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Card Spotlight: Second Breakfast

second breakfast

If there’s one phrase that is guaranteed to bring Hobbits to the forefront of one’s brain, surely “second breakfast” is in the running. It didn’t take long for this lovable eccentricity of the little folk to be incarnated in card form, as Second Breakfast was released as part of the Conflict at the Carrock Adventure Pack. Since then, you’d be hard pressed to find many decks out there that feature this Leadership event, as it appears that most players are quite content with just one breakfast. I would include myself in this group, as I can surely count the times I’ve actually included this card in a deck or used it on one hand. When this is the case with any card, it becomes the perfect fodder for the Card Spotlight, that ruthless instrument of truth that separates the gems from the coasters. Is this a Second Breakfast worth having? Or should you stick to those taters you had for first breakfast?
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Deck Building 101: Resource Generation

minas tirith

Two important factors make the world go ’round in LOTR LCG: cards and resources. While I’ve covered card draw in a previous installment of the Deck Building 101 series, it’s about time to take a good, hard look at resource generation in the game. I’m always interested in not just taking common statements about the game for granted (even those I make myself), such as the assertion that the Leadership sphere is absolutely swimming in resources or that resource generation in the game is generally easier than it used to be. I enjoy peering behind the curtain and looking at the cold hard reality of the card pool itself to provide a useful guide for both novice and experienced deck builders. Get your party hats on and fill up your biggest tankards of ale; it’s time to make it rain!

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Nightmare Preview: Return to Mirkwood


Following on the heels of The Dead Marshes Nightmare preview, I’ll be previewing the final Nightmare pack in the Shadows of Mirkwood cycle: Return to Mirkwood. With the next three Nightmare decks hitting game stores (covering the three scenarios of The Hobbit: Over Hill and Under Hill), it should only be a matter of time until the Season 3 packs hit print on demand and become available to the general public. Until then, I’ll tide you over with some discussion of my experiences with Nightmare Return to Mirkwood and the most notable cards that are included with the pack. Read more…

TftC Mailbag: Gondor and Rohan

bilbo mail

This installment of the TftC Mailbag is a bit of an oddball, as usually these articles have focused on questions surrounding deck building and challenges that new players face. However, I love receiving mail about all kinds of topics, and a reader recently sent me some interesting commentary about the Gondor trait and its synergy with Rohan. There is no doubt that simply mentioning the Gondor trait among LOTR LCG players is a one-way ticket to a spirited debate, as there is some mixed opinion about its place in the game and its relative power level. My own opinions on the subject have evolved over time, but let’s hear from a reader!
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Card Spotlight: Dunedain Watcher

dunedain watcher

Today’s article places a card that is near and dear to my heart under the microscope: the Dunedain Watcher. Usually, the cards I choose are easier to distance myself from, as they tend to be the ones that hang out with Brok Ironfist in my binder more often than they see the table. Dunedain Watcher, however, is no dust collector (hold your tongue, sir!). In fact, I’ve made great use of her as a component of one of my favorite decks: a mono-Leadership build centered around Aragorn, Prince Imarhil, and Theodred. Still, there are plenty of players out there who dispute the value of this ally (heathens! blasphemers!), which makes her a good candidate for the spotlight. Much is on the line in this latest installment. Will my affection be confirmed? Or will a great betrayal occur as I cast the Dunedain Watcher into the shadow? Read on to find out!
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Surviving The Fords of Isen

enedwaith supposition

The Voice of Isengard has been out for a few weeks now and many players have had the chance to get to grip with these new quests. I’ve had the chance to pit a variety of decks against Dunlendings, Orcs, and Huorns, while trying the scenarios out with everything from one player to four players. I wanted to share a play experience of The Fords of Isen at some point, as its card draw hate mechanics are quite unique, but I couldn’t decide what kind of deck I wanted to use for this session report. Finally, I settled on using a mono-Spirit Caldara deck for a few reasons. One, I haven’t yet shared my version of this deck. Two, I’m really enjoying the new “discard draw” deck type. Three, it is a good choice to use for a pure solo play session, as I decided to take a break from my preferred two-handed playstyle and provide a one deck view of The Fords of Isen. How will Caldara and company fare against the wrathful Dunlendings? Read on to to find out!
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First Age Update

Shadowy Cloak

Almost a year ago, I posted about the beginning of a brand new custom project, a fan expansion for this game created by yours truly entitled “First Age”. The idea behind this expansion is that it would take LOTR LCG back to the First Age, covering the events of the Silmarillion, and including characters and foes from that time period. It’s hard to believe that so much time has elapsed since my first announcement, but juggling many different projects, as well as the usual demands of life, has meant that the project has taken longer than anticipated. However, I’m happy to report that I’m getting close to completion, helped by several others who have contributed card and design ideas. So the first order of business is to ask you fine readers for help. Even though this is a fan expansion, actually especially because this is a fan expansion, I would like to get people to playtest it, so that it is as balanced and fun as possible. If you are interested in helping to playtest, comment below!
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