dwarves and Leadermir is to Gondor, perhaps providing some kind of boost to willpower or even hit points (through providing the food?). They definitely have a ways to go to be viable, but I’m glad FFG is continuing to lay the groundwork for different types of decks. In a few years, there will be a lot more variety between decks and play-styles than there are right now.

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