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Card Spotlight: Lore Glorfindel


Today marks a momentous occasion. For far too long, heroes have been hiding from the spotlight, reluctant to have their place in the card pool called into question. However, heroes, perhaps more than anyone, need to justify their place and can’t simply rest on their resource-generating laurels. The first hero to experience the unrelenting glare of the spotlight will be one of the original Core Set heroes, one that has suffered the terrible fate of being completely overshadowed by his more illustrious double. I speak of course of Glorfindel. This all-healing, all-questing, all-fighting hero extraordinaire of yesteryear has been gathering dust for far too long now and will be brought into the light. Will he wither under the glare and confirm his place as a washed up has-been? Or will he storm back into relevance with a vengeance? Tell me, Glorfindel, how many lights do you see?
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Deck Building 101: Part 13 – Testing A Deck


Recently, a reader asked me a very important question, and one that I have never really addressed in this blog: how exactly do I test a deck once I’ve built it? This is an important topic to explore as testing is an important part of my own deck building process, as well as most other players. In a perfect world, in which I had unlimited free time, I would take each deck and run it through each scenario several times in order to truly see how well it performs as a whole and against specific challenges. Given just how many scenarios there are now in the game, and with more being released all the time, this would be unrealistic even in such a hypothetical situation, but becomes even more unlikely with a family and job! Quite frankly, even a modest testing regime can take more time than I have available these days, and so often it’s all about trial by fire. In other words, I’ll build a deck and play it against whatever quests I feel like playing at the moment, and methodical testing be damned! If you have limited time to play the game, then this is my suggestion. Don’t let worries about sound testing ever detract from actually playing and enjoying the game! With that said, I’m going to outline here a relatively simple regime that can help to test the mettle of new decks. Read more…

Trouble in Tharbad: Events Review



It’s time to finally polish off the player cards in the Trouble in Tharbad Adventure Pack, so that we can make room for the upcoming Road Darkens cards, not to mention those from The Nin-in-Eilph. There are 3 events to be found in Trouble in Tharbad, including a new addition to the Silvan event pantheon, a card that provides more help for Secrecy decks, and an interesting tool for avoiding threat increases. Overall, I have felt that Trouble in Tharbad has had the best collection of player cards, and we’ll see if this remains true for the events. With the player card pool ever increasing, and events often forming the smallest part of decks, new events definitely have to prove their worth or bring something new in order to fight for a place. Let’s see if any of these young upstarts have what it takes!
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Dwarrowdelf Campaign: The Redhorn Gate


Several weeks ago, I introduced the idea of a modified Campaign Mode focused around a single cycle. I eventually settled on the Dwarrowdelf cycle, a set of rules, and a deck based on a trait/type voted on by TftC readers. This Dwarven miner deck was outlined in the second article of the Dwarrowdelf Campaign series, and its first test is against The Redhorn Gate. This scenario, the first of the Dwarrowdelf cycle, is all about willpower, questing, and avoiding the dangers of the third quest stage, which discards any character with 0 willpower. Since these are older scenarios with established strategies, I am not going to create separate strategy sections. Rather, each article will focus on just the play experience and story itself, with any strategy considerations discussed as issues come up during the quest. Read on as our Dwarven companions begin their journey. Read more…

First Age: Prepare for the Doom Mastered Cycle!

Crafting and releasing the First Age fan expansion was truly a labor of love. Watching and hearing about people printing the cards, playing through the quests, and having fun with First Age has been an amazing experience, and the positive comments I’ve received about it have truly warmed my heart. Many have asked whether there would be more to come for the First Age and what such expansions would look like, which is a great question to hear for any designer, whether of an official product or a fan made expansion, as it means that people are looking for more. When first embarking on the First Age adventure, I always intended to create expansions, and I always knew exactly what the first ones would cover: the tragic story of Turin Turambar.
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Deck Spotlight: Elven Alliance


Silvan Tracker

There is something uniquely attractive about Elves as depicted in Tolkien’s works, modern fantasy literature, movies and countless video games. While other fantasy races tend to bash their foes in the face in the most straightforward way possible, Elves are all about stealth and finesse. This is mightily difficult to represent in an abstract card game like LOTR LCG that has an equally abstract combat system based around numbers, but the designers found a magnificent solution with the Silvan archetype. By creating Silvan cards that provide benefits for returning allies of that trait to hand, as well as positive effects for entering play in the first place, players can get the sense of Elves flying into play, ambushing enemies, and then falling back into the trees. While this is mechanically similar to Rohan, it is not the same in terms of theme and how it plays, as that trait is all about sacrifice in order to gain benefits, which matches the Rohirrim’s role at the Battle of Pelennor Fields (as well as Helm’s Deep). Silvan, by contrast, is not about discarding allies, but returning them to hand and playing them as often as possible, which actually feels much different. With the release of O Lorien! in Trouble in Tharbad, I finally felt that it was time to build Silvan decks in earnest. After creating a build around Haldir, Celeborn, and Legolas, as well as Haldir, Celeborn, and Spirit Glorfindel, I started venturing out into other intriguing combinations. Here, I will share a deck focused around an alliance between Noldor and Silvan, seeking out the synergy between the two, all in the service of ultimately uplifting the Silvan archetype.

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Trouble in Tharbad: Attachments Review


With so many allies in the Trouble in Tharbad Adventure Pack, this means there is a relative famine when it comes to attachments. However, Silvan fans in particular will have plenty to feast on, both figuratively with the magnificent O Lorien! and quite literally with the sumptuous Lembas. Both attachments are exciting for quite different reasons. O Lorien! is the card I’ve been anticipating since the focus on the Silvan trait was announced, not necessarily in terms of its exact effect, but for its role as the heart of the deck type. Lembas, by contrast, is great because it taps into my love for the lore and the books, thinking about those small details that Tolkien interwove into the world of Middle-earth to give it life, including that handy waybread that allowed Sam and Frodo to survive for so long. I always wanted to try it myself as a young reader, and now this is perhaps as close as I will ever get! (Disclaimer: Actually consuming the Lembas card is not recommended).
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