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Nightmare Buying Guide Updated!

The Nightmare Buying Guide has been updated with the Khazad-dum and Over Hill and Under Hill packs! Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to play and review the first 3 Dwarrowdelf packs soon. If you’re trying to figure out which Nightmare packs to buy first, make sure you check out the guide!

Trouble in Tharbad: Hero Review



I brought many things back from Gen Con 2014: Nightmare packs galore, the enjoyable Old Forest scenario, a copy of the awesome Doomtown: Reloaded, fun memories, and a lingering cold that won’t go away. To the neutral observer, it might seem that the Trouble in Tharbad Adventure Pack would get lost in this haul and be considered the most pedestrian of the bunch, but such an observer would be completely mistaken. Although the cards were already spoiled mere days before Gen Con, and despite it hitting stores the week after, there’s nothing that quite matches the feeling of getting new player cards in hand. And not just new player cards, mind you, but a brand new hero that is incredibly exciting. I would argue that we’ve been blessed so far during this cycle when it comes to heroes, from the strong Silvan synergy of Celeborn to the refreshing utility of Idraen. This trend continues in this newest Adventure Pack, as we finally get our hands on a heroic version of a beloved character: Haldir of Lorien. Ever since he emerged in ally form as part of the A Journey to Rhosgobel pack, players have been hoping and expecting that a hero version would ultimately be released. Well, the wait is over, and while it took me a few initial readings of his ability to get a handle on this unorthodox hero, I’m quite smitten with this new addition.
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Dwarrowdelf Campaign: Deck and Lore

Zigil Miner

There is much that is new and gleaming to review and talk about in the coming weeks. However, in a post recently, I declared my intention to embark upon a Dwarrowdelf Campaign for the ages, and I remain excited and committed to such an undertaking. Step one was to outline the rules that I will use for my venture, which remain unchanged. Several players over at BGG have composed a fantastic set of Campaign Mode rules of their own that you should definitely check out and that I am looking forward to trying out in the future. For the purpose of this campaign though, I will keep to the simple set I outlined before, which will keep the balance of simplicity and depth that I am looking for in this particular venture. With that in mind, the next step is to outline the deck that I will be using for the upcoming campaign. I left the theme of the deck up to you readers through the use of a poll, and while there was a tight race between the Dwarven Miner and Grey Company deck types, the Miner option ultimately won out! I’ll be honest and admit that I was secretly dreading this outcome, as it raises some extremely thorny continuity and lore issues for me as I attempt to weave a cohesive story out of the events of the Dwarrowdelf cycle, and I will delve into some of those matters in this article. On the gameplay side, however, I am excited to push this deck type which I first explored here to new heights, by attempting to build a version that can stand against a variety of challenges.
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Gen Con 2014 Wrap-up


For the second year in a row, I made the pilgrimage to Indianapolis to attend Gen Con 2014, the biggest gaming convention around. Despite being sick as a dog the last two days of the Con and despite being stuck in the airport an extra night thanks to a cancelled flight, I still had a blast, which I suppose is a testament to the event. It is a bit strange to say that I go to Gen Con each year all for essentially one game: LOTR LCG, but this is also an accurate statement. Partially, I go to pick up the new releases, and hear the announcements about upcoming expansions. However, the main draw is the community itself. Whether it’s hanging out with my Grey Company co-hosts in person, a true fellowship if there ever was one, sharing jokes with the fine folks over at Cardboard of the Rings, or discussing all kinds of topics with other members of the LOTR LCG community, there’s really nothing quite like it. Here I’ll try to share some of the LOTR-centric highlights (and lowlights) of Gen Con 2014. Read more…

The Three Trials: Events Review


Just like that, the second pack of the Ring-maker cycle is about to come to a close here at TftC, as we all look forward to whatever may be released at Gen Con this week. However, I will resist the temptation to look ahead and will keep my gaze firmly locked on the three new events contained in this pack. So far, we’ve seen Ring-maker cycle be rather consistent in its collection of player cards. There has been a marked restraint in these new additions to the card pool, as they avoid stepping into overpowered territory, while providing support for a variety of traits and deck archetypes. While opinion on whether this is a good thing or a bad thing will likely always vary, so far I’ve been pleased with this approach and look forward to seeing where the rest of the cycle takes us, especially in terms of Secrecy and Silvan decks. Speaking of those particular archetypes, 2 of the 3 events in this pack speak directly to them, while the third is a definite oddball.
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Card Spotlight: Grave Cairn


While it is undoubtedly entertaining to discuss new, shiny cards, it is also rewarding to take the time to look back through the card pool in search of hidden gems. This is particularly important as cards that may previously have appeared to be worthless are often given new life as new expansions are released. With that in mind, it’s time to bust out the spotlight and give a dusty old card its moment in the sun. Whether or not it weathers the analysis and emerges stronger, or dries up and fades will soon be decided! In this Card Spotlight, a long-forgotten event from The Watcher in the Water Adventure Pack returns to have its vengeance: Grave Cairn. Is this card a hidden gem? Or should I bring it along with me to Gen Con as a coaster for my adult beverages? Read on to find out!
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The Three Trials: Attachments Review


Attachments are back on the menu, boys! The back-to-back release of The Dunland Trap and The Three Trials has me reviewing player cards at a breathless pace. I’m actually hoping (probably against the wishes of the rest of the fanbase) to have a little bit of a break between packs, so I can devote some blog space to some other topics, but for now, I’m happy to work through the rest of The Three Trials cards, including 3 fascinating new attachments. The smorgasbord approach continues, as these attachments provide support for Elves, Scouts, and Secrecy.
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