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Celebrimbor’s Secret: Events Review


Celebrimbor’s Secret provides an embarrassment of riches to players, with a meta-changing hero and an amazingly strong set of allies and attachments. However, such abundant wealth means that something has to give somewhere along the way, and this is why there is only a single event to review from this pack. Never fear, though, as this scarcity of events means that we can give the Charge of the Rohirrim the full discussion it deserves. Coincidentally, this is probably the one card in the entire expansion whose value is questionable, and this should hopefully make for some ripe analysis and debate. Get saddled up, it’s time to join the charge!
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Celebrimbor’s Secret: Attachments Review


It looks like Fantasy Flight Games is set to drop a surprise holiday present in our laps, as The Antlered Crown, the final Adventure Pack in the Ring-maker cycle, is due to be released in about a week’s time. That means it’s time to ramp up the pace and finish out the player cards review of Celebrimbor’s Secret, first with a look at the attachments here and later in the week with a glance at the events. We’ve already seen that the hero and allies have been incredibly solid, so it remains to be seen whether the rest of the cards round out Celebrimbor’s Secret to perhaps be the best overall set of player cards in the cycle so far. It was probably a given that a pack containing a high-profile hero like Galadriel would see at least some space devoted to her “toys”, as we’ve seen with other heroes like Glorfindel and Gandalf. However, that’s not the whole story, and there are some interesting finds to be had for various deck types in this latest expansion.
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Celebrimbor’s Secret: Allies Review


It’s inevitable that Galadriel has dominated much of the spotlight when it comes to the player cards from the Celebrimbor’s Secret Adventure Pack. However, this shouldn’t take away from the fantastic allies, attachments, and events that can also be found in this pack. At the risk of revealing my thoughts on this pack a little early, I have to say that this is probably the strongest set of player cards all around that we’ve seen so far in this cycle. Beyond a great hero, there’s a solid set of allies to be found, all of which add value to the card pool in different ways.
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Contest: Heroic Deeds


New Grey Company contest! You can win a copy of Fog on the Barrow Downs!

Originally posted on Hall of Beorn:

Path of Need

Greetings, readers! I hope that the holiday season finds you well. I always love this time of year, as I have ample opportunity for delicious honey-cakes before it is comes time to hibernate. In the spirit of giving, and in behalf of The Grey Company and one very generous reader, I am pleased to announce a new contest. A reader by the name of David Gearhart has graciously donated a copy of Fog on the Barrow Downs and you, dear readers, have a chance to win this fine prize. As this is a copy of the Fellowship night kit, it also includes a much-sought copy of Aragorn, with alternate art.

Aragorn-alt-artFor this contest, we want to hear your most epic story of bravery, specifically as it relates to making quest progress (active location or on the quest itself) in a single round. Please note that this does not have to be a…

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Nightmare Buying Guide Updated!

The Nightmare Buying Guide has been updated with all of the packs in the Dwarrowdelf cycle! Now, I just need to add Heirs of Numenor and On the Doorstep and it will be complete. If you’re trying to figure out which Nightmare packs to buy, make sure you check out the guide!

Celebrimbor’s Secret: Hero Review


Galadriel has arrived! Let all the heralds cry out the news and let all the bards sing her praises! To say I have strong feelings about this brand new hero is a bit of an understatement, as I wrote a whole article about her back in May when she was merely spoiled, which is a bit of a departure from my normal way of doing things. Now that Celebrimbor’s Secret has been released, I was slightly tempted to simply direct readers back to that piece for my thoughts on Galadriel and move on to the other player cards. However, the true test of any card is in the playing. We can all talk all day long about a card until we’re blue in a face, but actually using it in the heat of battle is the only way of knowing its real strengths and weaknesses. I’ve been slavish about not playing cards until they are actually released, merely as a personal means of preserving as much anticipation for the game as possible, but now that I’ve gotten my hands on the latest AP, I’ve been able to put Galadriel through a trial by fire (don’t worry, no Galadriels were harmed in the making of this article). How did she do? And has she met my expectations or somehow fallen short? Read on to find out!

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Contest: Ring-maker Winner!

Picking a winner for the Ring-maker contest was incredibly difficult. That’s not just a tired cliche or something I have to say either; there were quite a few cards that were worthy winners and I’m sad that I can only choose one. That being said, I won’t drag out the process any longer. The winner of the Ring-maker contest here at Tales from the Cards is Patrick B. with his Last of the Seven. Those who have seen my own card designs in the First Age expansion know that I have a special fondness for cards that involve some element of risk-taking. Here, we have an amazing resource generation effect, but one that comes with a great risk. It is also well designed in that it prevents scrying from providing an easy way out. The connection to theme is fantastic, with a strong connection to the idea of the Dwarven rings generating wealth but potentially inviting disaster. Finally, Patrick crafted an impressive write-up about the card and lore that could fit right into an official FFG spoiler article. Well done and congratulations! Thank you to all the other entrants as well! I’ve re-published the winning entry below.
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